December 7th, 2021


Too Good To Be True?

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Oct. 25, 2021

Too Good To Be True?

Two men in Byram, Mississippi, couldn't believe their luck on Sept. 19 when they came across an Acura with keys in the ignition and a "free car" sign, People.com reported.

They drove the car to a family member's home and started to check it out, and that's when they found a surprise in the trunk: the body of 34-year-old Anthony McCrillis.

The body had been there at least 24 hours, noted Copiah County Coroner Ellis Stuart.

The men called 911 and waited for authorities; the car was registered to McCrillis, and his death is a mystery: He had "no visible signs of trauma," Stuart said. An autopsy is underway.