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10/24/07: Cheney, Obama: Closer than they appear
10/15/07: When tough love becomes brutal
10/12/07: President Clinton, Justice Obama? Running mate may not be the only job Hillary could offer Barak
10/09/07: Don Imus, consider yourself vindicated
10/03/07: Minority areas hit hardest by eminent domain
09/26/07: Ahmadinejad's real agenda
09/20/07: Ideals meet politics in schools debate
09/12/07: Winning the ‘feelings’ vote
09/10/07: What the Duke lacrosse case has taught us
08/22/07: Rove's revenge?
08/20/07: Moving beyond what your best friends tell you
08/15/07: Diversity is difficult, but worth it
08/13/07: Obama's international drama
08/08/07: Last in polls, first on the 'Net
08/06/07: A freshman lawmaker's prescription
08/01/07: For some vets, battles never end
07/26/07: New media make old rules covering fairness obsolete
07/23/07: Four decades after the race riots in Newark and Detroit, it is instructive to compare the way we were then with the way we are now
07/05/07: Fuzzy justice clearly stinks
07/02/07: A High Court favor to the Dems
06/11/07: Sweet ‘street’ justice for Paris
06/05/07: Ethics of the snitch
05/31/07: Third party? X-tremely possible
05/30/07: Education on steep curve: Department sees scandal, success
05/25/07: ‘24’ just a TV show, guys
05/16/07: Don't let congress forget kids
05/03/07: Audition for political idols
04/30/07: Dancing with the Dems
04/27/07: The 200th reason to test DNA
04/23/07: Rappers' mantra protects killers
04/16/07: Debate over Imus isn't just about words
03/26/07: New media, but the same old gamepage
03/21/07: As black immigrants collect degrees, is affirmative action losing direction?
03/15/07: Duelling stories define today's politics
03/08/07: A dream dies at the NAACP
03/05/07: Polls, politics and prejudice
03/01/07: Farrakhan's apparent farewell
02/26/07: Clinton and Obama's Oscar-worthy drama
02/12/07: No need to rush anti-cancer shots
02/07/07: Obama and the crossover's dilemma
01/29/07: Ready for a (fill-in-blank) President?
01/22/07: Buchwald takes an era with him
01/18/07: Obama's big test — and ours
01/08/07: The ‘powerless’ need to hear the truth, too
12/15/06: Diamonds are for evildoers too
12/07/06: Ask a black columnist
11/27/06: Slurs merit ire, not laws
11/20/06: O.J. and Emmett Louis Till: Regan and Fox have done us a favor
11/17/06: Judged by customers he kept
11/03/06: Kerry sticks combat boot in mouth
10/30/06: Listening to the deaf
10/13/06: Enjoy, senator, it'll get worse
10/04/06: Oprah, Obama and the leadership gap
09/20/06: Equality beats diversity
09/16/06: Osama wants to dance with somebody, too
08/22/06: Preschool expulsions on rise in black community
08/21/06: Learning from Andy Young's blunder
08/15/06: A decade ago welfare reform critics predicted the world would end
08/11/06: Cosby's media lament
07/24/06: What Bush should have said to NAACP
07/20/06: TV's bad-guy businessmen
07/18/06: Crime makes a comeback
07/14/06: Obama revives dem's old-time religion
07/10/06: Illegal when we say so
06/23/06: 20 years after, a legacy hijacked
06/21/06: Steps to making me a GOPer
06/16/06: When race loyalty asks too much
06/12/06: Searching for the real al-Zarqawi
06/01/06: Mixed message on Oprah's I-Pod
05/24/06: Cosby's quest for solutions
05/12/06: Year of the black in GOP
05/05/06: 'Ozone Al' for president? Maybe
04/30/06: Going loco in Duke case ‘COPO’
04/24/06: Not ‘too soon’ for 9-11 films
04/18/06: Tear down the great firewall of China
04/07/06: Real guys ‘fail to launch,’ too
03/14/06: Trading races as boundaries fade
03/08/06: U.S. troops seek Iraq exit strategy, too
03/03/06: ‘Uncle Tom ’ revisited, redeemed
02/24/06: ‘Uncle Tom ’ revisited, redeemed
02/22/06: Tear down China's Great (fire)Wall
02/15/06: Oh, shoot! Cheney's holding secrets again
01/30/06: Google should battle overseas, too
01/20/06: Can't handle the truth? Try ‘truthiness’
01/12/06: Post-scandal clean-up in congress
01/10/06: Why Condi's star is rising
12/26/05: Lies, taps and presidential snoops
12/21/05: Eavesdropping smart, but we should have known
12/19/05: Wit, wisdom from two departed icons
12/05/05: Why Bush's border scheme won't work
12/01/05: Risky times for hard news and views
11/28/05: A capitol of offenses
11/07/05: Ace talk is not always ‘racist’
11/03/05: Why Bush didn't pick Alito sooner
10/27/05: Remembering the seamstress
10/24/05: A clothes call for NBA's whiners
10/24/05: A reporter's conflict: Hero or stooge?
