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Dec. 31, 1998

Joe Aaron: Judaism, Inc.

Bob Alper gives some quick techniques in how to make it as a clergymember. The sort of hands-on stuff they forgot to teach you at the theological seminary!

Dec. 30, 1998

Jonathan Tobin: Memo to Bubba: Israel ain't Monica, keep yer hands off!

Richard Chesnoff: Despite Critics, Nazi Loot Hunt Is Right & Proper

Dec. 29, 1998

Gary Rosenblatt : Moses: The Original Version

Alan Oirich: Prince is an artistic masterpiece

Rabbi Yaakov Menken: Tis the season in which serious Christians have long watched as others bled a hallowed day of its spiritual essence. Now, thanks to The Prince of Egypt, Jews know just how they feel.

Dec. 28, 1998

Michael S. Wald : Jewish Volunteers feed those in need on Xmas day

Susan Weintrob: Brooklyn cousins

Dec. 24, 1998

Judy Gruen : Second thoughts on "The Keepers of the Flame"

Akiva and Ilene Miller: Hilchos (Laws of) Xmas

Dec. 23, 1998

Eric Fingerhut : Bush clarifies his stand on Jews, heaven

Teresa Strasser: Christmas makes me feel more Jewish

Dec. 22, 1998

Jonathan Tobin: Calling Things by Their Right Names

Dr. Wade Horn: Silly, Dangerous Ideas About Child Rearing

Dec. 21, 1998

Jonathan Rosenblum: Chanukah Parallels

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky: Has Chanukah really gone to the dogs?

Dec. 18, 1998

Rabbi Nosson Scherman: The Lesson of the Oil

Paul Wieder : Dreidels, menorahs, and the Chanukah Rhino

Dec. 17, 1998

Rabbi Moshe Sherer: Exploiting the Menorah -- and the Miracle

Brigitte Dayan : Papa Chanukah and the magic wand

Dec. 16, 1998

Herb Geduld: Searching the Torah for the Sources of Chanukah

Judy Gruen: Of Chanukah, Grandfathers and the Real Meaning of the Light Dec. 15, 1998

Ari Zivotofsky: Why only 'Eight is Enough' ...

Julia Gorin: CONFESSIONS ...of a Refusenik Gone Secular

Dec. 14, 1998

Seena Bulmash: Teaching the real meaning of Chanukah

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky reflects on a transformative moment ---- and the relative worth of a keepsake.

Dec. 11, 1998

Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer: The Age of Illumination

Jonathan Mark : Jewish Super Heroes?

Dec. 10, 1998

Rabbi Avi Shafran : Bringing Wall Street Wisdom To the Quest for 'Jewish-Continuity'

Dec. 9, 1998

Lenn Zonder : Meet Limor Mizrachi, the Israeli who shoots hoops as well as guns

Hillel Goldberg: Mending the cosmos

Dec. 8, 1998

Jon Kalish : Hollywood goes heimish?

Dec. 7, 1998

Lawrence Cohler-Esses and Eric J. Greenberg : ADL Poll Not Black And White

Bob Alper : Naming names

Dec. 4, 1998

Eugene Volokh : How the Asians Became White/ How Women Became Male

Susan Weintrob : A birthday in Brooklyn

Dec. 3, 1998

Teresa Strasser : As the curtain falls on the the play of life

Marcia H. Kay : Where receiving a solid Jewish education is a birth-right

Dec. 2, 1998

Jonathan Mark: Kosher in wonderland

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky reviews Pathways

Dec. 1, 1998

Paul Greenberg : Guest at the celebration

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