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12/21/18: It Takes an Eastern European First Lady
03/30/18: America Unhinged
04/07/17: Ours is Not to Reason Why, Ours is But to Die
03/13/17: Cast Me --- Or Else
01/19/17: Why Trump towers: America inaugurates its first male president since 1985
11/02/10: Why New York's GOP candidate for senator must not be allowed to win
03/15/10: THE BLACKMAIL OF AMERICA: How the United States became the Albanian narco-terrorist mafiaís enforcer
09/15/09: Another Premature African-American Death
08/30/09: Americans Want Universal Access to Graveyards
01/28/09: LEGACY: Condoleezza Rice to Ascendant Islam: Yes, Master!
11/06/08: On the Bright Side ...
10/24/08: 'W' Fashion Magazine can Expect Record Sales — from Men
09/19/08: I want to have Sarah Palin's baby
09/11/08: When presidents attack
08/28/08: Two-thirds into the Year of the Rat Ö And how Kosovo will get Israel nuked
07/11/08: Islamic Virginity Restoration: ‘You Take Conjugation. We'll Take Subjugation’
05/22/08: Can Obama out-Clinton the Clintons?
05/16/08: Superheroes: We Quit!
04/30/08: Hate-Loving Whitey
03/25/08: ALIENS: They Come to election-year America
03/19/08: Republican Jewish Coalition must pull its endorsement of Chicago Congressional candidate
02/05/08: Blacker Like Me: an Open Letter to the American People from Bill Clinton
01/28/08: Can We Please Stop Using the Jews?
01/25/08: Republican Primary Voters Imperil the Free World by Ignoring Giuliani
11/20/07: Wall Street Journal publishes a terrorist
10/25/07: The coming Balkan caliphate
10/09/07: Unborn activists
06/15/07: The pro-American terrorists
06/14/07: Why Do They Love Us?
06/12/07: C-Span Awards Second Place to Albanian Teen's anti-Israel Film
01/09/07: Pity the Travel Writer (Conde Nast Traveler: Tunisia hosted Arafat because it's a 'tolerant' country)
01/05/07: An embryo a day keeps the doctor away
12/21/06: ISG: Israel Should Go
12/14/06: Gibson's Passion for Blood
11/30/06: Terrorism is protest, but humiliation is never justified
11/10/06: The Third Reich Salutes Richard Gere
10/26/06: Of Muslims and dogs
10/19/06: The Trouble with ‘Macacawitz‘: What one word can tell us about the keepers of the PC faith
10/04/06: And that Wasn't Even the Tough Question, Prima-donna Bill
09/11/06: Stand by Cyrus! (And ABC)
09/07/06: Don't fight the terrorists — fight the weather!
08/31/06: The Bush Doctrine need not apply
08/24/06: The Complete Useful Idiot's Guide to Combating Extremism
08/14/06: The decent anti-Semites
07/31/06: Discriminating against the ‘brown coin’
07/26/06: As Bush stands firm in the Middle East, he capitulates Europe
07/07/06: Islam now trying to ‘build bridges’ instead of bomb them
06/30/06: The Corrie Show must go on
06/21/06: Razablanca
06/16/06: Our Dad Who Art in Heaven
06/01/06: Jimmy Carter: Recovering Racist, Still a Bigot
05/22/06: Capitalism comes full circle
04/26/06: In Birmingham, the benevolent face of jihad
04/03/06: Keeping up with the Gomezes
03/24/06: An Independent Kosovo will explode — here
03/16/06: Humorless Hollywood: A post-script on Jon Stewart at the Oscars
03/13/06: Milosevic Dead. Now We'll Never Have to Know the Truth
03/03/06: Why Did Conservatives Ignore Emily Rose?
01/24/06: The Free World was Fun While It Lasted
01/05/06: Progressives killed Corky
12/01/05: Dumb Jews?
09/07/05: Move over, Spanglish. Here comes Sparabic!
09/01/05: Jewish Terrorists Misfire
08/15/05: Ed Kleinís Hillary: An Odyssey Through the Soulless Mind of the Talentless-Overachiever- Psycho-broad Phenomenon
07/29/05: London is bombed. Protect Muslims! Brits fear living with terror...blah blah blah!
07/19/05: The Brooklyn Connection
07/11/05: Remember Srebrenica  —  a.k.a. ‘So what if we globalized al Qaeda!’
06/28/05: Why, Some of my Best Friends are anti-Semites!
02/25/05: Ain't Hillary the cutest thing!
02/04/05: Wesley Clark on Kosovo: What a Riot!
01/14/05: Poor Palestinians? Poor New Yorkers!
11/16/04: Republican Riot: Election Roundup (Real Audio)
11/15/04: Don't Go, Jim McGreevey!
11/02/04: Vote or die
11/01/04: Self-hating Jews for Kerry?
