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"The Divine is of no importance unless He is of extreme importance."

--- Abraham Joshua Heschel


Love is my Religion
By Rabbi David Aaron


Reality Check
Trump and the American Dream
By Caroline B. Glick

According to most polls taken since last month's party conventions, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton enjoys an insurmountable lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Consequently, a number of commentators on both sides of the partisan divide have declared the race over.

Clinton, they say, has won.

There are several problems with this conclusion


Are your teens hiding apps from you on their phones?
By Amy Iverson

Parents may not allow teens to download certain apps, but many kids are learning how to hide them, and parents have no idea those forbidden apps are actually on their teens' phones. Still, there are warning signs and ways to get educated

The science of salt consumption is quite reassuring
By Faye Flam

Salt is not a rising health scourge

What you need to know

Ess, Ess/ Eat, Eat!
The Kosher Gourmet
By M. Carrie Allan

There's a certain spirit: The best is delicate, complex --- and worth more than a caipirinha (3 RECIPES!)

Wealth Strategies
7 Best Dividend Stocks You've Never Heard Of
By Jeff Reeves

While everyone piles into the same ol' blue chips, get yield at a relative value via these lesser-known names

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Sean Delonas

Nate Beeler

Lisa Benson

Chip Bok

Daryl Cagle

Bob Englehart

Dave Granlund

Dave Granlund BONUS!

Joe Heller

Jerry Holbert

Jimmy Margulies

Rick McKee

Milt Priggee

Steve Sack

Scott Stantis

Dana Summers

Gary Varvel

Marilyn Penn: Check Your Privilege Mr. Kristof

Monica Crowley: Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton and the guns of August

[ T O D A Y  I N  H I S T O R Y ]

On this day in . . .

1775, Benjamin Franklin became Postmaster-General

1842, the U.S. Congress established the fiscal year, which begins on July 1st

1873, the first public school kindergarten in the U.S. was authorized by the school board of St. Louis, MO

1883, the first of a series of increasingly violent explosions occurred on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. On the morning of the next day, the world?s largest explosion was heard some three thousand miles away. The volcanic island exploded, spewing five cubic miles of earth into the air -- fifty miles high. It created tidal waves up to 120 feet high, killed 36,000 people and caused oceanic and atmospheric changes over a period of many years

1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing American women the right to vote, was certified in effect by Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby

1939, the first Major League Baseball game is telecast, a doubleheader between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field, in Brooklyn

1945, Winston Churchill resigned as Britain's prime minister after his Conservatives were soundly defeated by the Labour Party. (Clement Attlee became the new prime minister.)

1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act, creating the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

1952, King Farouk I of Egypt abdicated in the wake of a coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser

1956, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. ALSO: The Italian liner Andrea Doria sank off New England, 11 hours after colliding with the Swedish liner Stockholm; at least 51 people died

1957, the USSR announces the successful test of an ICBM - a "super long distance intercontinental multistage ballistic rocket ... a few days ago," according to the Soviet news agency, ITAR-TASS

1958, Alaskans went to the polls to overwhelmingly vote in favor of statehood

1970, the the new feminist movement, led by Betty Friedan, leads a nation-wide Women's Strike for Equality

1971, Apollo 15 was launched from Cape Kennedy

1986, kidnappers in Lebanon, practitioners of that "religion of peace", released the Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco, an American hostage held for nearly 19 months. ALSO: In the so-called "preppie murder case," 18-year-old Jennifer Levin was found strangled in New York's Central Park; Robert Chambers later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served 15 years in prison

1987, President Ronald Reagan proclaims this date as 9-1-1 Emergency Number Day

1996, Bill Clinton signs welfare reform into law, representing major shift in US welfare policy

1998, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno asked for a 90-day preliminary investigation into alleged illegal campaign fundraising phone calls Vice President Al Gore made from the White House

1999, Michael Johnson breaks the 400 metres world record with a time of 43.18 seconds. ALSO: Attorney General Janet Reno pledged that a new investigation of the 1993 Waco, Texas, siege would "get to the bottom" of how the FBI used potentially flammable tear gas grenades against her wishes and then took six years to admit it. (Special Counsel John Danforth later concluded a junior FBI lawyer had failed to tell superiors about the use of pyrotechnic tear gas canisters, and said he was certain federal agents did not start the fire that destroyed the Branch Davidian compound.)

1998, Attorney General Janet Reno reopened the investigation of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., focusing on two allegations of a conspiracy beyond James Earl Ray. (A Justice Department investigation later rejected allegations that conspirators had aided or framed James Earl Ray in King's assassination.)

2002, the Republican-led House voted, 295-132, to create an enormous Homeland Security Department, the biggest government reorganization in decade

2005, utility crews in South Florida scrambled to restore power to more than 1 million customers blacked out by Hurricane Katrina, which continued to churn in the Gulf of Mexico

2006, in a dramatic turnaround from her first murder trial, a jury in Houston found Andrea Yates not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning of her children in the bathtub; she was committed to a state mental hospital. ALSO: A thinner but combative Saddam Hussein returned to his trial for the first time since his hunger strike and hospitalization.

2007, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki lashed out at American critics, saying Sen. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who had called for his ouster should "come to their senses

2008, median U.S. household income climbed 1.3 percent from 2006 to 2007, reaching $50,233 for a third consecutive increase, the U.S. Census Bureau reported. The report said the nation's official poverty rate in 2007 was 12.5 percent -- 37.3 million -- about the same as a year earlier

2009, authorities in California solved the 18-year-old disappearance of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who appeared at a parole office with her children and the Antioch couple accused of kidnapping her when she was 11

2010, the government of Chile released the first video of the 33 miners trapped deep in a copper mine; the men appeared slim but healthy as they sang the national anthem and yelled "long live Chile, and long live the miners!"

2012, U.S. Republican officials, gathered in Tampa, Fla., for the party's national convention, announced it would be delayed a day because of Tropical Storm Isaac

2014, "Palestinian" terrorists and Israel agreed to end seven weeks of hostilities that left more than 2,000 people dead. The cease-fire was arranged in Egypt

2015, Alison Parker, a reporter for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, were shot to death during a live outdoor interview by Vester Lee Flanagan, a disgruntled former station employee who then fatally shot himself while being pursued by police. The interviewee was seriously wounded

[ I N S I G H T ]

Wesley Pruden: The endless war against the Jews

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd: Awesome!

Suzanne Fields: 'Petticoat Politics' Is Still a Dangerous Gam

Paul Greenberg: Short stories

Jonah Goldberg: Hillary and her wheelbarrows

Mona Charen: Hillary Clinton's Felonious Friends in Virginia

Tammy Bruce: The legacy media meltdown over Donald Trump

Rich Lowry: The Kinder, Gentler Trump

Greg Crosby Hypocrisy on presidential golf is out of bounds

Michael Barone: Is 2016 Redrawing the Political Map?

David Limbaugh: Karma for the Clintons at Last?

Dave Weinbaum: How Hil victory may drive America to revolt

Deroy Murdock: Never Trump seeds would bear socialist fruit

Kelly Riddell: Hillary at the helm: Imagining her first 24 hours in the White House

Charles Krauthammer: The Clinton Bribery Standard

Dry Bones

Mallard Filmore

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