10/17/05: Meirs vs. Sexism on both sides
10/13/05: Close our torture loophole
10/10/05: Miers reveals the inner Bush
10/06/05: Why some public schools work
09/29/05: ‘Po’ vs ‘Broke’: Two types of poverty
09/20/05: Throwing cash, kindness in Katrina's wake
09/15/05: Still two nations, after all
09/12/05: A hard look at the ‘Big Easy's’ future
09/08/05: Race, Poverty And Katrina
09/06/05: Race, Class And Katrina
09/01/05: Narrow race gap, widen gender gap
08/29/05: Declare victory and start packing
08/24/05: Democrats fall back into framing trap
08/18/05: Looking back at an era of riots
08/11/05: ‘Indispensable’ lessons of a black publishing pioneer
07/25/05: How cell phones sap your brain
07/21/05: A GOP olive branch to black voters
07/18/05: Rove affair: Is it frog-march time, yet?
07/14/05: Judging the content of a caricature
07/08/05: Aid helps, but free trade would do more for Africa
07/06/05: Conscience of a ‘swing’voter
06/28/05: Apologies are all about the future
06/16/05: Making sense about Jacko's shattered life
06/10/05: Will Congress have the guts to tackle medical marijuana?
06/07/05: Deep Throat: Dirty tricks, dirty hands
05/31/05: ‘Pro-life’ — with limits
05/23/05: Fox inadvertently highlights failed immigration policy
05/19/05: Sympathy for geezer rock stars
05/16/05: Immigration's not-so-hidden costs hurt American workers
05/10/05: Shades of race identity boil down to a doll test
05/05/05: A new century, a new ‘color line’
05/02/05: Can ‘The Hammer’ handle the heat?
04/26/05: Leave no blame behind
04/20/05: Africa's leaders are quickly learning the art of the spin
04/15/05: A happy face on a gloomy second term
04/08/05: A pontiff from another continent?
03/22/05: Hot air and the X chromosome
03/17/05: Fake news makes foul government
03/16/05: It's the white supremacist who owes us the apology
03/11/05: The comeback trail
03/08/05: Blacks hearing a new gospel from GOP
03/04/05: Rock 'n' ‘Ryan’: The 2 sides of TV censorship
02/25/05: Dr. Gonzo's high-wire trip comes to a crashing finish
02/17/05: Hillary and crew delivering shout-outs to the center
02/15/05: Virginians almost lost their heads over low-hanging jeans
02/11/05: Two men, so different yet so much alike in principle
02/09/05: Shouting ‘No!’ is not nearly enough
02/04/05: ‘Hotel Rwanda’ replays in Sudan
01/31/05: Time to brief prez on defending minority voting rights
01/27/05: Men losing their pedestal status?
01/25/05: Is it fair to label Bush's ‘risk-taker’ pitch as racist?
