January 17th, 2022


Barkin' Her Head Off

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Sept. 11, 2020

Most of us with a normal brain know that for wisdom, intelligence, and common sense the last person you'd want to listen to would be an actor, a musician, or an athlete. Reason, insight and intellectual honesty are not necessarily in an entertainer's toolbox. Of course there are some in the arts who do possess a semblance of clear thinking, profundity, and logic, but by and large the celebrities of today who take to spouting off on social media are generally as sharp as marbles.

Not surprisingly, high morals, grace, and decency are not part of their attributes either, any more than truth and honesty are. Sadly for them they don't even realize that as soon as they open their stupid mouths or begin their nasty tweets they have exposed themselves for the shallow feebleminded dimwits that they are.

The latest celebrity jackass is actress Ellen Barkin who felt a need to share her brilliant thoughts, beautifully articulated over Twitter this past Tuesday, calling President Trump a "murderous motherf---er" (spelling the vulgarity out completely, of course) as he was addressing the press on the progress being made to combat the coronavirus. Tuesday morning wasn't the first time that the eloquent and charming Barkin claimed that President Trump has caused Americans to die. Last April, she claimed that President Trump is "responsible for more deaths than Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. He will go down in history as the Stalin of incompetence and greed."

Then last June as President Trump crossed the street to visit the historic St. John's Episcopal Church after it was set on fire by rioters, the actress tweeted, "ifĂŠJesus was our savior trump would have gone down in flames before he crossed the street"

The depth of hate and classlessness of this person is without measure. In attempting to describe people like Barkin, words sometimes fail us, but I'll give it a shot anyway. How about crude, offensive, vile, moronic, and empty-headed for starters? There are others but I don't want to wear out my thesaurus.

I've never seen so many elite celebrities completely losing their minds over a president. You might say that one of Trump's unsung accomplishments is that he has the ability to bring out the nincompoops, ignoramuses, and dingbats who dwell among us. It's like shinning a bright light and suddenly all the cockroaches go scurrying. It's great because it's always helpful to know who the idiots are. President Trump makes these people crazy with hate. Angry people.

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It makes you wonder why so many rich famous people are so unhappy. They have made a fortune of money doing what they enjoy; acting, playing ball, singing, whatever it is. Most of the rest of us who work for a living don't have it half as good as the celebrities. If we do our jobs, pay our bills, and provide for our families we feel that we're doing fine.

What does the multi-millionaire actor or athlete have to complain about? Why are they so angry and seemingly unfulfilled? Not enough homes? Not enough cars? Not enough fame?

What is it with these people? I have to believe that there is something seriously wrong with them. A mental disorder of some kind. Actually I shouldn't make fun of it. Maybe Barkin suffers from LSD (Leftist Shrew Disorder). Or maybe she's got COPD (Chronic Overly Pampered Disease). Or even ADHD (Actor Devoid of Human Development).

I have no doubt that Ellen Barkin will continue her ranting and raving against President Trump. She has no incentive to stop because too many of her fellow "artists" agree with her. The cancel culture doesn't work both ways; it's a double standard. As long as you're a politically correct leftist celebrity you will never be canceled for hating on conservatives who value America and American traditions.

And if you call our president the most vulgar names imaginable you can be sure to be invited to all the best cocktail parties in the ultra-elite circlesÉas long as the president's name is Trump, that is. I wouldn't try it with Obama.