June 29th, 2022


Hillary's new hires would go FAR beyond the Supreme Court

Deroy Murdock

By Deroy Murdock

Published Oct. 28, 2016

Hillary's new hires would go FAR beyond the Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton's critics correctly warn that she could name one or more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

But that would be just a start.

As conservative activist Richard Viguerie has argued for years: "Personnel is policy."

A President Hillary Clinton would nominate hundreds of people to top positions that require Senate approval. She would hire hundreds of thousands of others and unleash them to perpetrate Hillaryism - a toxic blend of lies, elitist interventionism, secretive paranoia, and snarling contempt for the law. These people would enjoy police powers, fat salaries, mouth-watering benefits, and bullet-proof job security - at taxpayer expense.

If Hillary nominated only one liberal jurist to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, she could nudge the Court Left for decades. Free speech, religious liberty, gun rights, separation of powers, federalism, and unborn Americans all would be in the cross hairs.

But her influence would go far, far beyond that.

Other Supreme Court vacancies could arise, of course.

Thirteen federal appeals court seats are empty. So are 77 federal trial courts. Also, 14 other judges have announced their plans to retire between now and June 2017.

All told, by next Independence Day, Hillary could name 105 like-minded judges to these federal courts.

And that's just the judicial branch.

Hillary would nominate 15 Cabinet secretaries who share her collectivist vision. The secretaries of State, Treasury, Labor, Transportation, and others, in turn, would be encircled by platoons of undersecretaries, deputy secretaries, assistant secretaries, and their secretaries.

The federal government includes "137 independent executive agencies with 268 components," according to Hillary would employ the heads of these bodies, including the EEOC, FDA, FTC, IRS, OSHA, and many, many more. Beyond that, ad hoc boards, commissions, and blue-ribbon panels also would clamor for chiefs.

And then we have the Indians.

Obama employed at least 143,000 federal staffers during his first term, Investor's Business Daily estimates. Hillary likely would hire as many federal workers in her image or merely leave thousands of Obamites in place and let them keep on keeping on.

Neither prospect is appetizing.

As a devoted disciple of Saul Alinsky, Hillary understands the first of his 12 Rules for Radicals: "Power is derived from two main sources - money and people. 'Have-Nots' must build power from flesh and blood." Thus, she would hire smart, focused, far-Left lawyers, economists, inspectors, and administrators to enter the bureaucracy, burrow like termites, and slowly nibble away at what remains of this beautiful country.

Thousands of young Rodhamites could infest America's federal agencies and cause incalculable damage until they retire - 30 or 40 years hence.

The flip side of this threat is a huuuuuge opportunity:

A President Trump would nominate his own candidates for the Supreme Court and lower benches. The 20 well-respected jurists whom he identified as potential justices all would return the high court to a more constitutionalist path. So would his circuit and district-court nominees.

As for his Cabinet appointees and top aides, just imagine these patriots working to clean up after Obama and help Trump make America great again:

Secretary of State Newt Gingrich

Treasury Secretary Steve Forbes

Defense Secretary KT McFarland

Attorney General Rudolph W. Giuliani

Labor Secretary Mark Mix

Health and Human Services Secretary Jeff Anderson

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Pete Hegseth

EPA Administrator Paul Driessen

Office of Management and Budget Director Steve Moore

United Nations Ambassador Laura Ingraham

Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Arthur Laffer

CIA Director John Bolton

Federal Reserve Chairman Lawrence Kudlow

FDA Director Sally Pipes

Surgeon General Dr. Ben Carson

While this dream team is almost too good to be true, some of these experts and activists already advise Trump and would help him govern.

Those who worry about Hillary Clinton's impact on the Supreme Court should meditate much more broadly about her hundreds of thousands of potential nominations and new hires - all across the federal government.

In contrast to that frightful picture, visualize the conservative, free-market constitutionalists whom Donald J. Trump would place in those positions.

Think carefully.

Vote accordingly.