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Jewish World Review Jan. 11, 2000/ 16 Teves, 5761

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder

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When was the last time that Clinton tried to pose as a statesman and harass other leaders to give up more of their territory? -- IT'S A LUCKY THING that Bill Clinton is leaving the presidency of the United States. Otherwise we would have to face the excruciating parade of his phony "peace process" photographs until we explode from heartburn. Since the "search for peace" is the most venerated of all presidential pursuits, Clinton knows that if he is photographed with his head bowed in frustration and dejection near a shadowed curtained window, perfectly staged by a choreographer, the fact that he accomplished nothing about peace won't matter compared to the fact that in his last pictures as president, he will have created the illusion of a dedicated elder statesman. The truth is, if Clinton cared about peace in the Middle East, he would not be talking to Yasser Arafat at all.

Is it just a coincidence that every time a new peace process summit is announced, another bomb explodes in Israel killing more Jews? How many times does this have to happen before somebody has the intelligence to wonder, "Is this really a peace process, or just a facade to hide the fact that the people there are really involved in a 'war process'?" How many more Jews have to die so that Clinton, in a last desperate gasp in office, can keep having his picture taken, showing him imitating a statesman and pretending that we are closer than ever to peace in the Middle East?

This brings us to the question of why did Barak, Israel's most decorated war hero, become a partner in this self-defeating fraudulent charade? How could a man who almost lost his life as a soldier fighting the enemy suddenly forget that he is dealing with the same people that seek to destroy the state of Israel by the only means they have left to them -- an alleged "peace process"? How did this brilliant soldier become such a simpleton as a diplomat? How could he be manipulated and deceived so easily by a self-serving opportunist like Clinton and a serial smiling duplicitous murderer like Arafat? Why would a man who is willing to die for Israel be so ready to give so much of it away just because the events are disguised by the title of "peace process"?

There are no acceptable, moral answers to these questions. The Arabs did not change their goals, they just changed their tactics. What they could not get by confrontation, they decided to achieve by manipulation of both Clinton and Barak, both of whom allowed this manipulation because of dishonorable motives.

Barak acts like a man who is suddenly struck by Alzheimer's disease. He can't seem to remember that this is the same enemy he fought and that it is now determined to accomplish its same goals by different means but under another name.

Under the pressure of a headline-hunting egomaniacal American president, Barak has become a puppet. Clinton has decided that Israel should give up everything for which its people died in battle so that he could become the "Prince of Peace." Who ever heard of a country giving up the most coveted parts of its land to a people who tried to annihilate it, and whom that country defeated on the field of battle?

Ordinarily, if one country invades another and loses, the invaders are lucky if they get to flee in their underwear with whatever possessions they have left in a suitcase under their arm; they'd beg for mercy and at least pretend to worship the people who allowed them to survive. Consider what happened to the Palestinians in Jordan and Kuwait. The Palestinians did not attack Jordan, as they did in Israel, but Jordan nevertheless decided to kick them out of the country. The Palestinians became victims of a hideous massacre that saw thousands of their people slaughtered.

Similarly Palestinians were massacred, murdered, or expelled from Kuwait -- even though, as in the case of Jordan, the Palestinians never evidenced a determination to attack or destroy the country. Strangely, virtually none of the Palestinians who were kicked out of Jordan or Kuwait ever demanded any right to return to their homelands. Why is it that there are no international agencies that attack on any moral or political level Jordan or Kuwait in the way they've attacked Israel for not allowing the Palestinians' "right of return"? When did anyone hear of Jordan or Kuwait offering to give up parts of their land or holy sites to the Palestinians?

When was the last time that Clinton tried to pose as a statesman and harass the leaders of Jordan or Kuwait to give up more of their territory? The international community is affronted and disturbed that Israel would not give the Palestinians their land and homes back -- land that was never the Palestinians in the first place; land hard-won by Israel from people who tried to destroy them. In Jordan and Kuwait, where the Palestinians were innocent victims, not only did they lose their land, but they also lost their very lives.

Where is the outrage of the international community for the injustices committed against them? When is the last time anyone heard the Palestinians demanding vengeance against Jordan or Kuwait for what happened to them? How many Molotov cocktails have they tossed in Kuwait or Jordan? In these cases where heinous crimes were committed against the Palestinians nobody is demanding justice.

But what is happening in Israel is unparalleled in human history. It is as if somebody tried to bomb your house, but because they missed, not only should they suffer no consequence but they should have the right to demand half of your house as a reward for attempting to destroy it. Further, they should not have to feel even a moral commitment not to attempt to bomb you again in the future. In effect, you should feel obligated to allow somebody to become a tenant in your own home, so they should be in a better position to get a clearer aim whenever they decide to blow your brains out.

JWR contributors Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder need no introduction. Comment on this column by clicking here.


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© 2000, Jackie Mason & Raul Felder. This article first appeared in online edition of The American Spectator.