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Dr. Laura Archives

07/14/00: Trust means different things to parents and children
07/07/00: Banishing the Creator
06/27/00: Don't have children if you don't want to raise them
06/20/00: Buying fatherhood
06/08/00: Real happiness found in struggles of everyday life
06/02/00: Feminists denied themselves the wonder of motherhood
05/26/00: Illegitimacy's effects reach far and wide
05/19/00: Ideological intolerance silences diverse voices
05/12/00: Parents' neglect leaves too many kids out on a limb
05/09/00: Teachers can't be role models without moral parameters
05/02/00: Kids' lack of respect threatens teachers
04/28/00: Women can overcome envy's dark impulses
04/25/00: Cohabiting is bad for adults -- and terrible for children
04/18/00: What do divorcing couples owe minister, guests?
04/13/00: 'Baby in a bottle' might provoke second look at abortion
04/04/00: Creator's presence at Chassidic wedding is a sacred gift
03/24/00: As predicted, bestiality goes mainstream
03/14/00: Celebrating our differences
03/10/00: Pharmacist questions definition of 'contraception'
03/01/00: Parents take sportsmanship out of kids' sports
02/23/00: Declaration cloaks its positions in religion
02/16/00: Putting families in the hands of the Court
02/08/00: Protecting kids from the 'incest exception'
02/02/00: Male justices shy away from infanticide judgments
01/20/00: Why not 'just say no'?
01/11/00: What is going on in our public libraries?
01/04/00: Homosexual activists preventing help to confused teens
12/28/99: What does 'pro-choice' mean to you?
12/21/99: 'Cammi's law' makes witnesses accountable
12/14/99: Stealth porn's power lies in its deceptive nature
12/07/99: 'Nobody's values are wrong, unfit or too strict'
11/30/99: 'Justified' or not, stealing is still wrong
11/23/99: Beware of media skewing numbers
11/16/99: 'Animal Farm' lessons relevant as ever
11/09/99: 'Everybody does it': Cheating vs. Character
11/03/99: Saving at-risk newborns?
10/26/99: Should we be pro-life in all cases?
10/20/99: Women mustn't discount wonder of motherhood
10/12/99: Art is in eye of beholder -- just don't make me pay for it
10/05/99: Organs for sale: implications and opinions
09/28/99: Children face tough choice of fight or flight
09/22/99: It's time to bear arms
09/14/99: Back candidates who share your values
09/07/99: 'Rights' include those to informed consent
08/31/99: Free speech for all
08/24/99: 'Liberated' women sink to men's level
08/17/99: Will right-to-life live?
08/10/99: Debunking Dr. Laura?
08/03/99: Lifting the veil on politics vs. science
07/27/99: Why celebrate homosexuality?
07/19/99: Feminism has taught men that commitment doesn't matter
07/12/99: Replacing standards with 'sensitivity'
07/02/99: Miss Universe, a 'skank'?
06/28/99: Selectivity shouldn't apply to Creator's gift of life
06/21/99: Pornography course contributes nothing to moral sensibility
06/14/99: Stop blaming 'society' for parents' laziness
06/07/99: 'It's Elementary' doesn't teach tolerance
06/01/99: Terrorism begins at home
05/24/99: His, mine, ours -- and priorities
05/17/99: Polluted waters of society are killing our fish fry
05/10/99: Good teachers offer more than 3 R's
05/03/99: Cybersex survey a travesty of science
04/19/99: Legal abortion not the salvation that feminists claim
04/12/99: Moral parents struggle against upside-down value system

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