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08/16/06: Screening for terrorists as nicely as possible
08/11/06: The last hawkish Dem leaves the building
08/09/06: Will Israel suffer Poland's fate?
08/04/06: Welfare kings on tractors
08/02/06: Israel's lose-lose proposition
07/28/06: We don't need Beavis and Butt-Head voters
07/26/06: The Michael Dukakis moment
07/21/06: The great U.N. delusion: Find another false idol to worship, multilateral fetishists — the U.N. is a failure
07/19/06: Why a cease-fire makes no sense for Israel
07/14/06: What's libs' big idea? Who cares?
07/07/06: Superman vs. The Lone Ranger
07/05/06: Because the NYTimes says so
06/30/06: We're all progressives now
06/28/06: Unity on a newspaper's terms
06/23/06: The web's yellow DNA
06/22/06: Woodrow Wilson's curse
06/16/06: Abortion rhymes with death
06/14/06: Gore's horror theater
06/09/06: The price of ‘nice’ for Canada
06/07/06: Should America do windows?
06/01/06: Congress finds its backbone — in the freezer
05/31/06: The case for extremism
05/26/06: Same Al Gore, different day
05/24/06: The media's imperfect storm
05/19/06: It's Iraq, stupid
05/17/06: What if Mexicans were crack?
05/12/06: Of course guns rile men up
05/10/06: Big sham on campus
05/05/06: Running on empty on gas prices
05/03/06: Is Bush the new Nixon?
04/28/06: Radical Islam — globalization for losers
04/26/06: Should we remain in Iraq? Let Iraqis decide
04/21/06: Seeing red over ‘green scare’
04/18/06: Can't you hear the whistle blowin'?
04/17/06: D.C. — on screen and unfiltered
04/12/06: First things first: Fix Mexico
04/07/06: Egalite, liberte, 401(k)
04/05/06: Bar the door --- it's Katie
03/31/06: Failing their own
03/29/06: Blurring the immigration issue
03/24/06: Right invasion, wrong explanation
03/22/06: Do conservatives need psychological help?
03/17/06: Don't get cocky, libs
03/15/06: VIVE LA SLOTH!
03/10/06: An economic virus
03/08/06: Hollywood's eye contact with social issues
03/03/06: No more black and white
02/24/06: Free speech — sometimes
02/24/06: Going overboard
02/22/06: The U.S. Constitution: dead or alive?
02/17/06: Don't blame me
02/10/06: One sorry mess of a party
02/08/06: Controversy is about culture clash, not cartoons
02/03/06: And the cheat goes on
02/01/06: Islamism's willing executioners
01/27/06: Many faces of Hillary — none a winner
01/25/06: Whose side is technology on, anyway?
01/20/06: The right way to reform
01/18/06: Wanted: An Iranian Saddam
01/13/06: … And so what if you are?
01/11/06: Fighting off the radical feminist assault
01/06/06: The clay feet of liberal saints
01/04/06: ‘Munich’ succeeds as a film, fails as political commentary
12/30/05: What's wrong with partisan politics?
12/28/05: ‘Meet the Press’ summit reveals elite media's flaw
12/23/05: Firebrand? He's nuts and he's after nukes
12/21/05: Public won't hold surveillance flap against Bush
12/14/05: Time for a Republican reformation
12/07/05: Free advice for libs: Duke it out among yourselves
11/30/05: Tortured logic
11/25/05: Dawn of the bland
11/21/05: The not-so-simple truth about statesmanship
11/16/05: Speak, (selective) memory
11/11/05: Trouble in Gaulistan
11/09/05: Whose side should they be on?
11/04/05: We said that?
11/02/05: The Grinch who stole Fitzmas
10/28/05: The secret files of the anti-hypocrite squad
10/27/05: Defrocking the priesthood of the press
10/21/05: Is he one of us?
10/20/05: ‘Merlot Democrats’ to the rescue
10/14/05: Batty about Harriet
10/12/05: In (qualified) defense of cronyism
10/07/05: Bennett's critics prefer to misunderstand him
10/06/05: After Miers nomination, rumbling Left and Right
09/28/05: Gale-force exaggeration, Katrina's other consequence
09/23/05: Is this the end of ‘compassionate conservatism’?
