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Bob Tyrrell Archives
05/19/22 Where is the Black Lives Matter crowd when we need it?
05/12/22 The Changeable Lib
04/28/22 An Odd Couple
04/21/22 Biden's Problems
04/14/22 The Coolness of Calvin Coolidge
04/07/22 The Quislings Turn on Zelenskyy
03/31/22 The Donald Fights Back
03/24/22 Joe's Little Big Guy
03/17/22 School Days, School Days
03/10/22 Putin's War
03/03/22 KGB Col. Putin's Health in the Time of War
02/24/22 What in the World Is Putin Thinking?
02/17/22 'Woke folk' talk of uprising, but do they have enough ambition?
02/10/22 Homage to Ukraine
02/03/22 Advice for Gloomy Dems
01/27/22 Joe's Gaffes Now Matter
01/20/22 Keep an Eye on Hillary
01/13/22 The Question of Swimwear for the Trans
01/06/22 Western Snowflakes and Russian Sabers
12/30/21 Will Joe Manchin III Cross the Aisle?
12/23/21 For Dems: Very bad, very fast
12/16/21 Trump Has Earned a Friend
12/09/21 Is This the Answer to Abortion for Some Women?
12/02/21 Dem Garbage Spiel Revisited
11/24/21 Beto Is Back
11/18/21 He rails against cartoon bears pitching 't.p.' and safe spaces and trigger warnings
11/11/21 I Already Miss Terry
11/04/21 The Third Time Is No Charm
10/28/21 Pining for The Gaffable Joe Biden
10/21/21 Newt's Prophecy
10/14/21 Terry McAuliffe Lies
09/30/21 The Aukus Treaty, 30 Years of Calm?
09/23/21 Travel Narrows the Mind
09/17/21 Commemorating 9/11 --- Or, There will be no President Ocasio-Cortez
09/09/21 Joe Biden, From Comedy to Tragedy
09/02/21 An Evening with Don Rumsfeld and Winston Churchill's Biographer
08/26/21 Joe Biden Should Resign
08/19/21 PTL, Jimmy Carter Is Redeemed!
08/12/21 Andrew Cuomo is screwed
08/05/21 What the Woke Folk Are in For
07/29/21 The Mythological White Supremacist
05/12/21 What to Do About Nancy Pelosi's Pa?
05/06/21 Two Cultures
04/29/21 'The 1619 Project' and the Red Meat Project
04/22/21 From Prince Philip to a New Chapter in the History of the English-Speaking Peoples
04/15/21 From JFK to Joe Biden
04/08/21 Major League Baseball's Foul Ball
04/01/21 Jean-Francois Kerry, Unmasked
03/18/21 Joe Biden's Fightin' Fillies
03/18/21 Here Comes the Sun
03/11/21 Identity Politics Goes Too Far
03/04/21 Is Democracy About to Die in Darkness?
02/25/21 Reform the Dems
02/18/21 A Suggestion for Donald Trump
02/11/21 Tom Brady Is a Gent
02/04/21 Joe Biden's Bibble-Babble
01/28/21 American Authoritarianism
01/21/21 The Social Media Conundrum
01/14/21 Twitter Permanently Bans Trump; Why Do Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid Get a Pass?
01/07/21 Joe Biden's Blunders
12/31/20 The Clash of History
12/17/20 Who's Attacking the Democratic Process?
12/10/20 How Joe Biden Can Revive Liberalism
12/03/20 This Election Stinks
11/27/20 The Way to Save the Dem Party
11/19/20 The Nov. 7 Declaration
11/12/20 I Won Again!
11/05/20 Let's Hear It for the Police
10/29/20 Donald Trump Is Again Going to Win
10/22/20 Two Weeks to Go
10/15/20 My Prediction Delayed
10/08/20 Time for Some Fireside Chats
10/01/20 Joe Biden's Pastoral Charms
09/24/20 The Wonder Boy at 96
09/17/20 Donald Trump's Unusual Political Libido
09/10/20 Journalism Is Dead
09/03/20 I Stand With Tucker Carlson
08/27/20 Joe Biden, a Moral Colossus
08/20/20 The Wretched Ghislaine Maxwell, Friend of Bill
08/13/20 The Trend Is Your Friend
08/06/20 America to the re$cue yet again --- because ...
07/30/20 Listening to Ward Connerly
07/23/20 To Mask or Not To Mask
07/16/20 Has-Beens for Biden
07/09/20 A 100% American
07/02/20 The Professor's War Against Truth
06/25/20 Unfriendly Fascism
06/18/20 Designer Fake News
06/11/20 More Than One Mad Dog in Washington
06/04/20 Worse Than 1968
05/21/20 The War of the Masks
05/21/20 Flynn case MUST be prosecuted
05/14/20 Joe Biden and America's First Basement Campaign
05/07/20 In Defense of Joe
04/30/20 To win the election Trump will have to maul the Chinese, Dems and Joe Biden
04/23/20 A Call for Freedom, A Fear of Unemployment
04/17/20 Time Wasted
04/09/20 Durham's on the Way
04/02/20 'The Five' Have an Off Day
03/26/20 Viva la (counter) revolucion?
03/19/20 Another Bad Mark for the Elites
03/12/20 Bernie's Solution to Full Employment
03/05/20 Tired of Being Mocked?
02/27/20 James Carville's Last Campaign
02/20/20 Thatcher and Reagan: Why Do They Hate Them So?
02/13/20 Country Crock: This is America's political best!?
02/06/20 What Prize Do We Give Mitt Romney?
01/30/20 Codes of Conduct From the Swamp
01/23/20 Let's Hear It for the Queen
01/16/20 Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Household Pets
01/09/ Attorney General William Barr, 'Adult of the Year'
01/02/20 Don Imus, RIP
12/19/19 The Election of Boris Johnson Is a Harbinger of Donald Trump's 2020
12/12/19 The Dem Party: The Party of Toughs
12/05/19 Grim Findings From the Journal of the American Medical Association
11/28/19 Washington Awaits John Durham
11/21/19 The Book on the President
11/14/19 The Return of the Moron Vote
11/07/19 Impeaching America's Future
10/31/19 The Bell Is About to Toll
10/24/19 The Atheists Vs. Bill Barr
10/17/19 The Party of the Foul Mouths
10/10/19 What's Happening on Campus?