01/19/05: Black women talking back to rap's bad-boy culture
01/04/05: A year with ups, downs and slip-slides
12/16/04: A black father on the brink of becoming a real parent
12/14/04: Just answer the question, Mr. Rumsfeld
12/10/04: How ‘The Hug’ helped
12/02/04: Persistent civil rights wounds
11/29/04: Dems need to stand for more than befuddlement
11/19/04: Saving 'Saving Private Ryan'
11/16/04: Greetings from the disunited 'United States of Canada'
11/11/04: Heart drug for blacks hard to swallow
11/10/04: Bush's ‘values’ got more black voters in his camp than in 2000, but all is not lost for Dems
10/28/04: TV's argument shows get some comeuppance
10/26/04: Still seeking justice for the murder of Emmett Till
10/21/04: A surprising black ‘bump’ for Bush
10/19/04: Powell's ups, downs and new battlefields
10/14/04: Free press under attack
10/11/04: Despite Congress killing a bill that would have restored the draft, some people remain unconvinced
09/28/04: Save the straight, white, Christian male
09/21/04: Non-swing states want some love too
09/09/04: The 'Comeback Kid' advises candidate Kerry
09/02/04: Future Karl Roves getting ready to rumble
08/31/04: Study schools that are successful too
08/26/04: Why does America continue to refight the war in Vietnam?
08/24/04: A man for all racial reasons
08/03/04: Obama's drama and our dreams: Getting back on track as the United States
07/29/04: Quick refresher: Politics according to the Clintons
07/08/04: At colleges, immigrants are 'minorities' too
07/06/04: 40 years of opportunities
07/04/04: The 'no-sex' scandal
06/24/04: Freedom Summer of '64
06/17/04: When a diversity plan works too well
06/01/04: What Bill Cosby meant to say
05/18/04: Ashcroft has made murder of Emmett Till a federal case
04/29/04: A surprise running mate for Kerry: Calling Colin Powell
04/22/04: Did loyalty finally trip up Colin Powell?
04/15/04: Kerry needs a vision to win votes for the presidency
04/09/04: As much as our American presidents say "Never again" with heartfelt passion, the reality too often has been, "Yes, again," to mass killings
04/06/04: Finding hope in America's bleak racial statistics
04/05/04: Pop star's thriller on Capitol Hill
03/31/04: Pressure building to warm up ‘cold case’
03/26/04: Authentically self-hating: Today's standards of being ‘cool’ on a destructive path
03/23/04: To get its groove back, the religious left needs to come up with some new ideas and a new vision for curing persistent social ills
03/16/04: Jayson Blair's new career: Scandal star
03/11/04: Blacks eye that John Kerry guy
03/04/04: In this instance, life should imitate art
02/12/04: What a friend Bush has in Sharpton
02/10/04: Unspoken conflicts: America's blacks and Latinos are struggling with a new racial paradigm for the new century
02/03/04: When pundits blab, blab, blab
01/29/04: Reparations on trial — briefly: Now it's time to address blacks' biggest problems
01/15/04: If MLK lived, would he still be a hero?
01/08/04: GOPers would be wise to woo blacks — those who vote and don't
01/02/04: Vicious, vicious Dems
01/02/04: It was a banner year for the pompous and peculiar
12/24/03: Al Gore's new campaign pal
12/12/03: Going for the political heavy hitters: Can Gore's new pal survive the veep's endorsement?
12/09/03: When is force excessive?
12/02/03: Medicare reform: A real turkey of a package
11/25/03: Colleges helping student athletes score diplomas
11/18/03: Soccer moms vs. NASCAR dads
11/13/03: Hunting 'terrorists' in Vegas strip clubs
11/11/03: America's peculiar 'passing' fancy
11/06/03: Dean waves wrong flag, Dems see red
10/28/03: No more excuses for the parents
10/23/03: Box Cutter Kid did us a favor
10/17/03: So long to a misguided gag rule on the medicinal use of marijuana
10/14/03: Does the election of Ah-nuld mean anything more than the obvious?