09/21/05: Hurricane coverage veers off course
09/16/05: Oh, Gosh, Sen. Feinstein's at it again
09/14/05: Red America stands firm in sea of European blue
09/09/05: Since we're talking about race and class…
09/07/05: In Katrina's aftermath, racial generalizations aren't helpful
09/02/05: Voodoo meteorology
08/26/05: The shifting terrain of Iraq war — and Muslim opinion
08/24/05: Divided over a wall
08/19/05: A mighty wind
08/17/05: The fallacy of authenticity
08/12/05: The people, not so much
08/10/05: A bunch of guys barking
08/05/05: Bombers got rights, too, you know!
08/01/05: Excuses, excuses
07/27/05: No more power to the people
07/22/05: It's about Iraq — so what?
07/20/05: The red foam of the River Thames — or, come back, Enoch Powell, all is forgiven
07/15/05: Britain's Muslims must turn on terrorists in their midst
07/13/05: Friend of Bush is a bit too chummy with identity politics to merit spot on Supreme Court
07/08/05: In a free society, the press is not above the law
07/06/05: Live8 message: We care!
07/01/05: What public broadcasting is and isn't
06/29/05: Better off dead
06/24/05: Genes determine the funniest things (just don't tell Larry Summers' enemies)
06/22/05: Nazis uber alles
06/17/05: The overselling of stem cell research
06/15/05: Gitmo by any other name is still … necessary
06/08/05: The Roosevelt mystique
06/03/05: Brussels is burning
05/27/05: The 2 percent solution for the budget deficit
05/25/05: Compromise is not always good, argument is not always bad
05/20/05: A pox on everybody
05/18/05: Invasion of the America snatchers
05/13/05: The Christians are at the gates, but they don't want in
05/11/05: Why shouldn't we apologize for Yalta?
05/06/05: Michael Jackson: Hollywood's man in the mirror
05/04/05: They come to recycle the old media, not to bury it
05/02/05: Sometimes, it simply isn't Vietnam
04/29/05: Environmentalism is dead — long live environmentalism!
04/27/05: You're a mean one, Mr. Bolton — and that's why we need you at the U.N.
04/22/05: Let Cookie Monster be Cookie Monster
04/20/05: B-16 in the house … and how we got there
04/15/05: The darker side of quotas
04/13/05: Disrobing our masters
04/08/05: After decades of war in Iraq, a cause for joy
04/06/05: The splendor of truth
04/01/05: It's the end of the world, and I feel fine
03/30/05: Cracked
03/29/05: Hypocrisy without principles is the worst kind of all
03/25/05: The mixed blessing of progress
03/23/05: Sense and sensitivity
03/16/05: First, kill the cats
03/11/05: Danny, ye hardly knew ye
03/09/05: Upholding Kennedy's brain
03/04/05: What ever happened to the most important story on earth?
03/02/05: The medium isn't the message, actually
02/25/05: The end of ideology (as we know it)
02/23/05: Bob and Carl's imaginary friend
02/18/05: No news is bad news for local politics
02/16/05: The rise of the ‘Bike Path Left’
02/11/05: Chilling for thee, but not for me
02/09/05: Defining monstrosity down
02/04/05: Moving the goalposts on Iraq
02/02/05: Slothnor needs Liberals
01/28/05: The All American skin games
01/26/05: Don't take the President's word for it — take Zarqawi's
01/21/05: Fighting tyranny, a revolutionary idea
01/20/05: What's gender got to do with science? Don't ask!
01/14/05: Democracy has to be good — not perfect
01/13/05: How many Armstrongs are there?
01/07/05: The Alberto Gonzales show
01/05/05: I say it's odious, and the h-ll with it
12/31/04: My 2004
12/29/04: Kofi's stingy uncle
12/24/04: La Belle France, fromagerie of the world's misfortune
12/22/04: Lighten up
12/17/04: FDR is dead
12/15/04: The European Model: First-rate posturing, third-rate policy
12/08/04: The fourth estate rumbles for more privilege
12/03/04: Not his party
12/01/04: Jesusland for thee, but not for me
11/29/04: Conservatives don't always wear black hats
11/24/04: Giving thanks in trying times
11/18/04: When he wins he loses
11/18/04: Be careful whom you tolerate
11/12/04: Exit Ashcroft — abused, maligned, but right after all
11/10/04: What's bad for the party isn't necessarily bad for America
11/08/04: Make theirs a double
11/04/04: Don't Believe the Hype (2004 Remix)
10/27/04: Untrustworthy times
10/22/04: The myth of the disenfranchised
10/20/04: Why we need to defend the Electoral College
10/18/04: A man for some seasons
10/13/04: Send in the clowns
10/11/04: Why we fight — and why we need to be clear about it
10/06/04: Looks like a veto, acts like a veto — it's the "Global Test"
10/04/04: Iran at the tipping point
09/29/04: The Kerry Syndrome
09/24/04: The gang that couldn't report straight
09/22/04: Kerry has a war record — Bush has ideas
09/20/04: The perils of Dan-nial
09/15/04: Rather be wrong
09/10/04: John Kerry, International Man of Nuance
09/08/04: What's wrong with you people?