10/03/19 Talk of Impeachment Inspires Talk of Hillary
09/26/19 The Homeless You Will Always Have With You, but Not Too Close
09/12/19 Climate Change and the Dems
09/05/19 The Gaffable Joe Biden
08/29/19 Remembering David Koch
08/22/19 Woodstock, the Last Word
08/15/19 Dems: The Party of Dirty Language. Have they nothing else to be proud of?
08/08/19 How Left Will They Go?
07/25/19 Mueller Bumbles. Networks Grumble
07/18/19 House Speaker Pelosi, Laugh the Girls off
07/11/19 Here Comes Boris -- and Donald, Too
07/05/19 Odd Stories
06/27/19 Now the Debates!
06/20/19 The Dem 20 Plus 3
06/13/19 Joe Biden Flubs It
06/06/19 Who You Callin' Fascist?
05/30/19 It Is Boris' Moment
05/23/19 At the Bullfights Ole
05/16/19 Another cold-blooded lynching by the Virtue Patrol
05/09/19 The Dems' Sore Loser Syndrome
05/02/19 Steve Moore's Law
04/25/19 A Hero Amongst the Liars
04/18/19 The Congresswoman From Somalia
04/11/19 The Alger Hiss Dems in Congress
04/04/19 Bernie Travels First Class
03/28/19 The Times of Our Lives
03/21/19 Child Exploitation
03/14/19 The Left-Wing Crack-Up
03/07/19 Michael Cohen's Political Libido
02/28/19 A Job Opening for Jussie Smollett
02/14/19 Dems: The Party of Dinkelspiels
02/07/19 A wretched governor gets a taste of his own medicine
01/31/19 Nancy and Anger Management
01/24/19 When Toxic Masculinity Meets Harry's Razor
01/17/19 The Dems' Blueprint for Impeachment
01/10/19 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces Poverty's Demise Worldwide
01/03/19 Who Will Take on President Trump?
12/27/18 The Crisis of America's Upper Class
12/20/18 Whatever Happened to Skid Row?
12/13/18 One Final Word for George Herbert Walker Bush
12/06/18 Dems in Trouble
11/28/18 The Passing of a Giant
11/23/18 Jonestown and the Jane Fonda Crowd
11/15/18 From Churchill to Trump
11/08/18 Gary Hart and an Outbreak of Fake News
11/01/18 Media-Trump Truce Abandoned
10/25/18 Hurricane Trump
10/11/18 Columbus Day, Yes. Indigenous Peoples Day, No
10/04/18 Who Are Brett Kavanaugh's Enemies?
09/27/18 My Explosive Revelation for Thursday
09/20/18 Melania, There Is Hope
09/13/18 The Democrat Party, the Party of Resistance
09/06/18 Rev. Ellis, You Have Done Nothing Wrong
08/23/18 Death of a Historian
08/16/18 Lay off Boris Johnson -- and Us, for That Matter
08/09/18 How We Got Here
08/02/18 His Critics Have Not Blamed Him for the California Fires --- Yet
07/26/18 The Future Site of the Never-Trumper Museum
07/19/18 Mr. President, Declassify Documents Relating to Russian Collusion Now
07/12/18 How Perkins Coie Plans to Get Congressman Jim Jordan
07/05/18 What a Difference a Week Makes
06/28/18 George Will Is Down and Out
06/21/18 Scott Pruitt and the Return of the Black Cat News Story
06/14/18 It isn't too early to say Krauthammer was one of the great men of my generation
06/11/18 Bill Emerges From Under His Bed
06/01/18 Who Killed Robert Kennedy?
05/24/18 Tom Wolfe Is Dead, and I Am in Italy
05/17/18 Why We Don't Read Newspapers
05/10/18 The Delusions and Collusions of the Hon. John Kerry
05/03/18 The Health Care Mountain
04/26/18 The Angry Left and Its Adversaries
04/19/18 Official Washington's Crimes
04/12/18 Larry Kudlow to the Rescue
04/05/18 Picasso Was a Neanderthal, N'est-ce Pas?
03/29/18 Partisanship and John Brennan's Plot
03/22/18 Goodbye, Andrew McCabe. And No More Tears
03/15/18 #MeToo: Hillary and Monica Edition
03/08/18 Tampering with tariffs
03/01/18 Me and My Garbage Man
02/22/18 Professor Amy Wax and the Brownshirts on Campus
02/15/18 Following the Clintons' Final Con
02/01/18 Fun and Exercise With the Clintons
01/25/18 The Democratic Party of Today
01/18/18 Good News Vs. Private Conversations
01/11/18 Mr. President, Put Up that Wall
12/28/17 Donald Trump's Very Good Year
12/21/17 Donald Trump's Seichel --- Yes, Seichel!
12/14/17 The Revolution Eats Its Own
12/07/17 Russia's Influence Spreads
11/30/17 My Defense of The New York Times
11/23/17 With Al Franken This Thanksgiving
11/16/17 But will the Republicans Get Tax Reform?
11/09/17 Donna Brazile: See the Light
11/02/17 'Love making': The Progressives' Problem
10/26/17 Trump, the Yankee Doodle Dandy
10/20/17 Revering Life After Las Vegas
10/19/17 Hillary and Harvey's Shared Fate
10/05/17 The Democrat Frontrunner for 2020, a Preview
09/28/17 Fifty Years at One Magazine
09/21/17 Hillary, Here Is What Happened
09/14/17 The Anger of the Hurricane Media
09/07/17 With Roosevelt on Labor Day
08/31/17 An Alternative to Tearing Statues Down
08/24/17 Donald Trump's Problematic Device
08/17/17 Controversy on a Pious Cable News Outlet
08/10/17 50 Years of 'Resistance'
08/03/17 An American Who Talked Too Much
07/27/17 Who Is Colluding With Whom?
07/20/17 When Institutions Go Left
07/13/17 The American Left's Downward Spiral
06/29/17 Freeing Us From the Islamic State Group and Sharia
06/22/17 James T. Hodgkinson, Just Another Well-Intentioned Progressive
06/15/17 James Comey, the Crackup
06/08/17 Meyer Lansky's Advice to the Clintons
06/02/17 Did Someone Say, 'Have a Happy Memorial Day'?
