Jewish World Review Nov. 20, 2003 / 25 Mar-Cheshvan, 5764

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Is a movie career in store for Maria Bartiromo?; People for the Unethical Treatment of Humans?; more | NEW YORK — I'm told the vaunted "Money Honey" of CNBC "Squawk Box" fame has been asked by Francis Ford Coppola to read for a part in "Megalopolis," his epic about the New York of the future.

Bartiromo's tryout — to play a somewhat villainous character, I'm told — may take place in the next couple of weeks. But Coppola, an occasional Bartiromo guest on CNBC, is still hard at work on the screenplay. Initial news accounts reported that the movie would be released next year — which looks highly unlikely today.

"He's doing it in his own time, according to nobody else's schedule but his," a Coppola spokeswoman told me Wednesday, noting that the director has filmed some Manhattan atmospherics but no dialogue.

Bartimoro had no comment Wednesday.

She was a guest Tuesday night at the National Italian American Foundation's "White Truffle" dinner at San Domenico's in honor of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli (who's headlining Madison Square Garden tonight (11/20)). Also attending were prostate cancer patient Robert De Niro (cleanshaven and looking healthy) and longtime companion Grace Hightower, Gov. George Pataki and wife Libby, Gina Lollobrigida, Mario Andretti, Yogi Berra and Vic Damone, who couldn't resist approaching Bartiromo and telling her: "You have the sexiest lips."

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The man behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog says People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tricked him into participating in an ad with the controversial slogan: "Get Neutered — It Didn't Hurt Clay Aiken."

In a message posted on, comedy writer Robert Smigel (in the guise of Triumph) accuses PETA of hiding their real agenda and misrepresenting the "American Idol" runner-up's comments about cats in Rolling Stone magazine.

"Turns out PETA had an ax to grind with Clay," Smigel/Triumph says. "They released the ad and a press release, quoting Clay talking trash about cats, like 'Cats are Satan.' Never mind that Clay keeds(kids). They quoted Clay saying 'I ran over a kitten when I was 16.' Never mind that they left out the part where Clay said it was an accident that haunts him to this day. Well played, PETA. And I thought I was the pub whore."

Triumph adds: "I'm not into animal rights. The only animal right I want is the right to hump Ashanti's leg."

Triumph says the attack on Aiken, whose lawyers have been on PETA's case, "wasn't my first choice. I really wanted 'Chop 'Em Off — They Didn't Taste That Great Anyway.' But PETA was jonesing for the Clay joke . . . Of course, I have to stand with Clay, even if they hadn't twisted his quotes."

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk was unapologetic yesterday: "PETA's no pussy when it comes to getting the spay and neuter issue on the radar, and we take Triumph's remarks as a compliment, delivered doggy-style."


TIME RUNNING OUT?: Vice President Cheney emerged as the man to beat during Wednesday's somber musings — a so-called "debate" — in the Henry Luce Room of the Time-Life Building on the newsmag's next Person of the Year. New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer pronounced: "Dick Cheney is the intellectual force behind the Bush administration. . . . There is a rise of the plutocracy — hence all these scandals, and Cheney is behind it." ABC News's George Stephanopoulos: "Cheney is more powerful than Gore." Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins: "He's like wormwood. You sort of picture him sitting there whispering, whispering, whispering." New York Times pundit David Brooks: "Only Bush & Cheney know how much Cheney does . . . I'm surprised I'm not hearing Paris Hilton's name!" A Time magazine type revealed privately that the Person of the Year debate is "bogus journalistically. It's a marketing gimmick, it's not a news story."

GET OUT THE VIOLIN: Poor Phil Donahue. At Tuesday night's Creative Coalition event at Sotheby's, where Donahue was given the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award, he suggested that MSNBC made him a free speech martyr when it canceled his show last February. "The experience I had at cable helped me to understand what it must have been like to be blacklisted," Donahue told the crowd, "and the horrible experience of being labeled un-American or un-patriotic for not being pro-war." The way I heard it, Phil, MSNBC paid you $1 million a year, heavily and expensively promoted your show, but pulled the plug when it tanked in the ratings.

NEXT TIME MAYBE HE'LL INCLUDE THE NAME: It's now abundantly clear that David Blaine knew precisely what he was doing with that 44-day stunt in London. On Wednesday, President Bush, on a controversial state visit to the U.K., began his address at Banqueting House: "It was pointed out to me that the last noted American to visit London stayed in a glass box dangling over the Thames. A few might have been happy to provide similar arrangements for me — I thank Her Majesty the Queen for interceding — we're honored to be staying at her house."

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