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December 10-31, 1997 / 11 Kislev-2 Tevet, 5758 / Chanukah Issue
J W R / Jewish World Review
Featured for 12/31/97
  • Jackie Mason thanks the pope for a very special Chanukah.
  • Linda Chavez foresees a grim, Seinfeldless 1998.
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    Cover Story / Chanukah Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer ignites Chanukah's inner light

    Thought / Adventures In Ideas
    Rabbi Moshe Sherer
    takes on Hellenism, ca. 1997

    Then & Now / Living History
    Lawrence Charap
    exposes the Maccabees

    Thought / Adventures In Ideas
    Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
    on the weekly Torah portion: Joseph's proactive prophecy vs. our century's totalitarian revolutionaries
    The Fruitcake of Our Affliction: Akiva and Ilene Miller relate the responsum of the renowned Halachic authority the Kringler Rav on that famous Jewish holiday, Xmas

    First Person / sIngular
    Jimmy Breslin's kept promise;
    Binyamin L. Jolkovsky's continuity epiphany; Rabbi Yaakov Bleich's remembrance of the forgotten; Julia Gorin's secularist confessions

    Aural Torah / Hear O Israel
    JWR's audiomagazine delivers the sounds of the Chanukah Lights, plus Law and Order's Steven Hill with the best of Olomeinu

    Schmooze / Reader Response
    Get in touch with JWR's editors. Give us a piece of your mind, get a preview of JWR via email!

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    The Age of Illumination
    illustration / Josh Pollack
        Machlokes / Controversy
    Virtual Jerusalem impostor threatens JWR with legal action

       Raison dEtre / Editorial


    Let's be brutally blunt: for the overwhelming majority of this generation's Jews, Judaism is pathetic -- and that's putting it mildly. It's been made as appetizing as four-month old matzah. Except unleavened crackers don't leave a bitter aftertaste, nor, for that matter, a hangover.
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    Jr. Jewish World / Just 4 Kids
    Zeidy Zalman tells on "The Snitch"; New York artist Naftali Cisner presents a children's Chanukah coloring page and coloring puzzle!

    Living / our lives
    Ellen Small on raising a gifted child
    Dr. Jacob Mermelstein fills us in on childhood depression
    Nehama C. Nahmoud on the Jews of Yemen
    Susan Rubin Weintrob on Judaism's green thumb

    Eric BreindelMona CharenLinda ChavezLeft, Right & Center
    Robert ScheerDon FederRoger Simon
    Chapters / S E R I A L
    G. Silber
    presents Dovid Meyer: The Orphan From Jerusalem
    Short Tales / True Fiction
    "The Search," by Ruth Finkelstein
    Kochavim / Stargazing
    Michael Elkin
    meets Chicago Hope's Mandy Patinkin
    On Media / Pop Culcha
    Elliot B. Gertel
    : Fox's Ally McBeal could use a good defense

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