05/25/17 Roger Ailes' Exit Stage Right
05/18/17 The Russians Have Come
05/11/17 Chaos and the commentariat
04/27/17 Hillary as Seen By Official Washington
04/20/17 Donald Trump: Save the Eisenhower Memorial
04/13/17 The President Is Allowed to Change His Mind
04/06/17 They Were Listening to Your People, Donald
03/30/17 Gorsuch Against the Extremists
03/08/17 Finally, comeuppance begins for the Boomers
03/08/17 Those mercurial Dems
03/01/17 No scoring, thank you very much: My bizarre encounter in the men's locker room
02/23/17 Nouns and Verbs and Obama Do Not Agree
02/15/17 History's lessons unlearned
02/09/17 The Super Bowl Drove Me Gaga
02/01/17 Hushing errant journos is doing them a favor
01/26/17 Having a ball at the inauguration: Pepper spray and water cannons make for a spicy affair
01/18/17 The glamour of street protesting
01/11/17 Donald Trump's Whiggery
01/04/17 Obama's coming obscurity: Neither legacy nor shadow will survive the president’s departure
12/21/16 A reminder about a forgotten hero
12/14/16 The mad search for pro-Trump columnists
12/07/16 How Bob Dylan copped a Nobel
11/30/16 Political life after death
11/25/16 Stephen K. Bannon Is Winning
11/16/16 British viewers get a jug of moonshine to drown post-election sorrow
11/09/16 When civility elected to surrender
11/03/16 Hillary's Final Days
10/27/16 The Angry Woman Makes History
10/20/16 And They Call It Puppy Love
10/13/16 A New Phase of History
10/06/16 Hillary's Hired Thugs
09/29/16 Why Donald Trump Is Winning
09/22/16 Hillary, Donald and the Birther Demise
09/15/16 After Reagan Comes Trump?
09/01/16 Hillary Clinton Charges Racism
08/25/16 The Media Make History
08/18/16 Hold the Election Already --- Hillary Needs a Rest
08/11/16 The First Casualty of Hillary Clinton's Server
08/04/16 Boycott the Olympics
07/28/16 Inadvertent Conservatives for Hillary
07/21/16 Hillary Clinton’s lying is the behavior of a sociopath
07/14/16 Presidential Blather In Time of Tragedy
07/07/16 A Walk With the Demonstrators
06/30/16 Donald Trump vs. CNN: Score One for Donald
06/23/16 What Donald Trump Has Learned
06/16/16 Prevent another Orlando by fixing our education system
06/09/16 The Life of the Mind Led in the Dark
06/02/16 Years After Hiroshima Comes the Blah
05/26/16 The State of Our Tradition
05/19/16 A Movie for Clintonites
05/12/16 A conservative crack-up --- or Hillary's?
05/05/16 Haircuts and Hillary: The First Amendment gets a trim in America
04/28/16 Once Again, Mr. President, You Misspoke
04/21/16 Crazy Bernie’s missed opportunity
04/14/16 Bill Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill Is History
04/07/16 A Tragic Night
03/31/16 Paul Ryan's Road Ahead
03/24/16 Learning to say 'President Trump'
03/17/16 A new generation of crazies seeks an election-year thrill
03/10/16 The Action Is Not All in Washington
03/03/16 The Death of Liberalism,’ updated: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders lurk at the end of the line
02/25/16 A Pother at Old Georgtown
02/18/16 Hillary the Inevitable and Ethelred the Unready
02/11/16 Fast growth, not slow or negative: Republicans offer an alternative to Dems' economic slogfest
02/04/16 The Clinton Curse Returns
01/28/16 A Manifesto of My Own
01/21/16 Hillary's Past Meets the Present
01/14/16 Hillary's Problems Grow
01/07/16 Rahm, I Tried to Warn You
12/31/15 Hillary's Server, Monica's Blue Dress and History
12/24/15 Female Warriors and the Bottle
12/17/15 Trump Finds an Ally
12/10/15 Obama's disability
12/03/15 Putin Pouts
11/ 26/15 The Return of a 47-Year-Old Headline
11/ 19/15 Revealed: A party in serious trouble
11/ 12/15 Carson, clean in comparison
11/ 05/15 For Ben Carson's Mom, a Presidential Medal of Freedom
10/ 29/15 The Gowdy Committee as Seen from the Left and the Right
10/ 22/15 Behind the Candidates' Smiling Faces
10/ 15/15 Hillary's Long and Winding Road to Here
10/ 08/15 What Is to Be Done?
10/ 01/15 Pope Francis, I Am with You on Everything but Humility
09/ 24/15 Donald Amongst the Eggheads
09/ 17/15 The Guggenheim and Sesame Street
09/ 10/15 The Passing of a Giant
09/03/15 President Obama's Peculiarity
08/27/15 Donald Trump vs. the Party of Septuagenarians
08/20/15 Titillating talk about Harding recalls Bubba's hanky-panky
08/13/15 He Never Said It
08/06/15 Joe's Last Race Is About To Begin
07/30/15 Barack's Great Gambit
07/23/15 Barack The Garrulous
07/16/15 Friends of Trump
07/09/15 The Origins of Bernie Sanders: A Public Service Announcement
07/02/15 What Was So Dreadful About Last Week?
06/25/15 New Faces in the Race
06/18/15 If the Dems' 'sure thing' isn't running scared, she should be
06/11/15 Hillary's New Constituency
06/04/15 The Future of Identity Politics
05/28/15 A Modest Proposal for Education Reform
05/21/15 Prince Charles' Defense of the Patagonian Toothfish and More
05/14/15 Bernie Sanders' Historic Role
05/07/15 Clinton Cash and Clinton Corruption
04/30/15 Can a One-Percenter Lead the Dems?
04/23/15 Where to Find America's Aristocracy
04/16/15 Helping Barack Remember History
04/09/15 To be gay and angry in America
04/02/15 Sex among the goofballs
03/26/15 A challenge to Islam's archaic ways
03/19/15 Listening to Rand Paul
03/12/15 Hillary Against the World
03/05/15 Cleaning Up the Boondoggles
02/26/15 America, Love It Or Leave It
02/19/15 Jon Stewart, exit stage left
02/12/15 Brian Williams' unlikely future
02/05/15 Personal Liberty and Measles
01/29/15 No longer a movement, the Right owns the intellectual landscape
01/22/15 Duke University's chapel kerfuffle
01/15/15 Why Are There No Lefties on Talk Radio?
01/08/15 The Democratic Party Runs on Empty
01/02/15 A Night Out With the Clintons and Their Brain Trust
12/26/14 New York promises more serious and silly stories in 2015
12/18/14 Bogus stories abound in our pathetic press
12/11/14 The Future of the New Republic and Us
11/27/14 The Joy of Sex Is Over
11/20/14 A Modest Proposal to My Left-Wing Friends
11/13/14 The president of 'no'
11/06/14 The Elections and the Last Racists
10/30/14 After the Wave Comes the Liberation
10/23/14 The Harvard 28 to the Rescue
10/16/14 Stop This Voter Card Madness!
