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Jewish World Review Sept. 13, 1999 /3 Tishrei, 5760

Don Feder

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Oh Dem' values -- ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK TIMES, the Party of Clinton has a values problem. The Democratic Leadership Council is conducting regular seminars to, as the Times explains it, "combat a party vulnerability: doubts among voters that the Democrats embrace mainstream family values."

A "vulnerability"? "Doubts"? This is like saying that the public doubts the Chinese politburo's commitment to democracy, or Sen. John McCain is vulnerable on his shifting abortion stand.

In a recent survey, voters chose Republicans over Democrats as the party that better upholds the virtue of personal responsibility by 44 percent to 22 percent.

On ethics and honesty, the public picks the GOP over Democrats by 39 percent to 20 percent. This ain't no gap, but a yawning values chasm.

To forestall free fall, the council offers training sessions for Democratic officeholders. A consultant takes trainees through "mental exercises" designed to help them explain Democratic morality -- no mean feat.

Participants are told to visualize a "values tree," whose roots are values, trunk is policy goals and branches are programs.

This is typical of the party of tax-and-spend. If you want to know where our values are, Democrats declare, look at the swell new programs we're pushing and the new powers we want to give government to solve the problems government has created.

Instead of cuttings taxes on families so women can choose to stay home with their children, Democrats want to spend more on child care and expand family leave. On this basis, they will proclaim their eternal devotion to families.

McGovern Democrats, San Francisco Democrats -- call them what you will. The party is inextricably associated with the values of Woodstock, the morality of Hollywood and the ethics of William Jefferson Clinton.

How can Democrats talk about values when they are largely responsible for the ongoing evil of 1.5 million abortions a year in this country?

Even a public inured to the horror of this tragedy subliminally understands that this is not the equivalent of say 1.5 million appendectomies but the widespread destruction of human life, the disposal of people, often on a whim.

Democrats are also the party of gay rights, a movement that raises the banner of pedophilia and proclaims (in the words of the San Francisco "Sentinel") that "when a 14-year-old boy approaches a man for sex, it's because he wants sex with a man."

The party is unequivocally committed to the gay agenda: adding gays to the protected classes for hate-crimes laws, gay marriage and teaching "tolerance" of homosexuality in the schools.

Its leader, Bill Clinton, lowered the barrier to gays serving in the military in one of his first official acts. His defense department has begun indoctrinating the troops to accept homosexuality, again, in the name of teaching tolerance.

Speaking of the president, Democrats in Congress are the facilitators of the most corrupt administration in history. They have exerted every effort to cover up the scandal of Chinese campaign contributions and the president's responsibility for the plundering of nuclear secrets by agents of the People's Republic.

The Democratic Party in Congress fought to save a dishonored presidency and did so proudly, even arrogantly.

Clinton committed gross immorality in the White House, and they knew it. He lied, repeatedly, to the American people, and they knew it. He made a travesty of our justice system, by lying under oath, and they knew it. In the House, no more than five Democrats (out of 205) voted to impeach the president on any of four articles. In the Senate, not a single Democratic senator voted to remove Clinton.

Now, 44 percent of the American people think the House did the right thing in voting to impeach, compared to 35 percent last December. That number is destined to rise over the next 14 months.

After the House vote, a group of Democratic reps followed laughing boy Dick Gephardt to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. so they could stand with the criminal in the Rose Garden and celebrate him as, in the words of Vice President Al Gore, "one of our greatest presidents."

Here, then, is the Democrats' "values tree." Its roots are an elitist disdain for Middle American mores; its trunk is the denial of personal responsibility. Hanging from the branches are flowers that bear a striking resemblance to the heads of Beijing bagman Johnny Chung, Barney Frank and Bill Clinton.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder can be reached by clicking here.

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