10/29/04: You take ‘nuclear,’ I'll take ‘nucular’
10/21/04: The Gay Question
10/15/04: Stem the Debate: Unethical Science Backfires
10/11/04: So the joke bombed (With some)
09/21/04: Of heart pathology, and pathological narcissism
09/15/04: The (subsidized) American dream
08/24/04: Kosovo could explode — at the Olympics
08/02/04: Pro-choice and pro-life, unite
08/06/04: Multi-culturalizing anti-Semitism: The ADL's fanaticism for fitting in
08/02/04: Pro-choice and pro-life, unite
07/27/04: The Other Precedent: Gay Marriage and the Non-Widows of 9/11
04/30/04: Steering fiction right
04/16/04: Shake them apple trees, Dick
01/20/03: Eloise Would Plotz: How the Plaza's Palm Court Keeps Breaking my Heart
12/18/03: My brain shrank in acting class
11/20/03: The Doctor Shrugged
09/26/03: Not at Albright
09/22/03: Teaching English: Vegas does it better
08/24/03: Only 24 hours of dark? Welcome to the First World
07/31/03: Pardon, they're French
06/30/03: Maybe all the rain was saving our lives
06/13/03: If She Does Say So Herself
05/23/03: I should be so lucky as Jayson Blair!
04/16/03: A happy paradox
04/11/03: At peace at war
03/20/03: Bowling blanks
03/14/03: Hollywood, D.C.
02/13/03: Only a matter of time for O.J. Simpson
02/10/03: America's moment
02/04/03: The integration blues
01/30/03: Ritter: On the anti-war path
01/22/03: Thirty years of Roe v. Wade: A near abortion speaks out
01/17/03:"The Hours": I am woman. Hear me bore.
12/20/02: Ladies beware
12/17/02: Topsy-turvy in New York
11/27/02: Thank Elian
11/11/02: Re-count!
11/04/02: Election Day of Atonement
10/30/02: Blinded by their Pain
10/04/02: On the dark side: The fear factor
09/24/02: A kidney-warming story
09/20/02: All the World is an Arab Stage, but Where is the Audience's Sense of Humor?
09/11/02: No better time to be a Jew in America
09/04/02: Jew-Bushing
08/10/02: Random terrorism
05/23/02: We didn't WANT to know, remember?
05/15/02: Jimma, go away!
05/10/02: Arab Chic
04/08/02: A League of Their Own
04/02/02: Comfort measures
03/08/02: The anti-gun male
02/12/02: My three (political) suitors
02/07/02: Fidel Forever: Thank the Beaches
01/04/02: Buddy's Dead. Is Anyone Surprised?
12/21/01: COPYCATS!
12/02/01: Bush's Middle East tightrope: Mixed signals, or a stroke of genius?
11/30/01: The Importance of Being Focused
10/26/01: Artificial humanity
10/19/01: From Flags to Rags
10/05/01: The nutty professors
10/01/01: Patriotism for Dummies
09/26/01: Other countries
09/17/01: Just deserts
09/08/01: A Peaceful Proposal
07/09/01: Beijing or bust
05/03/01: There Is Nothing Like a Dame--Nothing on Screen, Anyway
04/03/01: Babs and Bubba forever
03/23/01: She spends to conquer
03/05/01: World travel: Less is more
02/13/01: Can We Survive George W.? An Essay by Joe American
01/22/01: The one that got away
01/19/01: Ashcroft and the Medeas
12/21/00: A peaceful proposal
11/27/00: Getting used to Hillary
11/24/00: RU-486: "A Victory for Women" ÖR U Sure?
10/10/00: If the world is watching the fighting in the Middle East, let it also watch "Rules of Engagement"
09/15/00: Bruiser and me
09/09/00: Would New York still be New York without the U.N.?
09/06/00: A cornerstone of 20th Century America: Sticking it to the rich
08/14/00: Dangers in do-goodness
06/16/00: It's the sex, stupid
04/14/00: The most violent people
03/24/00: Beautiful fraud
03/17/00: Patronizing the patron
02/18/00: No one likes a hater without a cause
02/04/00: Bubba's big break
12/21/00: The Sport of Sitting
11/19/99: He wants his brother back!
11/15/99: Hollywood: Just jamming
10/29/99: Bomb all bans
10/04/99: Welcome, Mr. Buchanan!
09/24/99: The Financing of Hill's House
09/10/99: 'I cause your pain'
08/20/99: Believing the hype
08/09/99: Chickens bombing ... chickens?
07/30/99: Why I'm eating so much chocolate
07/16/99: The reluctant partisan
06/29/99: Maddy and Bill went up the (Capitol) Hill
04/29/99: "Never again"? This isn't exactly what we had in mind
03/19/99: The Thin Yellow Line
03/03/99: How many more are out there?
10/19/98: Got milk? Donít know. Do I?
07/30/98: Kofi Annan's crimes against sensibility
05/15/98: Susan McDougal: a real stand-up kinda guy
01/08/98: In defense of the appetizing shiksa

© 2001, Julia Gorin