10/09/14 Good Old Joe
10/02/14 Can It Happen Here?
09/25/14 The Restive Right at Election Time
09/18/14 From Pete Rozelle to Roger Goodell
09/11/14 Paul Ryan's Way
08/28/14 Golf Is Not the Answer
08/21/14 Marijuana vs. Scotch and a Low IQ
08/14/14 Hillary's Neocon Moment
08/07/14 Philanthropy Over Politics
07/31/14 Why Exposes of the Clintons Fail
07/24/14 In the Middle East, a New Alignment Being Born?
07/17/14 The Playboy Presidents
07/10/14 What the Obituarists Never Said About Dick Scaife
07/03/14 Nazis at the Beach
06/26/14 Breakfast With a Doctor
06/19/14 Kicked From Behind
06/12/14 Amazon Throwing the Book at Publishers
06/06/14 Return of the Liberal Death Wish
05/29/14 Death On Campus
05/22/14 Make Way for Hillary 2.0
05/15/14 Another Noble Quest With No Solution
05/08/14 Will Scotland Go The Way of Slovakia?
05/01/14 Up From Racism
04/24/14 The Press Never Calls
04/17/14 Krauthammer Against The Tyrants
04/10/14 Student Unrest in Springtime
03/27/14 The Invader's Weakness
03/20/14 A Very Jolly Election
03/13/14 An Academic Fraud Exposed
03/06/14 Ukraine and the Return of the KGB
02/27/14 New Benghazi Witnesses
02/20/14 My Response to Mitt Romney
02/13/14 Welcome to the Presidential Race, Hillary
02/06/14 On the Abortion Front, Good News for Babies
01/30/14 Politics Double Standard
01/23/14 Bike Lane Indignados
01/16/14 Bob Gates and Politics
01/09/14 A Bad Apple for the Big Apple
01/02/14 Woman of the Year
12/26/13 Taking Tolerance Too Far
12/19/13 A Presidential Museum of the Absurd
12/12/13 An American Tragedy
12/05/13 The Liars Club
11/28/13 A Gentleman's Answer to President Karzai
11/21/13 Return of the Virtue Patrol
11/14/13 What Is So Polarizing About Chris Christie?
11/07/13 Election Day Was a Grim Day for New York
10/31/13 Crony Capitalism: The 1960s Generation's Legacy
10/24/13 Obamacare for Kookistan First
10/17/13The Silence Continues in Washington
10/10/13 A National Disgrace
10/03/13 What is the President Willing to Give Up
09/26/13 Saved by the KGB
09/19/13 Sept. 18, 2016
09/12/13 Asking Questions About Benghazi, One Year Later
09/05/13 The 45-Minute Walk As Comedy
08/22/13 Iraq, the Perfect Ingrate
08/15/13 Terry McAuliffe's Gift
08/08/13 Sociopaths and Democrats
08/01/13 The Economics of No-Growth
07/25/13 Mr. President, Let Us Move On
07/18/13 President Barack Obama's Six Months of Blunders
07/11/13 Edward Snowden's Just Rewards
07/03/13 Senator Edward Kennedy and the Dizziness of Reform
06/27/13 Justice Thomas Echoes JFK
06/20/13 Exit the IRS Stage Left
06/13/13 Throw The Book At Him
06/06/13 Testimonial to a Great American
05/30/13 A Close Call at the Newseum
05/23/13 The Beauty of Confusion
05/17/13 Strange Encounters as the Obama Administration Blows Up
05/09/13 The Left Hates Us
05/02/13 Why 2016 Already
04/25/13 A Crazy Culture
04/18/13 From Boston to Haymarket to Bill Ayers
04/11/13 The Iron Lady and the Blonde
04/04/13 The National Rifle Association's Deterrent to Gun Violence
03/28/13 Such Touching Concern
03/21/13 Mayor Bloomberg Daydreams
03/14/13 Senator Rand Paul Comes of Age
03/07/13 The Lie Gets Worse
02/28/13 Origin of a Lie
02/21/13 End of the Coolidge Joke
02/14/13 Sam Tanenhaus's Problem Continues
02/07/13 Football After Beyonce
01/31/13 Lessons From the Ancient Mayans
01/24/13 A Penalty for Harry
01/17/13 The Hagel Case
01/10/13 Has Harry Reid Committed a Felony or Just a Misdemeanor?
12/27/12 Churchill and Company
12/20/12 Hillary Takes A Fall
12/13/12 Save the Middle Class ... and Everyone Else
12/06/12The Mysterious Stranger
11/29/12 The Republicans, The Democrats And Grover
11/15/12 Sex and the Generals
11/08/12 The Election . . . The Election of 2014
11/02/12 Au Revoir, Mr. President
10/25/12 Singing the Blues with Barack Obama
10/18/12 The First Freedom
10/11/12 The Essential Obama
10/04/12 Autumn in New York
09/27/12 Another Reason for Barack Obama To Go Home
08/30/12 Who Speaks for Reform In Islam?
08/22/12 Obama in High Seas
08/16/12 Harry Reid's Cow and Joe Biden's Parrot
08/09/12 Of Democrats and Distractions
08/02/12 Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Now the Liberals Covet the Corpses of Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan
07/26/12 Forget the Creep
07/19/12 Return of a Weiner?
07/12/12 The Coming Election and My Life Jacket
07/05/12 Chief Justice Roberts, You Fox You
06/28/12 Another Olympic Blah
06/21/12 God and Man and FDR
06/07/12 In Praise of Polarization
05/31/12 While George Was Calling Donald a ‘Bloviating Ignoramus'
05/24/12 The Great Debate
05/17/12 CNN Plays Dirty Too
05/10/12 Conrad Black's Example
05/03/12 Osama bin Laden A Year Later
04/26/12 I Take the Secret Service Scandal Personally
04/12/12 The Tea Party Goes Local
04/05/12 Romney Is Coming On Strong
03/29/12 The Ryan Budget Is for Everyone
03/22/12 The Overextended America
03/15/12 What About Free Speech?
03/08/12 Miss Fluke's Fluke
03/01/12 Boone-Doggle?
02/23/12 Foster Friess' Joke
02/16/12 It's Time for Newt to Go!
02/09/12 The Delousing of a Movement
02/02/12 Exit Newt
01/26/12 Newt Gingrich: Our Bill Clinton
01/19/12 Obama vs. Christie and the Future
01/12/12 Tebow!
