Jewish World Review Jan. 8, 2009

The president-elect wants a reported $800-billion stimulus package that includes tax cuts and spending boosts on his desk and ready to sign before Groundhog Day.

Hey! Stranger things have happened.

A normal human being possessing some degree of humility and propriety would step aside out of deference to evidence and to the opinions of his constituents and peers. But not Blago. To him, this is just a case of sharp-elbowed Chicago politics being played out on a national stage. Rather than gracefully bowing out, he has boxed-in his fellow Dems by naming former Illinois Attorney-General Roland Burris to finish Obama's term. It's a destructive ploy that will force his party to either alienate its black constituency by rejecting Burris (Obama's seat is the only black-occupied one in the Senate) or capitulate to his self-serving motives.

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