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12/29/10: Net neutrality is anything but neutral
11/18/10: Dems defying the gods
11/02/10: Mandates and party poopers
10/28/10: Blaming voters is a losing strategy
06/24/10: Mr. Spock-like president morphs into Marvin the Martian
12/28/09: U.S. troops still risk all for global security
09/07/09: Political considerations produce contradictory justice
07/28/09: Political considerations produce contradictory justice
07/28/09: Empower individuals, not the government
07/15/09: The sky isn't falling, just rights
07/09/09: We hardly knew ye, Sarah
06/08/09: Tiananmen icons
05/20/09: Would they lie? Only for safety
05/15/09: Obama foreign policy settling for expediency
05/06/09: Lost principles, lost votes
04/29/09: Obama second-guesses actions in unsafe world
04/23/09: They don't get it — it's about changing politics
04/01/09: Congress calling the kettle black
03/26/09: Washington's math problem becomes ours
03/23/09: Dwindling the demands of thinking
02/18/09: Do bureaucrats really know the best use of private property?
02/11/09: A new era of responsibility?
01/29/09: Skeptics know that Spinal Tap economics isn't the answer
01/22/09: The greatest degeneration
01/16/09: How will history size up No. 43?
01/15/09: National security shouldn't be left on the back burner
12/26/08: In dark times, look for light
12/13/08: Life's penalty box
11/20/08: Sunrise isn't so uncommon
11/13/08: U.S. democracy has a place for principled opposition
11/11/08: Fitting end to strong legacy
11/03/08: A conservative reckoning
10/21/08: Decency calls for an end to the extreme hate speech
09/22/08: Don't let Internet rumors turn up election incivility
09/02/08: McCain proves to be fighter when odds against him
08/27/08: There is not much that is bipartisan about Barack Obama
08/20/08: Silence over Georgia attacks is a show of moral relativism
07/16/08: Sophisticated politician proves to be one swift flip-flopper
06/08/08: Wise or grumpy?
05/28/08: Many of today's Obama comparisons to Kennedy fall far off the mark
05/22/08: GOPers are in trouble and they don't know why
05/14/08: Campaigns don't signal destruction for the Democratic party
05/07/08: Bush wouldn't punish China with his non-attendance
04/17/08: It's a tough life being a critical elitist
04/02/08: Hillary's fizzling finale
03/12/08: Illinois election an early warning for GOPers
02/28/08: When attacks backfire
02/14/08: McCain's doing away with ‘chickenhawk’ sightings
02/08/08: Paying any price, bearing any burden
01/16/08: GOP ought to reconsider power of Reagan coalition
01/08/08: Eyes on the Road: Can Dems map out a better plan?
12/20/07: The Value of a Life
11/19/07: Dems suffer Dukakis moment
11/16/07: Some of us can't afford victory
11/15/07: Good intentions no match for this Godzilla
10/29/07: Timing is everything, and Pelosi's got nothing
10/22/07: Timing is everything, and Pelosi's got nothing
10/18/07: Criticizing opponents is one thing, but silencing them?
10/16/07: Loophole puts U.S. in danger
10/03/07: Empty podiums are bad form for GOP
09/26/07: The curious incident in Syria: A nuclear mystery
09/25/07: The MoveOn moment passes
09/12/07:Washington pols don't want to lose (a majority, seats, a campaign, power)
09/11/07: Americans must reject distortions of 9-11 tragedy
08/24/07: Anticipated report likely to fuel insurgent activity
08/21/07: Taking an unfair hit
08/20/07: As terrorists plot, Congress is focusing elsewhere
08/17/07: The Achilles' heel in an Iran gone mad
08/14/07: Diplomatic incompatibility
08/08/07: Lack of imagination clouds Sept. 10 minds
08/02/07: U.S. can't ignore possibility of slaughter in Iraq
07/25/07: Border enforcement only as good as federal intent
06/19/07: Spirit of Prague once filled Bush
06/05/07: Revising history on June 5, 1967
04/02/07: Paradoxes of Iraq call for American introspection
03/27/07: What Edwards won't get back
03/17/07: Now in power, Dems find war is tough to end
02/16/07: War wafflers unlikely thinking of anyone but selves
01/25/07: Running out of ideas could mean running into trouble
01/10/07: A figment of his supporters' imagination
12/21/06: America has a duty to keep U.N.'s human rights panel on task
12/19/06: Iraq Study Group dons blinders when considering Iran, Syria
12/13/06: Mr. Baker, remember Iraq in '91?