09/03/04: ZellzaPoppin'
09/01/04: The herd that is our press
08/27/04: Vetting free speech not such a swift idea
08/25/04: Vetting free speech not such a swift idea
08/23/04: The Man can't bust our votes
08/13/04: Fear and mongering on the campaign trail
08/11/04: Carpetbagging, and other threats to small-r republican principles
08/06/04: Sacrificing the ends for the sake of the means
08/04/04: The eternal Sharpton
07/30/04: Let's pretend
07/28/04: J'accuse! The Republicans want to win in '04
07/26/04: Berger's revealing footnotes
07/21/04: The Imperial Middle
07/16/04: Kerry/Dole '04!
07/14/04: Not safer, but better
07/09/04: Malign condescension — or benign neglect?
07/07/04: Kerry's fateful choice
06/25/04: Parallel lives, parallel lies
06/23/04: Hawkish clothes itch doves
06/18/04: Madonna: Like a hypocrite
06/16/04: In war on terror, Geneva Convention doesn't apply
06/11/04: Truly conservative rhetoric missing under Bush
06/09/04: Reagan, thankfully, was no pragmatist
06/04/04: 'Buffy' and the battle against evil
06/02/04: Lenin's logic in Iraq
05/28/04: Patriotism and populism in journalism
05/25/04: Too quick to cry 'anti-Semite,' instead of 'buffoon'
05/21/04: Why the flip-floppers rise to the top
05/19/04: Russert: The Media Est Moi!
05/14/04: This is bigger than Bush
05/12/04: Media ethics, consistency questionable in release of photos
05/07/04: CBS shouldn't have aired inflammatory footage
05/05/04: Difficult, but necessary, surgery in Iraq
04/30/04: Conservative dividing lines
04/28/04: Contradictions at the core of Kerry campaign
04/23/04: Libs are learning the wrong lessons
04/20/04: A question of patriotism
04/16/04: Franken stuck in no-originality zone
04/14/04: Let's face it: Not doing 'everything they could' was policy
04/09/04: Kennedy's Vietnam remarks ill-timed and inappropriate
04/08/04: Clarke makes a good case — for Bush's re-election
03/31/04: A vote for delayed elections in Iraq
03/25/04: Clarke's criticism of Bush leaves us wondering about motives
03/22/04: Thank goodness for C-SPAN
03/17/04: Linking Al-Qaida and Iraq
03/12/04: Bush and Kerry need to focus on debate, not feelings
03/10/04: If voting is for old people, irony isn't
03/05/04: What I know about deficits — they don't matter
03/03/04: Guess who's changing tune on Constitutional amendments?
02/27/04: 'Let them eat cake' economics distorts free market
02/25/04: Israel's barrier not a ‘Berlin wall’
02/20/04: Bush-Kerry foreign policy debate: Bring it on
02/13/04: Racial preferences more harmful than legacy policies in college admissions
02/11/04: War hero Kerry shows no policy leadership
02/06/04: The dividing line in American politics
02/04/04: Jackson flap exposes ennui
01/30/04: The many faces of the Democrats
01/28/04: Straightforwardness would defuse WMD issue
01/23/04: Gap widening between Bush and conservatives
01/21/04: Jumping the shark: Dean takes deep-water dive
01/16/04: 'Bush lied' and the lying liars who perpetuate it
01/14/04: Dean's pedicured foot firmly in mouth
01/09/04: Tackling the immigration mess
01/07/04: Conservative's case for Dean nomination
12/31/03: Globalization would help quake-shaken nations
12/26/03: Bush's strong foreign policy successful
12/24/03: Bah, humbug: Blame uninformed voters
12/19/03: Answer to redistricting: Enlarge Congress
12/17/03: Imagine Iraq war through movie lens
12/12/03: Court endorses wrong kind of censorship
12/10/03: Gore's endorsement shows changing motives
12/05/03: Kerry's arguments don't carry
12/03/03: Scrap the U.N., create League of Democracies
11/26/03: Thankful for the paradox of progress
11/14/03: Youth debate fail to 'keep it real'
11/13/03: Vermont's Dean too green for White House
11/07/03: Flag flap: Dean destroys his chances
11/05/03: Israel isn't peaceful
10/31/03: War: What are Dems Good for?
