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June 30, 1999

Toby Axelrod : Jewish, German students broaden their knowledge about one another

Dr. Wade F. Horn : Enforce House rules on Youth Using 'Net

June 29, 1999

Rabbi Arye Forta Senator John Ashcroft : Contemplating the 's'-word

Sid Singer :Hearing it their way: Convention brings together Jewish deaf from around the country

Julia Gorin: Maddy and Bill went up the (Capitol) Hill

June 28, 1999

Senator John Ashcroft : Why are we soft on terrorists who strike Americans abroad?

Steven Rosenberg: In the shadow of Hank Greenberg, a slugger emerges

June 25, 1999

Jonathan Tobin : Among American Jews, it's getting harder to tell the difference between mainstream and marginal

Tim Boxer : visits with assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs and former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk; saloonkeeper to the stars Peter Kriendler and others.

June 24, 1999

Jordan Max : Art by the Linear Foot

Dr. Wade F. Horn : IRS, Welfare Discourages Low-Income Marriages

June 23, 1999

Gary Rosenblatt : A Daily Diet Of Torah

Neil Rubin : Where Israel Needs Our Help

June 22, 1999

Eric Fingerhut: Sad reality about Jewish identity

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky : When JWR launched in December, 1997, like any new enterprise, we sought out publicity to attract readers and funding to keep them. While initially the secular press -- notably Mona Charen and the Washington Times -- gave us a hearing, most within the organized Jewish community dismissed us as "insensitive" and "irresponsible" for daring to state publicly what many Gen-X Jews will only whisper --- that American Jewry is obsessed with anti-Semitism and the Holocaust mesuem culture. Well, no less an establishment Jewish group than the American Jewish Committee has finally documented this sad trend (see above). For those who have never read it, we present here our "controversial" mission statement. BTW, we have yet to receive a penny from any establishment Jewish group. And, yes, we're accepting from anyone who appreciates our work.

June 21, 1999

Menachem Lubinsky : The changing kosher airline meals scene

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

June 18, 1999

Eric Fingerhut : Religious liberties bill faces a difficult legislative road

Jonathan Tobin: The question is: What kind of a Jewish community do we really want?

June 17, 1999

Julie Wiener: Blacks, Jews head south together to recreate Freedom Rides of 60s

Teresa Strasser : The Big Reveal

June 16, 1999

Robert Leiter : A memoir to remember

Scott Granowitz: Jostens Trophy winner heads home --- from Hamilton to Holy Land

June 15, 1999

Angelo M. Codevilla : Pollard and Chinagate

Dr. Wade F. Horn : 'Male Abortion': A Fiction to Shirk Responsibility

June 14, 1999

Avi Shafran: A Remarkable Reform Manifesto

Eric Simon: 'The Ten Principles': Can We Take Another Step?

June 11, 1999

Jonathan Tobin: Small Stories With Important Conclusions

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

June 10, 1999

Rabbi Barry Freundel: The Changing Face of Prayer

Matthew Dorf : If and when Hillary Clinton runs, she's going to need Jewish votes

June 9, 1999

Brigitte Dayan: Ambassadors for Judaism

Allison Kaplan: 'Appropriate' dates

June 8, 1999

Marlene Adler Marks: The Meaning of Loehmann's, RIP

Dr. Wade Horn: No Way to Ease Pain of Split-Up on Young

June 7, 1999

Michael Ledeen: What Machiavelli (A Secret Jew?) Learned From Moses

Elliot Gertel: Suddenly Susan's Death of a Rabbi

June 4, 1999

Jonathan Tobin: Local Heroes Wanted: Taking Hebrew School Seriously

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

June 3, 1999

Joe Aaron: Partake from the feast --- but don't gorge

Ted Roberts: You've got 'snail-mail'!

June 2, 1999

Teresa Strasser: Jew-do

Dr. Wade F. Horn: Reassure Child Before Making A Business Trip

June 1, 1999

Eric Fingerhut: EXTRA! EXTRA! Bard no longer villain to Jews!

Tim Boxer visits with New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, Meryl Streep, Lesley Stahl, and others Aural Torah
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