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Jewish World Review May 30, 2000 / 25 Iyar, 5760

Chris Matthews

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Bubba's escape hatches -- PRESIDENT CLINTON believes that truth deferred is truth avoided. He has raised up that hoary shield of the tax lawyer to every downswing of the executioner's ax.

Charged with evading the Vietnam draft, he has publicly forgotten even getting the notice. Asked in Arkansas if he'd used drugs, he claimed to have never broken the law. Asked about Paula Jones, he denied ever being alone in a "hotel" with her. Asked about Monica, he said he didn't "recall" being alone with her, and specifically did not "believe" he was ever alone with her in that now-notorious West Wing back room.

This has been the Clinton story, as familiar now to friend as to foe. Caught, he has been the ready architect of denials, each designed with its escape hatch.

He did not deny being drafted, only that he could not recall the event. He did not deny using drugs, only of breaking U.S. laws. No one said he and Paula Jones were the only people in that entire Little Rock hotel building that day in 1991 when he had her to his room. No one can say the president did not lose all memory of those back-hall trysts with Monica.

A shrewd political bookkeeper, Clinton has saved his greatest asset, the presidency, deferring payment for these deceits.

Last Monday, the payment came due. The disciplinary committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court called Clinton's false testimony about Monica Lewinsky a case of "serious misconduct" and initiated disbarment proceedings.

Q: At any time were you and Monica Lewinsky alone in the hallway between the Oval Office and this kitchen area?

A: I don't believe so, unless we were walking back to the back dining room with the pizzas. I just... I don't remember. I don't believe we were alone in the hallway, no.

Clinton must now defend the truth of that statement and, along with it, his law license, to an Arkansas county circuit judge.

What judgment that jurist will render is impossible to predict. It was another Arkansas judge, Susan Webber Wright, who lit the fuse for eventual disbarment last year. She fined Clinton $90,000 for contempt of court for what she ruled to be his "intentionally false" testimony in that January 1998 deposition, then referred the matter to the Arkansas bar committee.

All this is a result of Clinton's having denied his relationship with Lewinsky to lawyers for Jones. They were trying to show a pattern of on-the-job misconduct with women. Clinton, for a variety of understandable reasons, refused to come clean. He not only denied getting together with Lewinsky but also denied having had the opportunity.

Thomas Jefferson once observed that the whole art of politics is the art of telling the truth.

In mustering his defense, Clinton practiced this art at a dazzling level of excellence. He will go down in the history books as a president who was impeached, perhaps even disbarred, but ended his eight years in office walking on water.

"When I'm not president anymore, I'll be happy to defend myself," he said Monday, defiantly demanding yet another stay of execution, displaying perhaps a final time his galling precept that truth deferred is truth avoided.

JWR contributor Chris Matthews is the author of Hardball. and hosts a CNBC show of the same name. Send your comments to him by clicking here.


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