October 26th, 2021


Think It's Almost Over? Think Again

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Oct. 23, 2020

Think It's Almost Over?  Think Again
. There are only a few days left until November 3rd, which officially means the end of the presidential campaigning period. But you can be sure it will not be the end of the battle. No, the tumult will go on for quite some time.

The Democrats have been setting the table for it for months. If the president wins, whether by a squeak or by a landslide, the left will take to the streets. We're at a time in this country where violent protesting and destruction has become a common occurrence from leftist radicals, cheered on by the Democrats.

If Biden wins there won't be any cars set on fire, there won't be any looting, no bottles being thrown at police, nor statues torn down by Trump supporters. The fact is, those of us on the right just don't engage in rioting. The left tears down, the right builds. That's the way it works.

We've come to a tipping point for our country. This election will determine what kind of a country we will be living in. The consequences of this election will last for decades, maybe forever. Will we remain a constitutional republic or will we begin the march toward Communism? Will we become the next Venezuela?

A couple of thoughts as we enter what may very well be the most chaotic and troubling period within one of the most chaotic and troubling years in our national history. First thought, the American press: In my lifetime I've never seen a more corrupt body of people who appear to be happily engaged in a concerted effort of deceit when it comes to news reporting.

We used to point to the Nazi and communist governments as examples of fascist regimes who controlled the news by spreading false propaganda and outright lies to its people. But what we have here in our country is actually much worse and more deeply troubling. The difference is, the fascist regimes were dictating what the media was to report. In America's case the government isn't forcing reporters to lie or falsify the truth, the reporters are willfully doing it on their own.

We can thank the last 50 years of leftist indoctrination taught in our public schools and universities for the leftist mindset of today's journalists. They learned in schools that free speech is not a good thing since it may produce "hate speech." And hate speech must be muzzled. What is hate speech exactly? Hate speech is anything that anyone might feel offended and/or threatened by.

For two or three generations our schools have taught that there is no such thing as truth, per se. Everyone has their own "truth." You have your truth, I have my truth. Schools taught that those people who do not share the "progressive" mantra on social issues and liberal causes do not deserve to be heard or even taken seriously. In fact, people who have different views than the left are undoubtedly evil racists who want to do harm to women, the LGBT community, and blacks.

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The schools taught several generations of prospective journalists that America was founded by evil white racists with the intent of colonizing other countries, stealing their wealth and enslaving their people. American history has been either ignored or drastically altered to reflect a leftist progressive view of the world.

As I've said, the far left doctrines which include anti-America, anti-white men, anti-religious, and anti-nuclear family have been part of our educational system for 50 years. You can call it ultra-liberal, progressive, socialistic, or Marxist, but it's communism, pure and simple. It's all about the destruction of individualism, Western culture and capitalism and the elevation of an all controlling vast centralized state.

All working adults (including reporters and media executives) in their twenties, thirties, and forties who have gone through the public school system and higher education have been exposed to these leftist doctrines. Is it any wonder then they today's press twists and distorts news coverage to reflect their version of the "truth"?

People who attended school back when school engaged in honest history, patriotism, good manners, right and wrong, and the value of traditional families and religion are not part of our working media anymore. They are retired or dead.

One other thought concerning our current election: remember that millions of voters under the age of 65 have gone through this very same "progressive" educational system, so it should not come as any surprise if they vote with a liberal mindset. Then there are the millions of Americans who are not really plugged in to politics at all. They only know what they hear from friends, entertainment media, and the little bit of local TV news and social media they tune into.

And then again, we still have millions of heartland Americans who treasure their families, who take pride in their work, who love their country and who value their God given rights as enumerated in the Constitution. Maybe we still have enough of these good people in the U.S.A. who will keep our country alive.

I really have no idea which way the election will go, what kind of country we will have in the months ahead. But to quote Bette Davis from All About Eve, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night."