10/30/03: Blame the responsible party
10/24/03: French Fried: France turns into even bigger foe
10/22/03: It's not the president, stupid
10/17/03: 'Imminent threat' is revisionist spin
10/10/03: Power tools: Schwarzenegger can use popularity to effect change
10/08/03: Bush critics' claims usually don't stick
10/01/03: Dems take U-turn
09/29/03: Recall election shows too much democracy is dangerous
09/24/03: Clark boomlet ignores issues, ideology
09/19/03: The Patriot Act: Separating hysteria from fact
09/16/03: Farm subsidies harm the poor
09/12/03: Certainty is dwindling --- a surefire disadvantage
09/10/03: Bush puts all his chips on table
09/03/03: Marriage too ‘boring’ for gays
08/27/03: Anti-globalization = anti-American
08/06/03: Dems want to bench judges of faith
08/01/03: Arab democratic deception?
07/30/03: Conservative study reveals academic bias
07/25/03: Gaping holes in Dems' 'security gap' argument
07/23/03: I don't understand why Ashcroft gets such a bad rap
07/18/03: Bush becomes 'big government conservative'
07/16/03: Can you say ‘Senator Springer’?
07/11/03: Baker Dusts off stereotypes, hypocrisy
07/09/03: The only good Constitution is a dead Constitution
07/04/03: Voters must face Gray consequences
06/27/03: Get facts straight before crying 'liar'
06/25/03: Still legally unconstitutional and socially racist?
06/18/03: Rich-poor divide shows poverty is relative
06/13/03: Bush's spending binges
06/11/03: Enough with the Hillary hoopla
06/06/03: DNC's layoffs undermine Dems' diversity rhetoric
06/04/03: Media consolidation and the free market
05/30/03: Libs need to get hip to young conservatives
05/28/03: We should be doing more
05/21/03: Defenders of racial preferences want double standard
05/16/03: Libs twist privacy arguments
05/15/03: Feasting on the Times' 'fraud'
05/09/03: Bush's symbolism sends message of power
05/07/03: Liberal hypocrites blast Bennett
05/02/03: Delay democracy in Iraq
04/30/03: Does Hollywood purposely confuse criticism and censorship?
04/25/03: A welcome blow for ineffective intellectuals
04/23/03: Conservatives want change --- when it's necessary
04/16/03: Bush falls far from the tree
04/11/03: I want to rub it in the anti-war crowd's face so badly
04/09/03: Arab world is blind to coalition's intent
04/07/03: Democratic party turns French
04/02/03: The shame being taught in our elite schools
03/26/03: Media miscalculates in its war coverage
03/21/03: Time and patience: Ingredients for wartime success
03/19/03: 'Saddened' by Daschle's anti-war statement
03/14/03: Busting neoconservative blame game
03/10/03: Hollywood should stick to acting, not activism
03/05/03: What if PETA ads pictured dead Palestinians?
02/28/03: More debate? Enough already!