01/05/12 Cat Nip From the Egotists
12/29/11 Perry May Still Be the Man to Take on Obama
12/22/11 Return of the Episodic Apologists
12/15/11 Wonks on Parade
12/08/11 Republicans Are Losing the Tax Debate
12/01/11 Barney Shuffles off
11/24/11 Forstmann, the Big-Hearted Prodigy
11/17/11 Who Was Fred Ikle?
11/10/11 William F. Buckley, Still at Yale
11/03/11 Scandal in the White House in Times Past
10/27/11 Those Demonstrators in the Park
10/20/11 Claptrap Legislation
10/13/11 Cain's Moment
10/06/11 The Book on Obama
09/29/11 Liberalism Always Goes Too Far
09/22/11 President to Citizenry: Shut up and pay my bills, you know-nothing ingrate!
09/15/11 Mission Accomplished
09/08/11 What Is to Become of Dominique Strauss-Kahn?
09/01/11 Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate
08/25/11 Ryan Withdraws
08/18/11 While Washington Squabbles, Look to Perry for the Answers
08/11/11 The Growing Bipartisan Consensus on Obama
08/04/11 The Long War and The Budget
07/28/11 Adolf and Anders
07/21/11 Bachmann and the Pope
07/07/11 Summer book picks
06/28/11 J. Gordon Coogler Award Rescinded, Shawcross Forgiven
06/23/11 The Presidential Race Made Easy
06/22/11 The Pulchritudinous Michele Bachmann
06/10/11 Bill Clinton Syndrome
06/02/11 An Impostor's Complaint
05/26/11 Newt and Paul Ryan
05/19/11 The Facts Keep Changing
05/12/11 Bin Laden's Last Daze
05/05/11 Do I Hear Cheers for George W. Bush?
04/28/11 Liberalism's Death Croak
04/21/11 President Obama Plays With Fire
04/14/11 The Boone Pickens Bill
04/07/11 The Race Is On
03/31/11 I Stand With Max
03/24/11 Obama and War
03/17/11 Barbour out on the Hustings
03/10/11 NPR Exec Stung by Muslims
03/03/11 She Touched You Where?
02/24/11 Remembering Clinton and the Episodic Apologists
02/17/11 Multiculturalism Has Failed
02/10/11 The Super Bowl and the Ads
02/03/11 Conservatives, Liberals and Obamacare
01/27/11 Rahm Seen His Opportunities, and He Took 'Em
01/20/11 Books for the Winter Cold
01/13/11 More Evidence, Liberalism Is Dead
01/06/11 Reinforcements Are Here
12/16/10 'A Fire in My Belly'
12/09/10 The Angle of the Rangel
12/02/10 Rahm's Residency
11/25/10 I Was Wrong
11/18/10 Pat Me, Pat Me
11/11/10 Hand-Wringing
11/04/10 Incoming
10/28/10 The Coming Struggle
10/21/10 It Is Over
10/14/10 Foreign Money?
10/07/10 With Rahm in the Windy City
09/30/10 More on the Delaware Race
09/23/10 The Other Delaware Candidate
09/16/10 Boehner Blew It
09/09/10 I like Tony Blair
09/02/10 Welcome to the University
08/26/10 The Future for a Radical
08/19/10 Obama Enters Another Controversy
08/12/10 Paul Krugman, Comic Genius
08/05/10 No Mosque
07/29/10 Among the Gibbering Journalists
07/22/10 Summer Book Picks
07/15/10 Freedom To Hunt and More
07/08/10 A Curious Crowd
06/29/10 Conrad Black's Victory
06/24/10 Concern at Home and Abroad
06/17/10 Another Peaceful Solution
06/10/10 Helen Thomas Controversy Is Over One Word
06/03/10 An Arrogant Bunch
05/28/10 The Turning Point
05/21/10 The Taranto Principle Vindicated Again
05/13/10 The Islamists Amuck in America
05/06/10 The Times Square Surprise
04/29/10 Hating the Middle Class
04/22/10 Tea Partyers, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Clinton
04/15/10 Liberal vs. Conservative: A Difference in Species
04/08/10 Static in the Air
04/01/10 Odious Conservatives
03/25/10 Worst Book of the Year Award
03/18/10 Moving Past Hillary
03/11/10 The Angry Left Joins Talk Radio
03/04/10 Tea Partiers and the Angry Left
02/25/10 Hamid Karzai, D-Chicago
02/18/10 Biden vs. Cheney
02/11/10 The Male of the Species (American)
02/04/10 A Liberal Double Standard
01/28/10 Health Care, A Modest Proposal
01/25/10 The Lost Libs
01/14/10 Hold That, Tiger
01/07/10 Obama's 2nd Systemic Failure
12/31/09 Our B-plus President
12/24/09 War Is Hell, Not Litigation
12/17/09 The Politically Correct and Altercationists Anonymous
12/10/09 Government Giveth and Taketh Away
11/26/09 The Global Warmists' Deceit
11/19/09 Sarah and Barack
11/12/09 She Is Gone
11/05/09 The Off-Year Elections and the Politics of the Obvious
10/29/09 Where the Girls Are
10/22/09 Dangerous Zanies
10/15/09 Yet Another Clinton Scandal
10/08/09 White-Collar Hero
10/01/09 Freedom From … Foreign Oil
09/24/09 Conservatism's Next Coming
09/17/09 The Absurdity Meter Blowup
09/10/09 New Generation of Churchill Critics
09/03/09 Mark Sanford and the Odd Fellows
08/27/09 Obama's Carousel of Incompetence
08/13/09 The Health Care Chaos
08/06/09 Vindication!
07/30/09 Sanity From the Indian Subcontinent
07/23/09: More Media Follies
07/16/09: Consequences of the Libs' Death Wish
07/09/09: Saving liberty
07/02/09: The Sen. Al Franken Blue Ball
06/25/09: Our Presidential Tenderfoot
06/18/09: Get sick immediately
06/11/09: Israel and D-Day
06/04/09: Sotomayor's flawed reasoning
05/28/09: The ACLU Talks Too Much
05/21/09: Evolution and the new fuel-efficiency standards
05/14/09: McAuliffe's Mischief
05/07/09: The Libs Are Snickering
04/30/09: Fear Not! The War on Terror Is Won
04/23/09: Obama's World Tour
04/17/09: Obama's regrettable precedent
04/09/09: Mencken and Me
04/02/09: Capitol Hill's New Role of Tax Collector
03/26/09: The Wolves of Wall Street
03/19/09: The Bleak Winter's Behind Us, but What's Ahead?
