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Jewish World Review Jan. 13, 1999 /24 Teves, 5759

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell A trial is a trial is a trial

(JWR) --- (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) DESPITE ALL THE POLITICAL CLEVERNESS and spin, a trial is still supposed to be an attempt to get at the truth and to determine what the proper legal disposition should be. If that is its central and essential purpose, then how long the Senate impeachment trial lasts and how many witnesses are or are not called are things that cannot be allowed to be the tail that wags the dog.

A thorough trial need not be an endless trial. There are a number of ways to keep the process from being needlessly delayed. Perhaps most important of all is to restrict the witnesses and the discussions to the issue of whether the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Neither Kenneth Starr nor Linda Tripp nor anybody else is on trial in the Senate.

The special prosecutor is responsible to the Justice Department and to the three-judge panel that appointed him, but the Senate has no power to punish him. If either he or Ms. Tripp has violated either civil or criminal laws, that is what courts are for.

If the Senate is serious, it will not allow this red herring to be dragged in yet again. Some of the complaints against Kenneth Starr that were raised before the House Judiciary Committee had already been tried in court and found to be without foundation.

The Clinton defenders were able to waste time bringing these charges up again because the court records were still sealed at that point and Judge Starr was therefore forbidden to defend himself by discussing things in sealed records. Now those records are unsealed, so that game should not be tolerated again.

Another big time-waster has been the demand for spelling out just what "high crimes and misdemeanors" means. The Constitution is not an insurance contract with lots of fine print and technical details. On matters of historic national importance, such as removing a president from office, this must clearly be a judgment call and no Constitution could possibly spell out all the things that might put such a weighty question on the agenda.

Most important of all, this is not something for more legalistic hair-splitting, which is all that a detailed spelling out of high crimes and misdemeanors would lead to. Nor should the Senate be overly impressed by liberal academics pretending to be experts on presidential impeachment.

There has been only one other president impeached in more than two centuries of American history, so there is not enough history for anybody to be an expert.

Attempts to put time limits on the proceedings are especially dangerous when dealing with a president who has made stalling a central part of his defense strategy throughout the investigations of his conduct. After the special prosecutor agreed to a four-hour time limit on the president's White House testimony in August, Clinton rambled on and on in answering even the simplest questions and ran out the clock.

Courts have been stalled on subpoenaed documents, as the House Judiciary Committee was stalled on getting answers to their questions. Stalling while complaining about how long the investigation is taking has been a White House strategy throughout.

Why would the Senate even consider setting itself up for more of the same with a time limit on an impeachment trial? In the end, sanity prevailed and no such limit was imposed, but still the constant emphasis on how "expeditiously" they can get it all over with puts the Senators under informal political pressure.

People also need to stop and think about the mindless mantra of "bipartisanship." It would certainly be better if both political parties judged the evidence honestly and reached conclusions on the merits as they see them. But "bipartisanship" cannot mean a veto for a willful minority that is trying to stave off a guilty vote by hook or crook.

If Democrats have decided to vote for acquittal, regardless of the evidence, that can create a party-line vote. But that does not make both sides partisan. A dishonest political mythology has already been created that both sides of the House Judiciary Committee turned the proceedings into a partisan circus. This is easily disproved by anybody with enough concern for the truth to look at the videotapes of those hearings.

The repeated interruptions of witnesses and other committee members, the shrill cries of "point of order," as well as other off-the-wall comments, were overwhelmingly the work of Democrats. Republicans alone cannot make any proceeding bipartisan.

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