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May 15, 2012

Nothing is ever as important as it seems when you are thinking about it, which means that scholarship is a structured form of overstating the case, whatever case you are arguing. (This is the engine driving all those 'Mustard! How A Tiny Seed Made a Big Difference' books of the last 20 years.)   —   Danny Kahneman

God and Man at (and for) Liberty
By Dennis Prager

This weekend Romney gave what will be one of the most important speeches of his campaign. Sadly, too few heard it


peace is not the question
Obama administration resumes arms sales to Bahrain despite serious unresolved human rights issues. Activists feel abandoned
By Kristen Chick.

In major setbacks for opposition, the US has decided to resume arms sales to the kingdom and Gulf Arab leaders are meeting to discuss greater regional integration

practical economics
Homes are now affordable again and mortgage rates are superlow. What you need to know before you buy
By Pat Mertz Esswein

A quick overview to see if you are ready for the leap

stock watch
Our Practical Investor Fights Inflation with These 6 Investments
By Kathy Kristof

Kathy Kristof invests her real money to help you be a better investor. Her latest buys protect her portfolio from rising prices

gezunt/ on health
The Kid's Doctor: Lactose intolerant young child? Check again
By Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Confusing conditions and allergies

Get the facts on palm sugar sweetening
By Environmental Nutrition Editors

Q. Is palm sugar any better for you than other sweeteners?

ess, ess/ eat, eat!
The Kosher Gourmet
By Kathy Hunt

Spread a Little Excitement with EXOTIC CONDIMENTS (4 RECIPES)

4 books

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Ripleys Believe It Or Not!
9 to 5
Andy Capp
The Born Loser
Bottom Liners
Flo & Friends
Frank & Ernest
The Grizzwells
Mallard Filmore
Moderately Confused
One Big Happy
The Other Coast
Prickly City
The Wizard of Id

Dry Bones
Chuck Asay
Chip Bok
Matt Davies
Matt Davies BONUS!
Walt Handelsman
David Hitch
Jerry Holbert
Dick Locher
Jeff Stahler
Drew Sheneman
Gary Varvel
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez BONUS!

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[ L I F E S T Y L E S ]

On Nutrition: How to pick first 'finger foods'

Ask Doctor K by Anthony L. Komaroff, M.D.: Spinal tap gives clues to brain and spinal cord health

Frugal Living by Sara Noel: Uses for buttons

Monica Crowley: Beware the Political IEDs

Rachel Raskin-Zrihen: When is a Jew not a Jew?

[ I N S I G H T ]

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: False-flag operation on LOST: Treaty would compromise U.S. sovereignty, not enhance it

Argus Hamilton: The News in Zingers

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines ... and Your Stereos; People Different From Us

Tom Purcell: Ah, to be French

Kathryn Lopez: A true hero in war on religious freedom (STELLAR)

Bernard Goldberg: Obama Has a Halo; Newsweek Has No Shame

Rich Lowry: Mitt Romney, vampire?

Dana Milbank: Barack Obama, the first female president

Byron York: In new biography, Obama asks: Am I an American?

Jack Kelly: Leading from behind on gay 'marriage'

A. Barton Hinkle: The feds would like to know if you enjoyed that video

Mona Charen: Spitzer Wants to Focus on Economy. Really?

Dale McFeatters: Some good in war

David Limbaugh: Obama Is the Extremist, Not Conservative Talkers

Wesley Pruden: Navigating past the 'ick factor'

Dick Morris: Clinton, Obama, UN To Tell Us How To Raise Our Children

Cal Thomas: Romney's stellar performance

Thomas Sowell: A Censored Race War?



Richard Simon: Purple Hearts for domestic terror victims?

Nando Pelusi, Ph.D.: The privacy paradox: Surrounded by strangers, we risk isolation, anxiety

Chris Farrell: Investing Lessons from the Great Recession

Lisa Gerstner: How to Protect Your Identity, Finances If You Lose Your Phone

Harvard Health Letters: Heart disease and dementia

Tiffany O'Callaghan: Forget face-lifts and fake knees. Scientists have seen the fountain of youth --- and it's broccoli

The Kosher Gourmet by Megan Gordon: MANGO COCONUT OAT MORNING MUFFINS are a bright but hearty delight