03/12/09: Cheer Up, Bill Clinton
03/05/09: Rush to Rush
02/26/09: The Exhibitionist at the State Department
02/19/09: Conservatives and Libs, Come Together
02/12/09: Wall Street wizards no more
02/05/09: Obama's first two weeks
01/29/09: Kristol's health scare
01/22/09: Giving Obama his honeymoon
01/15/09: The Worst Book of the Year
01/08/09: Baby, It's Cold Outside
01/02/09: Responding to incoming missiles
12/25/08: Publishing fakes
12/18/08: Good Sports, Great Sports
12/11/08: The George W. Bush memoirs
12/04/08: A Hillary in your cabinet
11/27/08: Recognizing Crisis
11/20/08: Interesting times are here again
11/13/08: Vitality in the wilderness
11/06/08: Campaign '08, the Bell Tolls for Thee
10/30/08: The Reasons to Vote for McCain
10/23/08: Biden's brain scan
10/16/08: A chameleon on plaid
10/10/08: Palin vs. Biden
10/02/08: Tom Wolfe Explains Obama's Rise
09/26/08: The Taranto Principle Examined
09/18/08: Offshore sham
09/11/08: The Dems' depression
09/04/08: Hypocrisy in the Kultursmog
08/28/08: Hillary Was Born To Lose
08/21/08: Another Obama emerges
08/14/08: In Michael Phelps' skin
08/07/08: My Olympic Boycott Hardens
07/31/08: Summer reading
07/17/08: The Prophet Obama — Not Funny
07/10/08: Health Care From Adam Smith
07/03/08: Clinton and I at Georgetown
06/26/08: Tracing the Roots of Environmentalism
06/19/08: Bush over Truman
06/11/08: McCain's executive edge
06/05/08: Comeback Kid, aroused
05/29/08: Meet the gaffable Barack Obama
05/22/08: ‘Appeasement’ as a hate term
05/15/08: Campaigning on Ignorance
05/08/08: The Mayor of London Who Would Be President
05/01/08: Of Barack Obama and Al Smith
04/24/08: Obama and the Weird
04/17/08: Jimmy Carter amok
04/10/08: Crab-Antics Conservatives
04/03/08: Invincible Ignorance
03/27/08: Hillary's latest whoppers
03/20/08: Why is that good deeds toward the 'Palestinians' always go unrewarded?
03/13/08: The Dems' Problem With Race
03/07/08: McCain again
02/28/08: A Redwood Falls in the Forest
02/21/08: Delusions of grandeur
02/14/08: The Archbishop does Muslim
02/07/08: The Front-Page Story That Was Not
01/31/08: Bill's Red Neck
01/24/08: How Obama can win
01/17/08: Return the political convention
01/10/08: Hillary Detumescent
01/03/08: Adieu, crybaby Kerry clock
12/20/07: Buckley is wrong
12/13/07: Congressional indignados exposed
12/06/07: Bush is back
11/29/07: The intriguing Britney Spears and Iraq
11/23/07: Crybaby Kerry
11/15/07: I liked Norman
11/08/07: Clarence Thomas' triumph
11/01/07: Lies and deceits
10/25/07: Limbaugh's laughter
10/18/07: 7 Things To Know About the Clintons
10/11/07: They miss Imus
10/03/07: Death of an Olympian
09/26/07: Health Care and the Postal Service
09/20/07: The Evolution of a Wisecrack
09/12/07: Campaigning with the Clintons and the Same Old Gang
09/06/07: The Clintons' chop suey connection
08/30/07: The old combat pilot has plenty of fight left in him
08/23/07: Pogo Stick Politics
08/16/07: From Rove to Hastert
08/09/07: Woodstock today and in 2008
08/02/07: This war is lost?
07/26/07: The Rube at YouTube
07/05/07: Diversity offensive to Libs
06/28/07: British authorities will ban the niqab and return to a celebration of the miniskirt
06/21/07: Liberals and Conservatives for Libby
06/14/07: Graduation day vacuity
06/07/07: Both parties suffering political schizophrenia
05/31/07: Lincoln in the Library
05/25/07: The J. Gordon Coogler Award for 2006: Jimmy Again!
05/17/07: Capitol Hill's losers
05/10/07: The Rev. Zawahiri and the Dems
05/03/07: The Hunt for Karl Rove
04/26/07: Hillary's problems
04/19/07: Hillary, Circa 1969
04/12/07: The bared bloggers
04/05/07: Spring 2007
03/29/07: A Chicago Trial
03/22/07: On my campaign trail
03/15/07: Is Hillary cracking up?
03/08/07: What's in a lie?
03/01/07: Keeping the Feith
02/22/07: A trinity of fantasists
02/15/07: Global warming is our friend
02/08/07: Rudy arrives?
01/25/07: Sock it to him
01/18/07: Castro shuffling in place
01/11/07: Check his pants
01/04/07: Sell out?
12/21/06 Bust the joint up
12/14/06 Our Iron Lady
12/07/06 The sacred college of historians
11/30/06 Unpleasant people
11/16/06 From Rummy to Gates
11/09/06 Dems ran as conservatives
11/02/06 Not a normal election
10/19/06 A star is born
10/12/06 The Foley follies
10/05/06 A Columbus Day landing
09/28/06 Politics claims another victim
09/21/06 Free the Guantanamo 14!
09/14/06 Disturbing the peace for peace
09/07/06 Helping New Orleans face the music
08/31/06 The Rumsfeld horripilation
08/24/06 Birthday boy Bubba
08/17/06 Why the Republicans will win this fall
08/10/06 A rational deduction
08/03/06 The Commander in Chief's blood pressure
07/27/06 Bring back the League of Nations
07/20/06 Boys will be boys
07/13/06 Hot in pursuit
07/06/06 Remembering a battle
06/29/06 Fighting mean, these patheticos have been Holmanized
06/22/06 Lords of Self-Discipline
06/15/06 The trouble with Newt Gingrich, prospective presidential contender
06/08/06 Kissinger and the jihadists
06/01/06 Swiftboating becomes a hate term
05/25/06 Jimma Carter pens the worst book of 2005
05/18/06 The brightest young writer in America
05/11/06 The supply-side miracle continues
05/04/06 A Frenchman for all seasons
04/27/06: Once GOPers surrender their principles and understanding of markets, what's the point of their existence?