02/26/03: Liberal talk radio? Keep laughing
02/24/03: Returning Roe to the ballot box
02/19/03: Comparing Saddam to Hitler is justified
02/10/03: Anti-war argument based on emotions, not facts
02/03/03: A few good lessons for Europe
01/30/03: Springer candidacy points to what's wrong with celebrity politics
01/27/03: The U.N. ain't what it ought to be
01/24/03: France motivated by its own oil argument
01/21/03: Michigan race case equates to unfair quota system
01/17/03: Ryan's death row decision lets families hang
01/10/03: Saddam's 'idiots'
01/08/03: Creating tax system with 'shared sacrifice'
01/06/03: Different treatment needed for Iraq, N. Korea
12/30/02: List of the year's losers is long
12/26/02: Dems dredge up irrelevant race issue
12/20/02: NOW is so then
12/18/02: Racial doublespeak on both sides
12/13/02: Lessons learned from cross-burning case
12/11/02: A whole Lott of nothing
12/09/02: Libs ignoring evidence against Saddam
12/05/02: Kerry reminiscent of Gore, Clinton
12/02/02: Muslim 'backlash' exaggerated
11/27/02: Daschle's Rush to condemn Limbaugh
11/22/02: 'New' Gore is same old bore
11/20/02: Americans enjoy more freedom today than ever
11/18/02: Nixing Saddam's nuclear weapons plans
11/15/02: Anti-American attitude? Blame Canada
11/12/02: Avoid getting swept up in election sweep
11/06/02: Deadlines are hallmark of democracy
11/04/02: The politics of evil
10/30/02: The American empire --- as viewed from London
10/23/02: Media on target for sniper story
10/21/02: Carter gets his prize --- and N. Korea develops nukes
10/16/02: Linking al-Qaida to D.C. sniper attacks
10/15/02: More muscle behind pledge of 'never again'
10/09/02: Does it really matter why Christians support Israel?
10/07/02: Knocking down knee-jerk arguments
10/02/02: Liberal hypocrisy: High price for U.N. approval
09/30/02: The new San Francisco Democrat
09/23/02: A call for censorship
09/17/02: Nixing metaphors: War on terrorism real
09/13/02: Let's put it to a vote
09/09/02: Speeding to a solution
09/03/02: 'Seeing through Saudi PR effort
08/29/02: 'Sustainable growth' is not sustainable solution
08/26/02: A patriotic question
08/21/02: Let's Keep 9/11 'Simplistic'
08/19/02: Gore redux looks like sad inevitability
08/07/02: A fighting chance
08/02/02: In Europe, talk is cheap
07/31/02: Invasion of Iraq is overdue
07/24/02: Fat chance: Food cops are closing in
07/22/02: Rodney King redux
07/17/02: Debating war against Iraq
07/15/02: Bush is a Hypocrite, So What?
07/10/02: The Jackson Two jive
07/05/02: Celebrating Americans' independence
07/03/02: Gore's conceit masks inevitable defeat
06/28/02: Rushing to the defense of the Creator
06/26/02: Mentally confused over the mentally retarded
06/24/02: Increase in women's sports not due to Title IX
06/19/02: The Nazis aren't coming
06/17/02: Don't hold America hostage to civil rights
06/13/02: Hispanic terrorist proves profiling works? You bet it does!
06/10/02: Mars needs women --- and men too
06/06/02: The war on euphemisms
06/03/02: Dire straits: India and Pakistan are brothers with arms
05/30/02: What's so special about Daniel Pearl?
05/23/02: No such thing as natural
05/20/02: Off-base: Bush strays more to the middle
05/16/02: Jimmy Carter: America basher
05/13/02: The trouble with Title IX
05/08/02: Fortuyn told of Europe's future
05/06/02: Free Speech: Rotting from the Inside Out
04/30/02: Stop the war on 'terror'!
04/26/02: Statements show inherent hatred of America
04/23/02: U.N. vote undermines 'human rights'
04/17/02: Too many people are afraid of holding black politicians to the same standard as everybody else
04/15/02: The networks shouldn't be protecting us from being disturbed when being disturbed is what we need to be
04/08/02: The argument against Arafat
04/05/02: View of ANWR at Night: Priceless
04/01/02: Media, government rationalize Mideast violence
03/27/02: The right for every man, woman and child to have unrestricted access to porn
03/25/02: Nuclear waste repository is radioactive issue
03/20/02: Ideology matters more than biology
03/18/02: Jumping ahead of Japan
03/13/02: Steeling ourselves for real economic travesty
03/11/02: No battle 'buts' in American military
03/06/02: Terrorists may have a reason, but not an excuse
03/04/02: Civil liberties zealots have been so busy defending the distant outposts of freedom, they didn't notice the enemy forces deep within our perimeter
02/27/02: Sharpton's presidency
02/25/02: Supreme Court shouldn't kill school choice program
02/20/02: Memo to Buchanan: American culture isn't eroding
02/15/02: Let's get honest about 'reform' --- in all areas of society
02/13/02: What protesters don't get: Globilization = more democracy
02/11/02: Journalists deny good looks' role in TV news
02/06/02: Bush speaks the truth with 'Axis of Evil' label
02/04/02: The ironies of anti-globilization protesters
01/30/02: Enron's no reason for campaign finance reform
01/28/02: Dems' plan to blame GOP for economy won't work
01/23/02: Terrorists shouldn't be considered Muslims
01/18/02: Factual correctness supersedes statue's symbolic gesture
01/16/02: Don't blame the Bush administration for Enron
01/14/02: Deportation efforts are lawful, sensible
01/09/02: As Harvard University turns
01/07/02: Racial profiling? Maybe, but so what?
