Jewish World Review Oct. 8, 1998 /18 Tishrei, 5759

The Promised Land: The Continuing Story of Jewish Life in the Diaspora, by Jordan B. Gorfinkel


9/28/98: Do the Tishrei Shuffle
8/14/98: Rosh Hashana is coming
8/07/98: Rethinking it
7/30/98: Yes: Intermarriage; No: Women rabbis
7/24/98: Forget 'bout the fornication, I'm intermarrying!
7/17/98: Shabbes shiksa
7/10/98: Jewish fashion
7/02/98: fun-n-games
6/26/98: Pass the steaming plate of , ah, charity
6/12/98: Overworked and underpaid
6/3/98: Welcome to the Congress
of United Disenfranchised
Jewish Confederations Organization
5/26/98: What next?
5/22/98: Go down, Moses
5/15/98: Eye to Eye
5/7/98: Details, details
4/29/98: Dishes, smishes
4/21/98: Solemn rituals
4/16/98: Bubby knows best

New York City cartoonist and comics maven Jordan B. Gorfinkel aspires to "refrigerator-door" status.

©1998, Jordan B. Gorfinkel