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Jewish World Review Sept. 9, 2000 / 8 Elul, 5760

Peter H. Gott, M.D.

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Consumer Reports

When pseudomonas double pneumonia returns; Making vitamin C last -- DEAR DR. GOTT: Last year I was hospitalized for pseudomonas double pneumonia. IV antibiotics cured me, but on two separate occasions, I've had minor recurrences. Please explain pseudomonas. Does anxiety make me more susceptible to these lung infections?

DEAR READER: Pseudomonas, a common type of bacterium, can cause infection anywhere in the body. They are particularly dangerous, however, because they -- unlike other bacteria (such as strep and staph) -- are resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Pseudomonas pneumonia is unusual. The fact that you had it on several occasions suggests that your lung resistance to infection is somehow defective. This could be due to severe chronic bronchitis, lung abscess or similar conditions.

Because many newer antibiotics are effective against pseudomonas, such infections no longer carry a high mortality rate. Nonetheless, as you've discovered, therapy is not consistently curative; either you failed to receive the proper amount of antibiotic or your immunity is deficient, resulting in repeated infections.

Your case is unusual. Therefore, I suggest that you query your physician about the reasons for your pneumonia -- and your prognosis. If your pulmonary resistance is compromised by, say, a chronic infection, your doctor may choose to administer long-term antibiotic therapy or refer you to a pulmonologist (lung specialist) for further testing and treatment.

Anxiety does not play a role in your susceptibility to infection, which is caused by bacteria. However, I can understand why you would experience the consequences of stress as a result of your predisposition to pneumonia and the uncertainty about having another flare-up. Your doctor, by answering your questions, should be able to alleviate your anxiety as well as to plan a sensible approach to your physical problem.

DEAR DR. GOTT: I know that vitamin C is destroyed by heat, sunlight and air. Is there any left in frozen, canned or bottled juice?

DEAR READER: Because vitamin C is, as you mentioned, somewhat unstable, companies that process orange juice and other products take special pains to preserve it. The vitamin is not affected by freezing. Cans keep out light. Bottled juice is vacuum-packed to seal in freshness.

The primary problem with orange juice is its tendency to lose vitamin C once out of its original container -- when the juice has, for example, been reconstituted and left open to the air or put in the refrigerator.

Therefore, for maximum benefit, processed orange juice is best when not stored after opening. Of course, the most effective container is the orange skin itself; perhaps this is why fresh-squeezed orange juice remains the gold standard for us juice-lovers.


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paper-eating 05/15/00: Patch didn't cause problem
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11/10/99: Milk allergy may cause symptoms
11/09/99: What is osteopenia?
11/08/99: You can overdo it with gum
11/05/99: Breath-analysis tests are sensitive
11/03/99: Parents should be there for tests
11/02/99: Let comfort determine mattress choice
11/01/99: Consider reasons behind bad posture
10/29/99: Unpinching a pinched nerve
10/28/99: Whooping cough; malabsorption
10/27/99: Call doctor's bluff
10/26/99: An M.D. by any other name...
10/25/99: Diesel fumes are hazardous
10/22/99: Allergies may decrease with age
10/21/99: Could symptoms indicate tapeworm?
10/20/99: Bacteria in water may cause ulcers
10/15/99: Aspirin diet is baloney
10/14/99: Roughhousing
10/13/99: Kangaroo: It's what's for dinner
10/12/99: Amyloidosis is a mysterious disease
10/11/99: Ringworm: harmless and easily treated
10/08/99: Puzzling symptoms
10/06/99: It's impossible to cut out all salt
10/05/99: Fibromyalgia beginning to be understood
10/05/99: Let mom control her own health
10/04/99: Doctor should be more aggressive
10/01/99: What caused pneumothorax?
09/30/99: Take control of premature disease
09/29/99: Varicose veins can be itchy
09/28/99: Prognosis for patients on respirators
09/27/99: Consider memory loss an early warning
09/24/99: It's time to seek counseling
09/23/99: Nurse needed to `relax'
09/22/99: When doctors disagree
09/21/99: Are we all sicker now?
09/20/99: Snap judgments about obesity
09/17/99: No set rules for parental care
09/16/99: Should adoptees have genetic info?
09/15/99: Could 'terrible twos' be ADD?
09/14/99: What is intestinal angina?
09/13/99: Take steps to combat loneliness
09/10/99: Can post-op inactivity cause stroke?
09/09/99: Osteoporosis is complex
09/07/99: Teas and fish to watch out for
09/07/99: Do Big Macs now mean big trouble later?
09/03/99: Elderly can improve odor in many ways
09/02/99: Quit drinking if bothered by reflux
09/01/99: MRI can help explain hip pain
08/31/99: See doctor about breast leak
08/30/99: Overusing doctors
08/27/99: Glucose test didn't cause problem
08/26/99: Mom couldn't prevent son's death
08/25/99: Protecting eyes from corneal abrasion
08/24/99: The five-year cancer benchmark
08/23/99: 'I want to be fat'
08/20/99: Lower capacity common in aging organs
08/19/99: Never ignore blood in urine
08/18/99: Keep older relatives in touch
08/17/99: Be sure to test drive new doctor
08/16/99: 'Sciatica' can be a confusing term
08/12/99: Seek out source of drip
08/12/99: Guard against familial diabetes
08/11/99: The increasing human lifespan
08/10/99: After lunch: time for siesta
08/09/99: Should humans avoid dairy products?
08/06/99: Mini-strokes may be imperceptible
08/05/99: Learning languages as an adult
08/04/99: Controling emotional and behavioral problems with a special diet
08/03/99: Hormone won't make grandson taller
08/02/99: Reinfection is a problem with pinworms
07/30/99: Worry about thyroid nodules
07/29/99: The straight dope on generic drugs
07/28/99: Coumadin can cause bruising
07/27/99: Breast cysts common in adolescents
07/26/99: Retirement can be stressful, too

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