10/02/03: The wages of luck in a 'jobless recovery'
09/30/03: Looks like Clark should go back to basic training
09/18/03: The amazing clout of lobbyists swarming around Capitol Hill
09/16/03: Hearing hip-hop's pathetic message
09/12/03: What teenagers really want
09/09/03: Lessons from an anthropologist
09/02/03: Put term limits on airport security rules
08/14/03: Schoolchildren of all races at risk without parental guidance
08/08/03: Colin Powell is the 'odd man out' again
08/05/03: Black parents must teach their kids to succeed
07/22/03: Presidential politics: A time to pander, a time to push away
07/15/03: Deeper realities of Baker's dust-up
07/10/03: Formerly aloof, Bush now embraces Africa
07/08/03: Wrestling with the ‘Q-word’ in Iraq
07/01/03: If you are reading this column, you aren't being filtered!
06/10/03: The 'Industry of Hillary' raises bucks for both sides
05/30/03: Dems grope for glimmer of hope
05/28/03: Reefer sanity vs. puritans in the White House
05/22/03: Turns out race was a factor in the NYTimes scandal — a very big one
05/06/03: Closing the college graduation disparity
04/22/03: Fighting for privacy in an era of terror
04/22/03: Don't mis-underestimate the prez: Give him the 'props' he deserves
04/21/03: Sitting on scoops at CNN
04/15/03: After Saddam? Watch out, Syria
04/11/03: 'Hammer time' for Castro
04/08/03: Post-Hussein: Winning the true peace
04/03/03: Right story, wrong TV station
04/01/03: Remembering Moynihan's mind
03/27/03: A fog of war words: Shocking and awesome
03/21/03: A Moranic moment bites peace movement
03/18/03: Viewers beware when tv networks don't care
03/14/03: Powell's battle for Bush's ear
03/10/03: 'Embedded,' but not 'in bed with'
02/28/03: Bridging the black gender gap
02/19/03 Braun vs. Sharpton: A Dem dilemma
02/14/03: Bush's clean-up man
02/11/03: How feds fooled marijuana trial jurors
02/06/03: Time to re-think space shuttle's value
01/31/03: Why corporations like diversity, too
01/28/03: Shaq vs. Yao, a new world diss-order
01/23/03: Affirmative action will be remarketed under new name
01/13/03: Bond movie offers clues to Korea crisis
01/07/03: Dr. Frist to the rescue … of his party
01/02/03: Feeling a 'draft,' but not much
12/17/02: To rob a burning cross of its power
12/03/02: Closing black-white test-score gaps
11/19/02: Uncle Same wants your data
11/15/02: Marriage vs. 'player' impulse
11/11/02: How Oz can help the Dems
11/05/02: We reserve right to be complicated
10/22/02: What the pro-gun lobby and anti-gun lobby have in common
10/18/02: Take Sharpton seriously? For Prez??
10/15/02: A beauty and the bullies
10/08/02: Time to start 'fingerprinting' bullets
10/08/02: Poet laureate hater fell for Internet hoax
10/04/02: Keeping it real, despite howls from black 'leaders'
10/01/02: Revisiting the 'Jogger' horror
09/27/02: Sometimes freedom is a necessary nuisance
09/13/02: Foil Fidel with free trade
09/10/02: Measuring the myth of 'super weed'
09/06/02: A year later: A reality-check
09/03/02: Make better choices before some jury somewhere does
08/20/02: Bid farewell to the Cigarette Century
08/16/02: Rights matter, even in circus trials
08/09/02: Jousting with Rumsfeld's fog of wit
08/06/02: Covert action is cool again
08/01/02: Powell's premature obituaries
07/30/02: A common sense tip on internal snooping
07/18/02: Jacko plays race card badly
07/12/02: Last flight for a pioneer airman
07/08/02: Dems will miss Watts, too
06/28/02: 'Supreme Court reads polls, too
06/25/02: 'The Body' bites, then bows out
06/21/02: Punishment first, then the crime?
06/18/02: Reporting still risky for Haiti's press
06/14/02: Bush's security plan leaves large gaps
06/04/02: Fix FBI's culture gap first
05/28/02: Fidel's new apartheid for tourists
05/21/02: Now McKinney's lunacy sounds like the Democratic Party line
05/19/02: A paradox of historical proportions
05/14/02: 'Murphy Brown' revisited in age of Ozzy
05/10/02: America looks like a model of tolerance and inclusion
05/07/02: Forget it, Bill, you're no Oprah
04/26/02: Mapping out ethnic and racial change
04/23/02: A game of another color
04/19/02: It's high time to open up pot-law debate
04/11/02: 'Osbourne' family values rock, aging Ozzy quakes
03/22/02: Zimbabwe election leaves world sleepless
03/19/02: A slur? Where is thy sting?
