May 24th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published November 2, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
Glasgow hosted a climate summit of heads of state, government scientists and Hollywood stars Sunday who raised the specter of climate emergency. On the day Al Gore was born in 1948, there were one hundred-thirty thousand glaciers on Earth. Today only one hundred-thirty thousand remain.

South Korea opened events for Halloween celebrations but the old Anglican holiday has yet to spread to North Korea. A photo of Kim Jung Un was taken on Halloween showing him with a very sour face expression. He looked like he bit into a Kit Kat Bar and it tasted like chocolate instead of cat.

American Airlines canceled two thousand flights over the weekend, stranding eighty thousand passengers on Saturday and one hundred thousand on Sunday. The carrier adjusted quickly. American is now offering customers a free flight if you have been vaccinated and can fly an airliner.

Fox News posted a video honoring The Greatest Generation for saving civilization by winning WW II and building the modern world. My generation could never measure up to them. James Arness filmed six hundred fifty-five episodes of Gunsmoke and never once accidentally shot anybody.

Alec Baldwin posted a message blaming his assistant director for the fatal accidental shooting of his cinematographer with the pistol he fired while rehearsing a scene on his movie set. History teaches you another way of looking at it. It was Abe Lincoln who said never trust an actor with a gun.

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President Biden returns to Washington, D.C. today desperately in need of a legislative victory to salvage this term. He's being clobbered due to inflation, the border, Afghanistan, vaccine mandates and now the supply-chain backup. In the latest poll nine out of four Biden voters regret their decision.

The White House is considering giving nearly half a million dollars to each illegal aliens who got separated from their children. There are predictions of massive numbers of illegal immigrants heading to America to get this deal. I will predict a massive number of Americans heading to America.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported that four thousand five hundred federal prisoners have been released due to the threat of Covid spread inside penitentiaries. Let freedom ring. On release, each felon receives fifty dollars, a new suit, and his old job back with the Cincinnati Bengals.