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Jewish World Review Nov. 18, 2003 /23 Mar-Cheshvan, 5764

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | Saddam Hussein released another tape Sunday in which he called on resistance fighters in Iraq to continue attacks. Every month he releases a new recording with the same old material on it. Not everyone can get away with it like Elvis does.

The White House is mulling its options for future U.S. steel tariffs. They were just outlawed by the WTO. High tariffs make things made in America more expensive overseas, but seeing how we no longer make anything in America, we really hold the upper hand.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as California governor Monday. Television coverage was worldwide. When Arnold was asked to raise his right hand, he bent his arm at the elbow, and Poland exhaled for the first time in a month.

President Bush lands today at Heathrow Airport in London amid great fanfare. The Royal Highlanders Bagpipes will greet him. Playing the bagpipes is like throwing a javelin blindfolded, you don't have to be that good at it to get everybody's attention.

Queen Elizabeth refused President Bush's request to steel- reinforce the doors and walls of his room in Buckingham Palace. No need at all. They wanted to guard against an airborne attack, but it's much cheaper just to tie up Prince Charles in the basement.

Democrats in Iowa Saturday demanded prescription medicine coverage for seniors that's affordable. They said no American should have to choose between food and drugs. Baby Boomers faced that very choice every day in the 1970s and we nearly starved to death.

Newsweek reports Hillary Clinton has a plan to jump into the race after the primaries are over. What a strategist. The idea is to save the party from a divided convention, and she would represent the majority of the delegates who have slept with Bill Clinton.

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