01/03/02: Businesslike new century brings realistic goals
12/27/01: Giuliani's a hero, but not 'Person of the Year'
12/24/01: Geraldo's working hard to discredit Fox News
12/19/01: Ashcroft is no McCarthy
12/14/01: Jewish Defense League plotters are terrorists
12/12/01: Government was too distracted, not too small
12/10/01: Let's not stop bashing Clinton just yet
12/05/01: Arafat has never been 'partner in peace'
12/03/01: Attacks on Ashcroft are out of line
11/29/01: Let's address the why of cloning before the how
11/21/01: Civil liberties debate reveals chasm on Right
11/16/01: What are the anti-bombing pundits saying now?
11/14/01: Making voting easier won't fix apathy
11/12/01: We're gonna to be Ramadamned if we do and Ramadamned if we don't
11/07/01: America's war for freedom
11/05/01: Journalists' neutrality tips scales against America
10/31/01: I am an Islam 'hater'
10/29/01: In current context, racial profiling makes sense
10/24/01: Is Islam the problem?
10/17/01: If I had a nickel for every wrong wartime cliché …
10/15/01: Time to return to colonialism?
10/11/01: Israel not to blame for anti-American sentiment
10/08/01: Bringing back big government isn't the answer
10/04/01: Free-speech fretters overreact
09/28/01: "Enterprise" revives values and enthusiasm
09/26/01: Maher mars 'Politically Incorrect'
09/25/01: Terrorism is elusive target for war
09/20/01: Repugnant commentaries place blame on America
09/15/01: We can rebuild it --- better, stronger
09/13/01: Profiles in cowardice
08/27/01: Momma don't preach: 'Material Girl' as role model
08/22/01: Report from the heartland: Bush's vacation not stalling nation
08/17/01: Americans wouldn't tolerate terrorism at home
08/15/01: Even from grave, economist drives 'doomsayers' nuts
08/13/01: Condit story is real news, not just ratings hype
08/10/01: President Bush contracts Potomac Fever
08/07/01: Who is being unreasonable?
08/01/01: A point about pointless laws
07/31/01: Laws would not prevent child car deaths
07/26/01: Hypocrisy enters genetic research debate
07/24/01: Harldy a pretty place: Use ANWR for oil exploration
07/18/01: Illegal motion: Bush amnesty plan faulty
07/13/01: Kiss this: Why I hate the French
07/11/01: Condit unbecoming
07/09/01: A grizzly view of bear repopulation
07/05/01: Wanna stop racial profiling? Hassle more whites
07/02/01: Stossel's yanked segment: kids kept green around the ears
06/28/01: AIDS sufferers are the new Holocaust survivors?
06/22/01: Rebel gets indignant without cause
06/20/01: Take hot air out of Global warming debate
06/15/01: Lock them up --- and keep 'em there!
