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Manifest Destiny in the New Wild West

Mark Steyn

By Mark Steyn

Published Nov. 9, 2015

Manifest Destiny in the New Wild West At the new afternoon show at the High Chapparal theme park in Vegby Bolsgard, four Syrian orphans (left) wait in line as the Swedish Deputy Minister of Refugee Resettlement (right) moseys toward them with their first welfare check

I was in Malmo, Sweden, a month ago, and struck by tensions in the social fabric caused by the remorseless tide of "refugees" from "Syria". Yesterday Rossleigh from the "Australian Independent Media Network" suggested that it was all confusion on my part and the bearded Muslims were, in fact, "hipsters". Whether or not they're hipsters, they're now going to be the world's least lonesome cowpokes.

The High Chaparral, presumably named after the Sixties telly show, is a Wild West theme park in southern Sweden (see right). And, because everywhere else in the country is filled up with as many Muslims as the fire code allows, the chaps at the Chaparral are now opening their swinging saloon doors to the new settlers and their covered wagons - whoops, covered wives. My old chums at the Telegraph report:

Few fleeing the civil war in Syria would have imagined they would end up spending the winter in a Wild West theme park complete with potted cacti, mock 19th century furniture, and cowboy murals.

But Sweden's Migration Agency is now so desperate for rooms in which to house this autumn's unexpected surge in refugees that it has signed a deal with High Chaparral, an amusement park in rural southern Sweden, to house 400 people.

Emil Erlandsson, the park's manager and co-owner, said that the park had initially refused to lease out its accomodation for fear of damaging its brand.

"They have asked us five times and I have constantly turned them down," he said. "But when we saw on the TV that refugees are now supposed to live in tents in Malmo, we took a decision that we should help."

At the High Chaparral the only people living in tents are the Canadian Indians Mr Erlandsson uses as extras. Instead, the "refugees" will have a grand old time:

"They can learn to ride horses. Maybe they can look for jobs in the summer. We will see."

He said many of the rooms where refugees would be housed had been decorated in a Wild West theme.

"They have Wild West sofas, and the rest of the furniture is in an authentic, old-fashioned style. The wall painting is also authentic," he said...

"We have a real native American village with real native Americans," Erlandsson said. "And in the Mexican village we have real Mexicans. Everything is authentic. It's just like it was in the 19th century."

And now in the American settlers' village they'll have real Muslims. Maybe they can change their name to the High Chaparallah. Coming attractions: Gunfight at the OK Koran.

~In the new Wild West, Kasim Ali, 25, and his cousins Adeel Ali, 20, and Razi Khalid, 18, decided that this town wasn't big enough for both them and Aquib Baig, and decided to head him off at the pass:

They rammed his car before chasing him into a corner store in Blackburn, Lancashire, where they kicked and beat him in front of horrified shoppers.

It was - what else? - an "honor" attack: Kasim Ali did not approve of Aquib Baig dating his sister. It seems clear that they intended if not to kill then to cripple Mr Baig. But the judge, one Julian Shaw, was more indulgent:

Sentencing them at Preston Crown Court Sessions House, Recorder Julian Shaw told them: 'There is no place for any religious or honour based violence.

'It's abhorrent, it's against your religion, it's unlawful. I have had to see the violence perpetrated.

'Mercifully, perhaps more by luck than judgement, the victim didn't sustain more serious injuries.'

None of that's true. Their religion is extremely supportive of violence. And that the victim didn't sustain "more serious" injuries is due not to mercy or luck or judgment, but to enough of those "horrified shoppers" deciding to cease standing around being merely "horrified" and to intervene. They don't always.

As to whether it's "unlawful", well, His Honour declined to send any of the men to gaol - although one of them will have to do 60 hours of community service. So it's not clear that what they did is in any meaningful sense "unlawful" - which is why the guys are photographed smirking as they swagger away from court. If you're in Julian Shaw's jurisdiction and you want to settle scores by ramming the other guy's car off the road, have at it.

~Meanwhile, Angela Merkel's Homestead Act continues to draw the world's longest wagon train. Do watch this Der Spiegel TV item, with subtitles helpfully provided by Vlad:

The hopelessly overwhelmed countries do only one thing nowadays: They wave the masses of people through to the next country until they arrive in Germany...

"We can study there, we can work."

"Who told you that?"

"Merkel! Merkel says she would support all Syrians in Germany. And we believe her! I think Germany is a great country. I have a lot of relatives there. 3:50 They all say, it's a great country..."

"I surfed the internet and I found a hospital where I can get medical treatment."

"What are you ill with, polio?"

"Yeah, polio."

Hmm. You could always go to the High Chaparral in Sweden and give your blankets to Emil Erlandsson's Indian extras.

~Uwe Brandl, the President of the Bavarian Association of Municipalities, has been running the numbers:

Germany's Muslim population is set to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million within the next five years, according to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers.

The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications -- based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved will subsequently bring an average of four additional family members to Germany -- that number will swell exponentially. This is in addition to the 5.8 million Muslims already living in Germany.

So from 5.8 million out of a population of 81 million, Muslims will now number 20 million out of a population of some 95 million.

Germans have a fertility rate of 1.3 children per couple. European Muslims are estimated to have approximately 3.5. Let's keep the math simple with nice round numbers:

Total population: 100 million.
Native Germans: 80 million.
Muslims: 20 million.

The 80 million Germans will have 52 million children and 34 million grandchildren. The 20 million Muslims will have 35 million children and 61 million grandchildren. So in two generations there will be twice as many Muslims as Germans. And that's without a single new immigrant after December 2016.

Herr Brandl calls this "a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that will change the face of Germany forever". But that's understating it: it will obliterate the face of Germany forever. Frau Merkel will have achieved what Bomber Harris and the Red Army couldn't: she will have wiped Germany off the map.

Long before that, however, she will have extinguished her party and its principal coalition partner. In a country where one-fifth of the population is Muslim, no party that wishes to remain electorally viable will be able to call itself the Christian Democratic Union or Christian Social Union. How about the Craven Dhimmicratic Union?

Down Under, poor old Tony Abbott was deposed by Malcolm Turnbull for giving a knighthood to the Duke of Edinburgh. Maybe if he'd given knighthoods to the entire population of Yemen and moved them to Melbourne, he'd still be in office. Is there no fiendish Herr Turnbull of the Reichstag willing to move against Merkel?

~Tonight, Tuesday, I'll be swinging by Hannity on Fox News, coast to coast at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. And Wednesday morning I'll be starting the day with Toronto's Number One morning man John Oakley live on AM640 at 8.30am Eastern.

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