04/21/06: PETA's Circus Is in Town
04/12/06: Forever has now passed
04/06/06: The Stature Gap
03/30/06: The Rise of Boltenism
03/23/06: Message to Tony Blair: Don't let the wobblies get you down
03/15/06: Rock and roll is dead — Rest in peace
03/09/06: Saving Hollywood from itself?
03/02/06: Those off-putting journos
02/23/06: Summers' winter
02/16/06: al-Gore isn't without competition among his party's elders
02/10/06: A deeply troubled people
02/02/06: That so many of the Democrats have not stood by this president the way Republicans stood by FDR is a shame
01/26/06: Teddy bared
01/20/06: Reporting the Report: There are 120 pages missing in damning document
01/05/06: GOP bigs allowing suppression of 120-page description of abuses by the IRS and Justice under Clinton
12/29/05: Fractured leadership causing hysterical, abusive and oblivious bigs
12/15/05: Make the Barrett report public!
12/08/05: Trying to reason with the unreasonable
12/01/05: Our immigration imbroglio
11/25/05: Buckley beat them at their own game
11/17/05: The blanks in Alito's smoking gun
11/10/05: The Voucher Market
11/03/05: There's something eminently jestworthy about the Dems' wild indignation in wake of Libby indictmentl
10/27/05: Where might it all end?
10/20/05: A great Democrat has died
10/14/05: Excitement all too irresistible
10/06/05: Justice Scalia leads the celebrations
09/29/05: Only people happy in Google lawsuit are the lawyers
09/22/05: Time for Dubya to amble back to the ranch?
09/15/05: The Sierra Club: The fox guards the henhouse?
09/08/05: Decade of Illusions?
09/01/05: Our fragmented friends
08/25/05: The Journal of Public Trust
08/18/05: Gaza ‘disengagement’ — a one-sided gambit for peace?
08/11/05: Depicting the life of a founder of modern American conservatism
08/04/05: Decade of Illusions
07/28/05: There is no secret handshake, only a judge with a firm grasp of the law
07/21/05: In recalling Westmoreland and the lessons of 'Nam, one can't help but wonder if history is being repeated
07/14/05: In post-bombing London the P.C. brigades are out in force
07/07/05: A much gentler sight than the savages of Live 8
06/30/05: The serial hyena would find life in prison too much to his liking — kill him!
06/23/05: Biden his time — run, Joe, run!
06/16/05: The Paranoid Style: Next to conspiracists like Dick Durbin, Howard Dean looks sentient.
06/09/05: Judge Richard Posner has the most intelligent things to say about intelligence in the age of terror
06/02/05: Send in the clowns: Lawyers who care go to Gitmo
05/26/05: The Senate compromise is just delaying the inevitable
05/19/05: Finally, something that the Dems and GOPers can agree on
05/12/05: Democrat reactionaries are about to be taught a constitutional lesson
05/05/05: Whose side are Old Europe and the U.N. on?
04/28/05: Can the Dems stand getting a little taste of their own medicine thrown back at them?
04/21/05: Are the Dems feeling pangs of conscience or something else?
04/14/05: Dems ‘Delay’ tactic shows sign of last minute desperation
04/07/05: A ‘spark’ ignites a new era
03/31/05: Jacko finds new use for "The Nutcracker"
03/24/05: Differences in political libidos
03/17/05: This awards ceremony that recognizes inventions that truly make a difference in our lives
03/10/05: The appointment of Bolton: A Kirkpatrick in the rough?
03/03/05: An award show for perpetrators of the New Order
02/24/05: A lovely holiday among our former allies
02/17/05: Social Security's anti-reformers remain good citizens of the 1930s
02/10/05: Here's a shocker: GWB reads books!
02/03/05: The runaway winner of the treasured Worst Book of the Year award
01/24/05: Unthought through
01/14/05: Dan Rather's unlamented departure
01/06/05: Dean's destiny
12/30/04: How to end the current hysteria over painkillers
12/16/04: The Left always gets its man
12/09/04: Progressives!?
12/06/04: Kofi's got his Kojo working
11/25/04: Tough guys who make their own rules
11/18/04: Now Behold the Liberal Crack-Up
11/11/04: Dems behind the values 8-ball
11/04/04: Diabolizing a perfectly agreeable gentleman didn't work for the party of a perfectly dreadful candidate
10/28/04: Black Cats and the Braggart
10/21/04: The Fantasist Candidate
10/14/04: Label Avoidance
10/06/04: Are these debates a waste of time?
10/04/04: What would our neo-peaceniks have said about the Emir of Bokhara?
09/23/04: Russians know a thing or two about terrorist preemption
09/20/04: The 'Shark Tale' Mafiosi
09/09/04: When They're 64
09/02/04: No Chicago
08/27/04: Judgment and character
08/19/04: Foreign policy is just another of their partisan obsessions
08/12/04: Missing Nixon
08/05/04: Is boxing down for the count?
07/30/04: The cranky convention
07/22/04: France is on the march — so don't dare get out of line
07/15/04: Who's to Run the CIA?
07/08/04: Heroes and celebs: Don't ruin latest 'star'
07/01/04: Gentlemen do not begin a government in the middle of the week
06/24/04: If they only mastered the art of lying
06/18/04: Fie on the French and Germans
06/10/04: Reagan on the Rock
06/03/04: Once again the conservative fuddy duddies are vindicated
05/28/04: Rev. Al eats up City Hall
05/20/04: Pasty prison pastimes
05/13/04: Loss of perspective
05/06/04: Right in the Krischer: Rush Limbaugh's tormentor has yet to hear from everyone on the First Amendment right
04/29/04: It is 1992 all over again, and I rejoice
04/15/04: There seems to be two George W's
04/08/04: Kennedy & Kerry
04/01/04: Sen. Jean Francois' fun and games are only starting — poor Dems
03/25/04: What really explains the rancor arising in this election year?
03/19/04: College daze
03/11/04: The understandably confused are confused
03/04/04: Hillary, the loyalest of the loyal
02/19/04: Hannity's optimism
02/12/04: The moron vote
02/05/04: At least Lieberman stood for something
01/29/04: Surprised by the government vendetta against Rush?
01/15/04: Eight Angry Men
01/09/04: Doc, the greatest swim coach of all time
01/02/04: It’s lying time again
12/29/03: Alternative "Person of the Year"
12/18/03: Dean and me
12/11/03: Long live Bob Bartley
12/04/03: "Hit 'em when they're down!"
12/01/03: The Wright Stuff
11/13/03: How wrong the naysayers and the utopians have been
11/06/03: Will I be banned from America's campuses?
