July 4th, 2022


Dem elders must bring Obama and his unelected advisers back from the brink of irretrievable disgrace

It does not take a trained psychiatrist to conclude that Barack Obama has lost grip on reality. Before turning to the substance of President Obama's post-midterm election remarks, mark these words: Whatever Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner may concede privately on Friday, they will not continue negotiating for long in leadership positions, should…

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Charles Ortel became a lapsed member of the silent majority in August 2007 when he began alerting the public to dangers posed by structural changes in the global economy. Since then, Mr. Ortel has appeared in the print, radio and television media with increasing frequency. Brass Tacks will attempt to offer nonpartisan perspective on factors contributing to the unresolved, burgeoning crisis and discuss potential solutions. Mr. Ortel graduated from Horace Mann School, Yale College and Harvard Business School.

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