12/05/06: If U.S. invites Iran, Syria to the table, region will pay in blood
10/31/06: America-hating Europe all talk, no action
10/27/06: A U.S. blame game won't slow N. Korea
09/11/06: Denying truth behind 9-11 desecrates innocent victims
08/28/06: Politics over justice
08/18/06: U.S. threatened — by partisanship
08/08/06: Failed Lebanon embraces killers
08/01/06: Fantasy fishing? That reality bites
07/06/06: Resignation vs. brutality: Neither will calm the carnage in Iraq
06/16/06: Bipartisan corruption whitewash continues to be a shameful display
06/13/06: Analysis of Darfur overlooks the real victims
06/08/06: DeLay paved way for GOP backlash
06/01/06: Today, Dems like Bentsen don't stand a chance
05/10/06: A Middle East irony
04/18/06: A look at China's soul would startle Bush
04/17/06: Temptation doesn't always win in D.C.
03/31/06: Peace isn't made when real wrongdoing goes ignored
03/29/06: Critics of policy living in fairy tale
03/27/06: More official documents being released about what prez knew and when he knew it
03/23/06: Men seeking same imaginary rights as women
03/09/06: America moves forward through alliance with India
03/06/06: One boasts he rocked in Turin, but the other is rocking the world
02/27/06: Words reveal nations' goals, intent
02/23/06: 1978 surveillance act hinders 2006 security
02/15/06: U.S. has the chance; will it save Darfur?
02/08/06: GOP tosses one to Dems, and they fumble
01/23/06: World can't ignore cries calling for change in Iran
01/16/06: Lobbyists traitors to the Republican revolution
01/10/06: Memo to Dems: Americans grasp security
01/04/06: In 2005, with America's help, freedom rang around the globe
12/29/05: Take a few moments to recall freed terrorist's crime
12/22/05: Iraqis recognize what war has sown
12/15/05: Pols sending Iraq discouraging message
12/08/05: The military is not the enemy of higher education
12/06/05: Predicted winner in 2006 midterm elections: The status quo
12/01/05: Pride propels Iraq toward an independent future
11/21/05: Internet control is dictators' dream
11/14/05: Opponents say Bush lied; read between the lines
11/07/05: Spy case a thriller only for partisan hypocrites
10/31/05: Individual spirit finally protected
10/27/05: Little relief for the victims of genocide
10/17/05: Why Miers? After 9-11, priorities shifted
10/10/05: Thugs will prevent progress at the U.N.
10/03/05: Defense speaks out on Able Danger
09/28/05: Make it possible to call the cavalry
09/27/05: Thinking outside the Saddam box
09/13/05: Observe 9-11 as an American Tisha B'Av?
09/06/05: Bin Laden & Co. lose market share
08/29/05: War, opposition both on moral issues
08/22/05: In this drama of democracy, hangers-on compound mom's tragedy
08/08/05: America caught in Saudi drama
08/01/05: Behind the headlines, real news in Sudan
07/28/05: Bush wrong: Iraq has everything to do with attacks
07/21/05: Like Felt, Rove exposed wrongdoing to the public
07/07/05: Humanitarian efforts sometimes keep tyrants alive
06/30/05: Dean's insults won't lead the Democrats to victory
06/27/05: Downey fuel for hatred
06/23/05: World's approach to foreign aid requires change
06/20/05: Diffusion of irresponsibility — or democracy?
06/06/05: Reforming panel true test of U.N.
05/30/05: Liberty the loser in U.S. trade-off
04/05/05: Senate hypocrites cling to filibusters
03/21/05: Two years later, does U.S. still belong in Iraq?
01/31/05: How technology is causing abortion supporters lose their edge
01/04/05: Ignoring naysayers, democracy advances
09/14/04: As Kerry struts down Vietnam memory lane, let's stop at 1992
08/19/04: Venezuela's happy leader following Castro's lead
04/20/04: What if president had prevented 9-11?
03/01/04: The other peace fence
12/22/03: On feeling pity for evil
12/19/03: Behind the Iraq rhetoric, democracy starts to build
12/16/03: Anti-war myths quickly eroding
12/03/03: Want fair, balanced? Separate intelligence, politics
08/12/03: N. Korea, Iran paradox to anti-war crowd
06/29/03: Real sports heroes don't make headlines
06/26/03: Strange bedfellows are a sure sign of rocky times
06/26/03: What Einstein taught Bush
06/26/03: JFK's message of struggle for freedom still stands
06/19/03: Most Americans understand this cynical equation
04/22/03: War opponents share burden of guilt
04/10/03: Iraqis get liberation and respect
03/28/03: Constitutionally protected SOBs
03/25/03: Morality changes with the times
03/12/03: Will all of those, ahem, "sincere" peace activists remember the Iraqis tomorrow?
02/27/03: Blood already on UN inspectors' hands

© 2003, Jonathan Gurwitz