August 7th, 2022


What Donald Trump has Wrought

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Nov. 24, 2015

Before he managed to oust three deserving governors from the 2016 presidential race, I welcomed what Mr. Trump brought to the table. He dared to bring up issues that needed to be discussed but had been ignored by the mainstream media. His blunt responses to crises was a refreshing breath of air to the normally political doublespeak mouthed by candidates. Most of those who first supported Trump would tell me, "I wouldn't vote for him but I like what he has to say." Now the unthinkable has happened. They now view Trump as someone they could support. Mercy.

Governors Rick Perry, Scott Walker and now Bobby Jindal were no match for the media onslaught on the Trump candidacy and the electorate, as always, preferred oratory to substance. How does one compete against billionaires? It takes tons of money to run for office and in a sane world, good candidates can win but only if they get tons of donations from supporters. I gave as much as I could to my preferred candidate but it wasn't enough and the conservative billionaires like the Koch Brothers did not ride to the rescue.

Recently Ann Coulter tweeted that the Paris terror attacks had just elected Donald Trump as president. That is a sad commentary of the judgment of the American conservative voter. What Donald Trump is preaching is not that much different from what I've been writing about for the past 16 years but I am totally unqualified to be president and so is Donald Trump. If all one has to do to get elected is to shout what people want to hear than we are truly becoming an idiocracy.

I vote for a candidate based on a record of performance and character. I did not vote for Carter or Clinton because they had terrible records as governors. Reagan did not so I voted for him. I voted for George H.W. Bush because he had a splendid resume and had performed well as president yet he was undone by a saxophone-playing, accused sexual predator with sealed education records. Thanks to a democrat majority in the mainstream media, Republicans don't have a chance unless the silent majority gets off its ass and storms the polls.

I will not vote for Donald Trump in the GOP primary for one reason. He is not a nice man and frankly, I want a good, decent man in the White House again. I had hoped that would be Rick Perry but alas, he was booted by the Donald. I'd vote for Donald Trump to be my mayor because he would be a good one but the presidency is an office that requires a patriot with a selfless ego who will put the nation's interests above his or her own. I simply cannot trust that Trump could do anything that doesn't benefit Trump first.

Some voters have suggested that because Trump is a successful businessman he would be able to save our economy. Many thought that same thing about billionaire Michael Bloomberg and elected him NYC mayor after 9/11. He was a horrible, nanny, megalomaniacal mayor who somehow grew his billions while taking only $1 a year salary. Nice trick, right?

I am not asserting that Trump is not a nice man merely because he's on his third trophy wife after cheating on the previous two. I have come to that conclusion because I've heard from so many who've dealt with him for the past thirty years and are nervous about revealing their identities because they say, Trump can be very vindictive.

After the horrific Islamic attacks on Paris, Trump's poll numbers have climbed again yet if you listen to what he proposes to do on immigration it's pure rhetoric. It simply is not feasible to say ,"Deport them." If the INS couldn't deport the hundreds of illegals before, how could they deport millions? Don't bother asking me what I think of immigration because I am Hispanic. I'm an American first and foremost born In New York City. Chris Matthews may have trouble figuring out if Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz can be considered Hispanic but we are all Americans.

This may be a country of immigrants but there is a huge difference between legal sanctioned immigration and foreign invasion. The immigrants of yore who flocked to these shores sought freedom of religion and tyranny. They came here to become Americans not to rape the country. Yet multiculturalists seek to replace our values with their own forgetting the line that precedes Emma Lazurus' poem on the Statue of Liberty: ""Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!"" cries she with silent lips." In other words before we get your tired, huddled masses, learning to be free, leave those other countries behind.

The reason Donald Trump resonates with so many Americans is that they are sick and tired of liberals allowing special treatment for illegals entering this country and allowing them to secure benefits paid for by taxpayers. What about the word 'illegal' do they not understand?

Have you examined the photos of the masses of Syrian 'refugees' invading Europe and headed here? Most seem like healthy young men who should be staying home fighting for their homeland. Are they cowards or potential terrorists and why can't we vet them before they come to the US? The LSM pundits claim that it's shameful to profile these refugees by religion but it's the federal law, believe it or not. The U.S. code for granting asylum requires that religion be considered: The term "refugee" means (A) any person who is outside any country of such person's nationality and who is unable or unwilling to return to that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of religion [among other things] [.]

The true refugees from the Middle East would be Christians who have been tortured, persecuted and burned out yet only 53 have been counted in the Syrian refugees as opposed to the 2, 098 Muslims admitted. Why? Apparently, it's the UN doing the vetting. In a sane world, we'd be admitting the Christians and sending the Muslims to other Muslim nations.

Of course, we are no longer living in a sane world and Donald Trump is still leading in the polls. There's still quite a bit of time before next year's primaries and the strong GOP bench will dwindle to a precious few which will probably include the Donald. I wish the RNC would forget the polls and the debate forum and just let the surviving candidates state their proposals and solutions on every important issue and let the voter decide who will serve us best.

I doubt that will happen because there's just not enough entertainment value for the networks in substantive adult discourse. Lord, help us.

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