Rabbi B. Shafier: Why happiness will always be elusive

Charles Krauthammer: Echoes of '67: Israel unites

Howard LaFranchi: With G8 snub, US-Putin 'reset' off to stumbling start

Jeremy J. Siegel: Investors, Relax About Rising Interest Rates

Jessica L. Anderson: Get the Best Deal on a Used Car

Jett Stone: Forget face-lifts and fake knees. Scientists have seen the fountain of youth --- and it's broccoli

Clifford D. May: The Real Palestinian Refugee Problem

Sergei L. Loiko: Putin sends warning to U.S., NATO in Victory Day speech at Red Square

Mary Rourke: How being a 'mentch' got Vidal Sasoon his start and fighting in Israel's War of Independence provided him with confidence and a strong sense of his own identity

Harvard Health Letters: Palliative care: Underused therapy yields surprising benefits

Jeff Bertolucci: Get Home Phone Service for Less Than $10 a Month

Rachel L. Sheedy and Susan B. Garland : Make the Right Moves to Boost Benefits

The Kosher Gourmet by Betty Rosbottom: Gleaming with its golden, crimson, and snowy white hues, this silken smooth and creamy STRAWBERRY ORANGE TRIFLE looks impressive, but is easy to prepare

John Rosemond: Parents, stop destroying the American male

Valerie J. Nelson: Maurice Sendak, author of 'Where the Wild Things Are,' dies at 83

Bob Frick: Angst Over Annuities

Sharon Palmer, R.D. How you can reduce your risk -- or delay -- chronic diseases associated with aging

Howard LeWine, M.D.: Ask the Harvard Experts: Why did my blood pressure suddenly shoot up?

Lisa Gerstner: Lower the Rate on All Your Loans

Edmund Sanders: Netanyahu suddenly cancels new elections, forms unity government

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: Farewell to European superstate

Anne Kates Smith: 4 Stocks That Mimic Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway

Gaia Vince and Clare Wilson The Rise of Miniature Medical Robots: Fantasy Fast Becoming Reality

Paul Takahashi, M.D.: Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Never suffer night leg cramps

Jessica L. Anderson: Extended-Warranty Warning

The Kosher Gourmet by Diane Rossen Worthington: Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day with the Best Cookie Ever (Includes techniques)

Mark Clayton: Homeland Security warns major cyber attack aimed at gas pipeline industry underway

Angus Roxburgh: Putin Decoded: World view of a Russian feeling dissed

Kimberly Lankford: Navigate a Course for Long-Term Care

Kevin McCormally How to Adjust Your Tax Withholding

Celeste Robb-Nicholson, M.D.: Harvard Health Letters: How do you treat a Baker's cyst?

Joanne Capano: Healthy Snacks for Children: The Choices May Surprise You

The Kosher Gourmet by Penelope Wall: Classic Creamy Spinach Dip with a Fraction of the Calories and Fat

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: Holy 'trivialities'

Jonathan Tobin: Bibi v. Barak will be no contest this time around

Steven Goldberg: Blue Chip Stocks On Sale Worldwide

Art Pine Slow Productivity Growth a Blessing --- For Now

Sue Hubbard, M.D. : The Kid's Doctor: Are Kids Too Wired?

Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D: Foods that are good for your smile

Amy Paturel, M.S., M.P.H.: Eating Well: Foods that are good for your smile

The Kosher Gourmet by Betty Rosbottom: Strawberry rhubarb parfaits are elegant yet simple to assemble

Michael Freund: Who's Afraid of the Messiah?

Clifford D. May: The Foggiest War

Susan B. Garland: Insurance to Cover Old Old Age

Steven Goldberg 6 Reasons to Bet on a Big Bull Market

Harvard Health Letters: Treating prostate cancer --- no rush to judgment

Larry Gordon: Harvard, MIT partner to offer free online courses

Naomi Nix : Man gets free trip to Chicago after postcard sent by mother in 1957 finally reaches him

The Kosher Gourmet by Diane Rossen Worthington: Intensely Italian vegetable frittata is a seriously simple standby

Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson : Chris Christie's Islam Problem

Richard Z. Chesnoff: A Nazi collaborator at the Met

Thomas M. Anderson: The Best 529 College-Savings Plans

Kiplinger Reports, Summarized

Harvard Special Report: Fatigue is a symptom of numerous illnesses

Amy Paturel, M.S., M.P.H.: What to eat for a healthy heart and mind

The Kosher Gourmet by Mario Batali: The famed chief's ASPARAGUS WITH WALNUT-ORANGE PESTO AND CITRONETTE, a delicious way to eat seasonal, local produce