06/13/01: Humanize, then euthanize
06/11/01: With executions, America more democratic than Europe
06/06/01: Bush needs to nix his Nixon act
06/01/01: Concentrate on real tragedies, not 'Hurricane Israel' debate
05/30/01: McCain's moment is gone
05/29/01: Jeffords is slandering his former colleagues for reasons that have remarkably little to do with principle
05/24/01: Back To Bork: Liberals revive old tactics for new nominees
05/21/01: Washington's favorite game: Political payback
05/16/01: Romance overrules reason in ANWR about-face
05/14/01: Racial classifications seem step back in time
05/10/01: Don't dismantle Mother's Day
05/03/01: A lesson in the obvious
04/27/01: Turning men into monsters
04/25/01: Finger Points to Permissive Parents
04/23/01: Eliminate federal taxes for D.C. residents
04/18/01: Bush brings refreshing silence to presidency
04/16/01: In defense of PETA
04/11/01: Decrying hoopla over diversity in newsrooms
04/06/01: Dan Rather tries to dodge the liberal-bias bullet
03/30/01: No time to clown around with cloning
03/28/01: Cast a negative ballot for Internet voting
03/23/01: Hollywood's high on action films, for global market success
03/21/01: Republicans should be cautious of 'compassionate conservatism'
03/19/01: "Traffic" moves propaganda into drug-policy debate
03/15/01: Appeal of 'Sopranos' lies in strict code of honor
03/09/01: Organic claims are cleverly written fiction
03/07/01: Snow job: There the media go again
03/02/01: It's a vision thing
02/28/01: SAT is best measure of general aptitude
02/26/01: Easing the estate tax
02/23/01: Clinton defenders finally admit to his power abuses
02/21/01: Failed dot-coms missed rules of the marketplace
02/15/01: Clinton heeds my Harlem advice
02/12/01: Harlem could be Bill's best move yet
02/06/01: Lying, betrayal essential parts of journalism
01/18/01: How to polarize candidates
01/15/01: Dems never tire of using 'race card'
01/11/01: Taking the celebrity out of politics
01/08/01: Unfairly 'borking' Ashcroft
01/04/01: Want to be more efficient? Increase number of politicians
01/02/01: Whole lotta exploitin' goin' on
12/28/00: Hypocrisy police pounce on Clinton book deal
12/26/00: Sometimes, it's good to be a Grinch
12/21/00: Though symbolic, Bush's diversity sends a message
12/19/00: Gore concedes --- but why did it take so long?
12/14/00: Is 'Queer as Folk' what we asked for?
12/11/00: Election mess hardly a 'civics lesson'
12/07/00: Clinton's tacky legacy
12/05/00: Marriage civilizes the manly beast
11/30/00: Gore's speech more pompous posturing
11/28/00: Rabble-rousing Dems act irresponsibly
11/27/00: Duking it out with democracy
11/16/00: Issues irrelevant to most voters
11/14/00: Gore's us-vs.-them campaign
11/10/00: Dot-com disasters missing brand-name success
11/06/00: Conventional wisdom turns with the polls
11/03/00: Clinton photo, appropriately, hits below the belt
11/01/00: Electoral college ensures democracy
10/30/00: New Yorkers, media letting Hillary off the hook
10/23/00: Gore needs to put first things first
10/20/00: Treatment of Farrakhan glosses over odd issues
10/16/00: Secrets of election can be found in 'Star Trek'
10/12/00: Arafat hardly 'provoked' into violence
10/10/00: Undecided voters may be ignorant, not discriminating
10/06/00: The importance of character isn't debatable
10/03/00: Conservatives are the true friends of science You know why?
09/29/00: Symbolic 'born alive' vote makes sense
09/25/00: Conservatives adopt abandoned liberalism
09/21/00: Ventura's media backpedaling makes fiction of his new book
09/18/00: Tough questions target Hillary Clinton's elitism
09/14/00: Hollywood morality to blame
09/11/00: Specifically, AlGore's detailed plan is meaningless
09/07/00: Time-honored tradition: Insult the press
09/05/00: Scouting out justice
08/30/00: The ADL's historical revisionism
08/28/00: Sitcoms will survive, post-"Survivor"
08/24/00: Candidates' choice of movies shows refreshing honesty
08/21/00: An AlGore victory? Only if dead birds fly
08/17/00: AlGore is doomed, but Dems ignore warning signs
08/15/00: Proud and true: He's a Jew
08/10/00: Exploiting religion would be tragic mistake
08/08/00: Cheney serves up tempting appetizer
08/03/00: Republicans now 'nice,' media still nasty
08/01/00: Presidential campaign could use some anti-metric mania
07/27/00: Government shouldn't subsidize Reform Party
07/25/00: Campaign finance 'reform' gives too much power to liberal media
07/20/00: Hillary slur speaks volumes
07/18/00: AlGore's McCarthyism
07/11/00: 'Survivor' shows hypocrisy of animal rights groups
07/05/00: McDonald's deserves a break today
07/03/00: On July Fourth, time to reflect on America's founding
06/28/00: America bashing becomes international pastime
06/23/00: If Fonda is sorry, let her say so
06/06/00: NAPSTER exposes artists' hypocrisy
04/18/00: Not much difference between TV journalists, TV actors

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