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Jewish World Review Nov. 21, 2002/ 16 Kislev, 5763

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The Jews are their own worst enemy | When the horror of the 9-11 attack happened in America, the US immediately attacked Afghanistan with all the might and the power that we could possibly find. There were no Jews in America who proudly called themselves "leftist" on the subject. IF you heard one Hollywood drenched extremist liberal who protested America's super bombs over Afghanistan he was immediately drowned out as a maniac, a spy or a traitor.

Why is it that when Israel suffers the loss of hundreds of innocent lives on a daily basis Jews all over the world suddenly become divided between "left" and "right"?

What is the sickness that these leftists Jews suffer from? What kind of mental paralysis or perversion creates such a warped behavior? The same qualities that have made the Jews historically the greatest humanitarians have ironically made the Jews also the world's easiest victims. They feel so uncomfortable about the thought of hurting anybody that even if a suicide bomber could be hurt while killing a hundred Jews there are thousands of Jewish "leftist" who are convinced that it is our own fault.

Somehow if we were compassionate enough we would find a way to solve the problem without making a murderer suffer just because his only crime is killing Jewish people. This historically profound Jewish "guilt trip" has turned the most intellectual Jews into idiots. If the violence committed against the Israelis was happening to any other people, is it conceivable that the same leftist Jews would be justifying it?

Hypothetically, if Canada sent suicide bombers into America wantonly killing people, would Jewish University professors brains calcify enough to justify it? Somehow only when Jews are involved, the "guilt trip" creates a vacuum in the brain in which no form of reason could exist. They'll create any fantasy to blame Israel. "It's our own fault, you can't occupy another country for so long without suffering the consequences" is the most sickening of the "leftist" perversions of reality. This proves that the same Jews who read enough to hold PhDs in ancient history are somehow incapable of ever reading a newspaper.

The problem is not that they don't know the truth. The Jewish problem is that they don't want to hear or see the truth. Because if they didn't suffer from an uncontrollable need to blame the Jews they would find it impossible to ignore what every breathing person knows, that Barak offered the Palestinians 98% of the land they demanded and that the pleasure of having their own home meant nothing to them compared to the thrill of killing our people.

This same kind of Jewish guilt has even paralyzed the minds of the Israelis. Otherwise why did it take so long for successive governments of Israel to see through the fraudulent charade of Yasser Arafat?

Through all the years that he was a partner in crime we blindly chose to see him as a partner for peace. How many times did Israeli Prime ministers travel the world for peace conferences with Arafat while he was masterminding the murder of our own people in Israel?

Why did the President of the United States of America, George Bush, stop talking to Arafat while the heads of our country still wonder and waiver and flounder about his usefulness to the peace process?

Why did Arik Sharon suffer the rejection of the Israelis for so many years while being vilified as a "hard liner" or even a "war monger"?

And why are there so many Israelis who even now respect the anti-Semitic attacks of the Europeans that Sharon is undermining the "peace process" by viciously "going too far"?

The answer is that the real "war mongers" are the so-called "peaceniks".

The best way to needlessly lose Jewish lives is to be so blinded by Jewish guilt that you can't see a murderer for what he is. He came to kill, and he doesn't deserve conversation, he deserves elimination!

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© 2002, Jackie Mason & Raul Felder