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Jewish World Review July 6, 2001/ 15 Tamuz, 5761

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder

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Peace by piece -- NO sooner was a cease-fire accepted by both sides in the Middle East conflict, when Hamas announced publicly that it didn't accept it and would continue its holy war with any violence it deemed necessary. Any progress in the peace process is an opportunity for the Arabs to remind everyone that they are only interested in pursuing a war process. The only process they have been raised to accept is the process of eliminating Jews.

The word "peace" when applied to Arabs is a fraudulent use of the word. They don't mean "p-e-a-c-e," they mean "p-i-e-c-e." Which means they want to eliminate Jews piece by piece until there are no Jews left in Israel, or they want to eliminate Israel piece by piece until there is no Israel left for the Jews. That's why the threat of peace frightens them much more than the threat of war. When Ehud Barak succumbed to almost every demand of the Palestinians, offering to return more land than even they ever expected, their only response was to kill more Jews with the hope that by doing this they could kill the peace process.

Arab children are taught that their holiest mission is to die while killing Jews. That's why if an Israeli should kill an Arab without provocation, he is considered a maniac and would go to jail. But if an Arab kills a Jew, he is viewed by his fellow Arabs as an angel on the way to heaven.

How did we arrive at the insane point that Arabs, with religiously fueled crazed killer mentalities, should be free to multiply into the millions in Israel, but five more Jews whose only transgression would be to build an extended kitchen in an Israeli settlement are considered a threat to world peace? Why should Israel accept the presence of any Arabs in the land of Israel when Yasser Arafat either will not or cannot stop the Arabs from killing any Jews?

While Arabs daily decimate the Jewish population, they continue to grow in number from 3 million to 10. At the same time they consider Jews to be a threat if a settlement grows from 65 to 70 people. The Israelis themselves have become victimized into such a fearful helplessness by the mindless prejudice of world opinion that they are afraid to ask why should Palestinians be allowed into their territory when Israel's own government admits that it can't stop or control their terrorist activities.

One would think from the Palestinian description of the settlement problem that mobs of Orthodox Jews armed with religious prayer books and shawls are running all over of Palestine in such vast numbers that the Arab population will be driven into the sea and forever destroyed.

Jews are a threat to the Palestinians in the same way that the blacks were once a threat to the KKK, or the Jews were a threat to the Nazis. The fact is that the settlement problem is the fraudulent invention of people who can't stand the sight of a Jew at least if he is alive. Otherwise how could settlements whose total population is, at most, less than one percent of the Arab population be a threat. Further, Israelis put themselves in a position of sacrificing their own lives by giving Arabs an opportunity to kill Jews while, at the same time, they pay for Arabs to have a better life. Israel not only accepts the Palestinians, but it sustains and supports them. What other country would provide jobs for people that are sworn to eliminate them from the face of this Earth?

As a reaction to Arabs rioting and throwing stones, Israel has often blocked the entrances of highways preventing Arabs from reaching their jobs. Not only do the Arabs want to have the opportunity to kill Jews, they want Israel, at the same time, to guarantee them full employment. It is, in the Arabs mentality, much better to be a killer with a job than be unemployed. If you are going to be a killer, it is definitely better to have a full-time job. After they use up all the stones in the neighborhood, they have to deal with the realization that guns and bombs cost money.

Imagine if Osama bin Laden, after he blew up our ships and our embassies, decided to come to this country to talk peace. Wouldn't he be arrested, convicted and hung? Let us imagine that, instead of a public hanging, we started talking about peace, and at the same time that we allowed 2 million of his followers to enter this country. Further, imagine we grant them citizenship, housing, jobs, health care and financial security while they openly proclaim that this country doesn't have a right to exist. Then when he went back to his murderous ways, we block his followers on the road to their place of employment in order to protect ourselves from more killings.

Bin Laden threatens that more American lives will be lost if his followers are not able to work, explaining that unemployed murderers could become frustrated and kill even more people. Would we make sure that every bin Laden follower has a job as quickly as possible, within the hour, even if we had a 4 percent unemployment rate? Would we then guarantee bin Laden that we would not disturb the peace by allowing any priest, minister, reverend or choir leader to move into a house near a settlement because it would be interpreted as an expansion of a settlement and, therefore, a threat to the peace process which didn't exist in the first place?

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© 2001, Jackie Mason & Raul Felder.