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: Wanted: A competent commander in chief: Obama's leadership is resulting in a degraded military

Jeffrey R. Kosnett Treasury Bonds: A Lousy Deal

Linda Geddes: Vitamin pills may reduce the benefits of exercise

Yvonne Romero, M.D.: Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Plop, Plop, fizz, fizz for too long and you'll really need relief

The Kosher Gourmet by Marilyn Naron: 25 ways to make a better oatmeal cookie (includes recipe)

Eleanor Laise: Your Life Span? Ask the Calculator

Kiplinger Reports, Summarized

Matthew Thompson: 7 of the healthiest foods you should be eating, but aren't

Kaiser Lim, M.D.: Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Extended cough may be a lot worse than just annoying

The Kosher Gourmet by Faith Durand: BRIGHT, COLORFUL AND CRUNCHY SLAW a picture of simplicity

Rabbi David Aaron: A Dangerously Divine Love ( UPLIFTING YET PROFOUND! )

Caroline B. Glick: It's taken decades, but Israel is finally learning not to hate itself

Suzanne Fields: Obama knows best ( SUPERB! )

Claire McCarthy, M.D.: Ask the Harvard Experts: Help your kids get springtime allergy relief

The Kosher Gourmet by Lisa Gosselin: A soup inspired by fresh spring produce

Clifford D. May: Progressive activists are corrupting the laws of war and putting free nations at increased risk

Bart Clarke, M.D.: Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Excess Usage of Commonly Prescribed Vitamin May Increase Osteoporosis Risk

The Kosher Gourmet by Sue Doeden: A homemade bread redolent of the garden (Includes Techniques)

Sarah Korones: Curing insomnia, naturally

Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.D., R.S.: EatingWell: Foods to fight asthma and allergies --- What works and what doesn't

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: Losing the jihadists' war on America: lslamist propaganda is slowly blinding us to the enemy within

Julie Deardorff: Doubts cast on food intolerance testing

Martha Grogan, M.D.: Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Energy Drinks Can Have a Variety of Adverse Effects on the Body

Daniel Bortz: 8 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

The Kosher Gourmet by Diane Rossen Worthington: Secrets to make the PERFECT CHEESE SOUFFLE

Environmental Nutrition editors: Skip the egg yolk, skimp on nutrition

Robert Shmerling, M.D. : Ask the Harvard Experts: There is no 'best' remedy for arthritis

Rabbi Berel Wein: The test of the 'Eighth Day' is one of a lifelong struggle to prevail over the pitfalls and vicissitudes of life and its constant problems

Caroline B. Glick: Hemorrhage of hatred

Jeff Jacoby: 'Victims' who persecute

Clifford D. May: Liberate 'Zones of Electronic Repression'!

Katrina Bertol: Enjoy tea varieties and benefits

The Kosher Gourmet by Susan Russo: Mad for delish side dish? Garlicky roasted red pepper and almond dip has got your fix

Manya A. Brachear: Balancing science, faith: Researchers studying how medical schools help doctors incorporate religious beliefs

Harvard Health Letter: Say 'good night' to neck pain

Melissa Healy: Blood test looks promising in diagnosing depression

Ewen Callaway: Fighting Drugs With the Power of Sleep

Clifford D. May: Dare we actually listen to the Islamists?

South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein: Living with miracles today (6-MINUTE VIDEO)

Julie Bodenmann: Keen Cuisine: Time to Go Nuts

Mary Pickett, M.D.: Ask the Harvard experts: Do statins prevent dementia?

John Bolton: Israel, Get Ready For More Obama Leaks

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: Truth about Islam or lies?

Elinor J. Brecher: Noses out of joint over plastic surgeon's satirical promotional video (INCLUDES 5-MINUTE VIDEO )

Mary Beth McCauley: The faith factor: What Campaign 2012's taking religion seriously says about us

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb: Commuting and Commenting: Conversations of a Life in Motion

Michal Ish Shalom: Tombstone sleuth

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: Authentic Religiosity: Reality or Dream?

Clifford D. May: The Case for Palestinian Nationalism

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein: A parenting guide for the perplexed

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein: Laughter And Destiny

Mordechai Schiller: Salute to a Liberator

Caroline B. Glick : With friends like these

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