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Jewish World Review / Dec. 22, 1998 /3 Teves, 5759

Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas The slime machine brings Apocalypse Now

IN A WEEK WITHOUT PRECEDENT, in a city that has set a lot of precedents, the biggest story was Larry Flynt exposing himself as a Democrat. It says a lot about a party that makes the likes of Flynt and the impeached Bill Clinton feel at home.

There was more talk last week about sin, forgiveness, reconciliation and healing than at any time since the last Billy Graham crusade in Washington about a decade ago. Unlike Graham's, this talk, which came mostly from Democrats, was phony, something like criminals denouncing a crime wave.

The biggest laugh in a very sad week was the announcement of the president's "concern,'' relayed by spokesman Joe Lockhart, that the "politics of personal destruction must end.'' This is typical Clinton. While he sucks in millions in illegal campaign contributions, he calls for campaign finance reform. While his minions slime his enemies, he pleads for the sliming to end. Has he lost James Carville's phone number? It was Carville who proclaimed to Larry King, "This is war.'' People with ideological and professional links to the White House are in cahoots with Larry Flynt and others to stop Clinton from having to face a political judgment day.

If Clinton would pay any price and bear any burden to get himself reelected, rest assured his slime machine will go into overdrive to make sure his impeached offenses are never tried in the Senate. The rumor mill is white hot, assuring us plenty more slime is coming. Don't look for peace on earth in Washington, much less any good will toward men this holiday season.

Even former White House press secretary Mike McCurry is now saying that Bill Clinton can't be trusted. Speaking on the BBC, McCurry referred to the "incredibly bizarre personal behavior'' of his former boss. He also called the president's actions "reckless,'' not what one would expect of a "rational human being.'' McCurry added that while Clinton never asked anyone directly to lie, he allowed `"the deception to go on, knowing the truth.'' That deceit extended to his sworn testimony and efforts to cover up his lies, which were at the heart of the two articles of impeachment approved by the House of Representatives.

Most people know or suspect the president is guilty of a lot more than "lying about sex'' and trying to cover it up. The feds had to settle for tax evasion to bag Al Capone. The House settled for lies and cover up in the case of Bill Clinton.

Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.) announced he will not become Speaker of the House and will resign his seat in Congress in six months because of admitted adulteries. Livingston said he hoped his decision would be an example to President Clinton. It wasn't. Clinton and other Democrats urged him not to quit. They need him to justify their doctrine of immoral equivalency. Clinton pulled out all the stops these last few days. He used his wife, a clergyman and his ample supply of slimers. He used the vice president, who called the day of impeachment "the saddest day I have seen in our nation's capital.'' One might justifiably think that sadder days were those on which the president of the United States sexually used a 21-year-old intern in the closest thing we have to a sacred public building in our country or on which he lied about it under oath.

It isn't the Congress that is responsible for division and "hate,'' as Democrats refer to people who stand for the law and principle. It is Bill Clinton. His behavior alone has brought forth on this continent a slimed nation along with the calamitous idea that all men are created lechers and that they have evolved with certain unprincipled rights. These include a right to abuse high office, lie to the public and their duly authorized elected and judicial representatives, and a general obtuseness to high and holy things in favor of low and debauched things.

The political apocalypse of the last week may be temporarily eclipsed by the holiday season, but it will come roaring back in January. The Senate had better be ready, because if it moves forward with a trial, the Clinton people -- for whom power is all that matters -- will haul out every despicable weapon at their disposal. They will attempt to destroy anyone who tries to prevent them from building their little bridge of deception, lies and arrogance to the 21st century. This was clear in the president's defiant pledge to remain in office "to the last hour of the last day of my term.''


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