Jewish World Review August 6, 2002 / 28 Menachem-Av, 5762

Mac satisfaction --- and some really good software

By Mark Kellner | My Mac experiment is still chugging along, with most of my daily (and weekly) work being done on an iMac, and quite happily. There's never a crash of the system, applications work very nicely without impinging on each other, and the iMac itself is a dream system. After packing the computer's 40 GB hard drive with programs and data files - and lots of each - I'm still below 50 percent capacity.

Along the way, I've come across some small wonders in the software area that make my life easier. If you're a Mac user - or contemplating the switch - they might be useful for you, too. (The applications mentioned below all run under Apple's Mac OS X, the Unix-based, very solid operating system towards which the firm has pointed all its developers.)

Not every Mac user will need such a program, but with the continuing interest in digital media by many users, it will appeal to many people and is worth investigating. Details on the software can be found at

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JWR contributor Mark Kellner has reported on technology for industry newspapers and magazines since 1983, and has been the computer columnist for The Washington Times since 1991.Comment by clicking here.

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