July 7th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published Dec. 1, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
President Biden marked the first night of the eight nights of Hanukkah Sunday with a White House dinner ceremony with Jewish friends. It's a beautiful annual ritual. The candle-lighted menorah was passed around the table to President Biden, who made a wish and blew out the candles.

Arizona State University student protestors called for freshman Kyle Rittenhouse to be kicked out of school this week. The students told reporters they fear for the safety of their lives. Oh, for crying out loud, he's an online student living thousands of miles away. He's not THAT good of a shot.

The New York trial of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell got underway in the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Manhattan Monday. Much is on the line. If convicted, Ghislaine Maxwell could get twelve-to-sixteen years, and that was the assignment that got her in trouble in the first place.

The White House vowed to pull out all the stops to halt the spread of the Omicron variant. The president just shut off the Mexican border and cut off all African flight arrivals. It appears that the Corona Virus is mutating faster than the Democratic Party, and is actually ahead in the latest poll.

Dr. Fauci went on ABC to sound the alarm bell about the Omicron variant Sunday and then he declared he is science. He needs some lessons in cool. For instance, I am Incorrigibility, but I don't go around bragging about it, I simply do what I want and let my incorrigibility speak for itself.

South Africa virologists told the BBC the Omicron variant is very mild but nevertheless Joe shut off all travel from Africa and closed the Mexico border. I get what he's doing. Last week Joe Biden said he was running for re-election, but he didn't mention he's running as a Republican.

President Biden was denounced by the UN and South Africa for closing air travel from Africa over the Omicron variant. Relax, we've weathered the Delta and the Lambda variant and we'll get past the Omicron. We won't be in real trouble until Dean Wormer places us on Double Secret Variant.

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Senate Republicans vowed a crackdown on the power of social media arbiters to cancel people over their political posts. Coincidentally CEO Jack Dorsey announced Monday he's resigning from Twitter. He said he wants to spend more time at home telling his family what they can and cannot say.

President Biden revived Trump's policy of blocking migrants in Mexico, but that didn't stop everybody. On Sunday a Guatemalan was arrested at Miami Airport after he flew to the U.S. inside the wheel well of an American airliner. If nothing else, it points to American's poor rewards program.

Saskatchewan University professor and Canada Native American activist Carrie Bourassa was outed by colleagues who say she's faking her Indian heritage. Last summer, she made a tribal pilgrimage to Oklahoma where a mosquito bit her. And just like that, there went all her Indian blood.