July 7th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published Dec. 20, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
New York City is preparing to allow the six hundred thousand non-citizens who live in the city to legally register to vote in New York's citywide elections. The city's new voter registration form asks each applicant the same question. Do you live in New York or are you just here to kill someone?

L.A.'s Griffith Observatory will hold a show in the observatory's planetarium to mark the first day of winter Tuesday. The outdoor balcony has dozens of coin-operated telescopes. For fifty cents you can see a shooting star if you are aim your telescope at Alec Baldwin's driveway in Bel Air.

The White House blamed inflation on the meat industry while beef suppliers are forced by fuel costs and labor shortages to ration smaller cuts to stores and restaurants. Last night I ordered a twenty-six dollar steak in a restaurant and told them to put it on my American Express card. And it fit.

The White House responded to a poll Friday that said most Americans blame President Biden for inflation. The administration has a perfect comeback for this accusation. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has pointed out that inflation doesn't matter since store shelves are empty anyway.

President Biden was hit by a Fox News poll saying Americans blame him for inflation and big city lawlessness. The good news is, gasoline prices in Los Angeles hit an all-time low today when I drove off without paying. If I can just keep it to under nine hundred-fifty dollars, it's no harm no foul.

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Nancy Pelosi addressed reporters and said there is no place for lawlessness in America's retail districts in big cities. She then defended the right of House members to play the stock market. In other words, no looting unless you've taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

The White House authorized release of long-time, top-secret files held by the U.S. government compiled by the CIA and the FBI on the assassination of JFK fifty-eight years ago in Dallas. The government's conclusion comes as no surprise to anybody. The files confirm that Hillary acted alone.

The Hill news site quoted Democrats Thursday who maintained that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrats' best presidential candidate in 2024. Let's not forget her skill set. Hillary is the one American who received the e-mail from the Nigerian Prince and wound up collecting the $50 million.

The White House pulled out of negotiations Thursday to provide six-figure payments to illegal immigrants for family separation. Critics forget that these people come to the U.S. with needed skills. One illegal who made it across has offered to do President Biden's job for twelve dollars an hour cash.

Homeland Security revived Trump's policy making illegals wait in Mexico for processing. No word on the mega-rich illegals arriving from the Middle East, Iran, India, South America and China. I live in the wealthiest twenty-square mile area of L.A. and my neighbors refer to me as The American.

The State Department slapped a five-million-dollar bounty on the heads of the four Mexican sons of imprisoned cocaine lord El Chapo. The boys are carrying on a family tradition. El Chapo himself was an unwanted child, but by the time he was thirty, he was wanted in thirty-seven countries.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki deflected reporters' questions about the higher prices for gasoline and groceries and household goods Tuesday by blaming the big meat producers. I doubt if that's a winning 2022 slogan. Inflation is so bad, Dollar Tree just changed its name to Tree-Fifty.

House Democrats are demanding to see all the emails of the Washington football team's front office sexual harassment scandal. It was already settled by the NFL. The team agreed to a $10 million fine, fired the harassers, and agreed the team's new name will be the Washington Weinstein's.

The FBI tracked down Mr. and Mrs, Crumbley last week, the fugitive parents of the white kid who shot up his school in Michigan. The Crumbley's decided to go to Detroit to hide. It was the dumbest move in Hide-and-Seek since O.J. Simpson tried to avoid capture by going to Orange County.

San Francisco's mayor admitted crime is out of hand and defunding police is a mistake. She's clamping down. The mayor just reduced the quality of towels in the homeless bath houses from Egyptian cotton to Terrycloth and asked everyone to please wash their hands after using the sidewalk.

The Hill touted Hillary Clinton as the Democrats' best candidate against Trump in 2024. One is a Goldwater Girl posing as a Democrat, the other a New York Democrat posing as a Republican. For the billion dollars this election will cost each party, you'd think they could nominate one of their own.