10/30/03: They don't care about restraint
10/24/03: "The Reagans" and the evidence of a historic life
10/17/03: The Moron Vote
10/09/03: The politics of groping and the groping of politics
10/03/03: Is there a witch doctor in the house?
09/26/03: Funny Girly-Boy
09/18/03: Send Arafat to Paris!
09/15/03: The soi-disant party of Latinos comes down hard on a successful Latino
09/05/03: Placating the carpers
08/29/03: A melange of one-issue enthusiasts will win?
08/07/03: Angry partisans
07/31/03: Why no ‘holy cities ’ in America?
07/25/03: They underestimate not only the president, but the American people
07/18/03: The irascible, bigoted Harry Truman was a product of his times
07/11/03: A grand affair of hot colors and surprisingly sedate audience participation
07/04/03: In search of anti-Americanism and the perfect bullfight
06/26/03: Calling on London
06/20/03: Too upsetting for the evening news?
06/12/03: Rain(es)ing Clintoon myths
06/05/03: Hillary-ous is pathetic
05/29/03: Shakedown
05/22/03: End of the last great persecution of the 20th century?
05/15/03 :‘Grey’ turns to grim at Times
05/08/03: The only intellectual force in Western history to gain moral superiority by being wrong
05/01/03: Dinning with Tom Wolfe: More lessons in nusual aspects of American life, hitherto ignored
04/28/03: Ambuscade at scholarly frontier
04/21/03: Stars in search of a galaxy
04/10/03: Baghdad Bob and Tom Daschle
03/31/03: When the media itself becomes the story
03/20/03: Revealed! Estrada is a gifted linguist -- a Japanese-American fluent in Spanish
03/14/03: Genuinely in charge
03/10/03: Stalin and Saddam
03/05/03: They just cannot stomach a protracted alliance with the Bushies
02/25/03: Identity gridlock
02/18/03: People calling Dean a fruitcake are underestimating his political savvy
02/13/03: The new political establishment
01/30/03: The time is now
01/27/03: Witnessing self-love by people completely incapable of self-criticism
01/21/03: Of course our kiddies are depressed
01/13/03: Why is it that Official Washington still believes that a tax reduction means a revenue reduction?
01/02/03: Missing Moi
12/27/02: The grizzled and menacing-looking senator in Confederate drag is … a Dem
12/24/02: Uprooting Christianity in the Holy Land
12/20/02: Under fire, Lott showed an ignobleness that is embarrassing
11/26/02: Bartley's enemies have been routed
11/14/02: Clarence Thomas and the segregationist Mississippi sheriff
11/07/02: I muffed up
10/31/02: Is the American university turning its back on change, on progress?
10/24/02: So why aren't the Dems buoyant?
10/17/02: Mourning the loss of the "yellow-belly"
10/10/02: American politics at its most ignominious
10/03/02: A man above the law, a bully
09/26/02: Is Bob Greene a victim of an anti-Clinton backlash?
09/19/02: I knew Mafiosi and …
09/12/02: Chickens and poseurs
09/05/02: Sympathizing with the Europols
08/29/02: 9-11 did not change us forever
08/22/02: Public persons frivoling with serious matters
08/15/02: Beachcombing among the fat of the land
08/08/02: They pave the way for corruption, not personal responsibility
08/01/02: Believing the unbelievable
07/25/02: The congressional posse comitatus
07/18/02: Cosmopolitan Arab fashion
07/11/02: What the prez actually knows
07/04/02: The vindication of a truly original thinker
06/27/02: The perfect book for Hillary
06/20/02: To say that they were ordinary is not to slight them
06/13/02: Daschle must begin to act like an adult
06/06/02: Lack of "intelligence" --- and sheer stupidity
05/30/02: Revealing a carefully guarded media secret
05/23/02: In these times, thank Heaven for Clinton!
05/16/02: Fast Times at the Church of the Nativity
05/09/02: "Name the Prettiest Suicide Bomber"
05/02/02: Vindication for the Boy Scouts
04/25/02: A topic almost no other columnist will touch
04/18/02: 'Conventional Wisdom' --- and those who defy it
04/11/02: Let the Sun shine in
04/05/02: Hooded men of color in sheets
04/01/02: A McCain-Feingold Act for Hollywood
03/21/02: Yakkin' on Yates
03/15/02: No role for Paul Volcker in Enron: the movie
03/07/02: My membership in the Communist Party U.S.A.
02/27/02: This award is bestowed by 'contrarians'
02/21/02: Mike Tyson: Made for Washington?
02/14/02: Enron as underdog?
02/07/02: Freed from the presence of money -- hard or soft -- most politicians would be just as bad
01/31/02: Needed: Bush to make a preemptive strike against his enemies …. Ones who'd like to see him fail even during war
01/24/02: Hucksters will move on to make their next marks
01/17/02: Debonair prez should begin to do the High Life
01/10/02: Move over Twinkies --- "the acne medicine made him do it!"
01/03/02: Leaving the Nazis looking comparatively humane
12/27/01: A "self-made journalist"
12/20/01: Calamities and unanticipated benefits
12/13/01: America's grief ought not to give comfort to those who caused it
12/06/01: Leahy, the strict civil libertarian!? A short-term exploiter of the Constitution is more like it
11/29/01: Welcome to Afghan, Maryland?
11/26/01: So, why don't more folks hate us?
11/15/01: America's quagmire and other certainties
11/09/01: No longer the smug statists, the prodigal Keynesians?
11/01/01: The New Seriousness
10/25/01: Bright lights and the Taliban
10/18/01: Is bin-Laden propaganda from Western intelligence?
10/12/01: No yellow ribbons
10/05/01: Bubba's back --- again!
09/28/01: Exposing peacetime's frauds
09/21/01: So protected, we're vulnerable
09/14/01: At Barbara Olson's home
09/11/01: Duh! All conservatives are racists
08/31/01: Arafat's terrorists have created their own hell
08/24/01: Time for some political prophecy
08/16/01: They claim to be doing so much good
08/10/01: Visiting the source of the White House braintrust
08/03/01: Morality and reality
07/31/01: Blinded by success?
07/24/01: The latest Kennedy capitulation in Massachusetts
07/13/01: Talk about tawdry
07/06/01: Delighting in the Dictator
06/29/01: The G-dphobes
06/21/01: Fashionable Washington is sempiternally in a stew
06/15/01: The limits of hypocrisy
06/08/01: Flagging our general apathy

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