May 28th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published November 1, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
New York faced a serious police shortage Friday over refusal to comply with vaccine mandates thinning the ranks and risking even more street crimes. Last night in West Hollywood, I noticed a bumper stacker on a car which read I Miss New York. So I smashed the window and stole the radio.

The CDC reports eighty percent of Californians are vaccinated in addition to people immune after surviving Covid. They aren't unscarred. Friends tell me that ever since they got Covid, they have completely lost their sense of taste, and now they're perfectly willing to vote for Trump next time.

The White House and the CDC staged a full court press Thursday to convince Americans over sixty-five to arrange for a Covid booster shot in order to stay safe, plus another one next year. Last week I got my booster vaccination. I slipped the nurse a twenty for the shot without the tracking chip.

The Washington Post reported on a poll Thursday which shows that Americans are now more politically divided on issues than at any time in our nation's history since the Civil War. Just last week my girlfriend and I broke up over our irreconcilable political differences. We're both Democrats.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pushed back against critics Tuesday saying inflation is under control despite consumer uncertainty. That's a mild definition of uncertainty by today's standards. Uncertainty is inviting Alec Baldwin to join the crew for a ride back to the hotel and he calls shotgun.

President Biden flew to Italy to attend the G-20 meeting of the leaders of the industrial nations on Friday. Things have really changed. The emcee at the opening banquet asked for a few words from the leader of the free world, and twenty heads of state were killed trying to get to the microphone.

President Biden went to the Capitol to urge Democrats to unite on his two spending bills. But the socialist wing is refusing to compromise with the moderate wing. The conservative wing would weigh in, but Pelosi just had all their statues removed from the Rotunda for seceding from the Union.

Socialist Democrats in the House Thursday refused to support the Infrastructure Bill that was agreed upon in the Senate unless the Senate first passed the massive Reconciliation Bill. The socialists posted a defiant video from the Capitol. It was shot in the basement, just like the Romanovs.

Special Counsel John Durham issued more subpoenas probing actions by Obama's partisans in the Justice Department in 2016 while Obama was president who falsified evidence to a FISA court to frame Trump for treason. Republicans want to trace it back to Obama. In a perfect comedy, Obama escapes prosecution by presenting his birth certificate to prove he was never legally president.

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President Biden arrives in Glasgow for a Global Climate Change Summit Monday amid some concern by his staffers about his mental acuity. During a campaign speech Tuesday night, Joe said Trump's name twenty-four times. Great, dementia wasn't enough to overlook, now he's got Tourette's.

NBC News reports the polls are tightening in the Virginia governor's race which carries huge national implications. Democratic activists in Virginia are going all out to increase voyer turnout. Volunteers have knocked on three hundred thousand doors and visited five hundred thousand graves.

President Biden whipped up a crowd of Virginia Democrats at a McAuliffe for Governor rally by mentioning Trump's name twenty-four times in his speech. On top of that, it appears that leftists may soon get the closest thing to Trump going to jail. Yes, Alec Baldwin could face criminal charges.

The Santa Fe sheriff spoke to reporters Wednesday about the shooting in the Alec Baldwin movie set, She refused to rule out any charges aganst members of the crew for involuntary manslaughter. Baldwin got his feelings hurt when the sheriff refused to call him a person of interest.

President Biden was smacked by the latest Gallup Poll Monday, which showed his job approval rating at a new low. It's the high prices. You know inflation is a political problem when Grandma walks by the TV during the football game, overhears what the stadium crowd is chanting, and joins in.

The Senate grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland for unleashing the FBI on school board protestors against Critical Race Theory. A typical CRT history question asks, if you form thirteen colonies and add slavery how fast can you steal California from Mexico. The answer is, I'm offended.

Democrats negotiated furiously Wednesday to try to pass the Infrastructure Bill and the huge Reconciliation Bill. The Republicans will have to try to defeat a $1,000,000,000,000 bill and a $3,000,000,000,000 bill. Americans haven't shot down this many Zeroes since the Battle of Midway.

The Wall Street Journal attacked the spending bill as weighted against Republicans. Investors would be taxed on the unrealized dividends of stocks, assessed on a stock's improved value. On the other hand, Hunter Biden's paintings will be taxed based on the market value of the paint and canvas.

The New York Post reported a huge caravan of Central Americans broke through barricades on Mexico's southern border Tuesday and began marching northward toward the U.S. I remember back when Dems used to have eight kids per family to restock the party. Now they just order in.

Houston Texans owner Cal McNair apologized for using what the media called an anti-Asian slur at a River Oaks Country Club team function. He referred to Corona Virus as the China Virus. Special consideration for China drew protests from the German Measles and Spanish Flu community.