03/15/02: A Pearl of wisdom for reporter's unborn son
03/12/02: Army race and gender policies on trial
03/08/02: A short list of losers to be left behind
03/05/02: Revenge of the 'mediasaurus'
02/26/02: Jihads aren't just for Muslims
02/26/02: It's hard to be 'objective' during wartime
02/19/02: Hollywood's new villain: Your HMO
02/12/02: Father of 'Manchild' leaves lasting message
02/08/02: $nookering the reparations crowd
01/31/02: Prisoners of a War of Words
01/29/02: One more Enron woe: Al Sharpton & company
01/25/02: Searching for slaves in bin Laden's attic
01/22/02: Andrew Young's newest 'friend'
01/08/02: Hard-earned lessons from 9-11
12/18/01: Whatever happened to questions about the birds and the bees?
12/14/01: The "White Negro" Taliban?
12/07/01: Jackson's turn to gloat
11/27/01: Friendly warning from a lover of liberty
11/21/01: The face of hunger is changing
11/15/01: Our troubled sense of trust
11/08/01: Lessons about terror from the 'hood
11/06/01: Getting used to the 'new normal'
11/02/01: Wicked ways to make them talk
10/30/01: It's not just about bin Laden
10/26/01: More than mail fell between the cracks
10/23/01: Terrorists threaten urban recovery, too
10/18/01: Sometimes, assassination warranted
10/15/01: Self-censorship rises again
10/12/01: Contradictions illustrate the complicated nature of the new terrorism
10/05/01: Look who's 'profiling' now
10/01/01: Don't trash liberty to save it
09/28/01: Life, love and cell phones during wartime
09/24/01: How to catch an elusive terrorist
09/21/01: The war I was waiting for
09/17/01: When rage turns to hate
09/13/01: Terror attack tests US, let's give right response
09/06/01: U.S. should have stayed and argued
09/04/01: Columbine killer's parents get upclose and personal
08/31/01: Virtual kids? Log me out
08/28/01: Two Africans, one black, one white, same fight
08/23/01: Sharpton for president
08/20/01: Shaking up the rules on keeping secrets
08/16/01: Bush's u-turn on racial goals
08/09/01: Outsider Bubba comes 'in' again
08/06/01: Not ready for 'color-blindness' yet
08/02/01: Immigration timing couldn't be better
07/26/01: Summer of Chandra: An international traveler's perspective
07/17/01: Overthrowing a régime is only the beginning
07/10/01: Big Brother is watching you, fining you
07/05/01: Can blacks be patriotic? Should they be?
06/19/01: Get 'real' about marriage
06/12/01: Amos, Andy and Tony Soprano
06/07/01: Getting tough with the Bush Twins
06/05/01: Bringing marriage back into fashion
05/31/01: "Ken" and "Johnnie": The odd-couple legal team
05/24/01: Sharpton's challenge to Jackson
05/22/01: Test scores equal (a) MERIT? (b) MENACE? (c) ALL OF ABOVE?
05/17/01: Anti-pot politics squeeze the ill
05/15/01: Was Babe Ruth black?
05/10/01: U.N.'s torture caucus slaps Uncle Sam
05/08/01: 'The Sopranos' a reflection of our times
05/03/01: 'Free-fire' zones, then and now
05/01/01: War on drugs misfires against students
04/26/01: Another athlete gets foot-in-mouth disease
04/23/01: 'Slave' boat mystery reveals real tragedy
04/19/01: McVeigh's execution show
04/12/01: Not this time, Jesse
04/05/01: Dubya is DEFINITELY his own man, you fools!
04/02/01: Milking MLK
03/29/01: The candidate who censored himself?
03/22/01: "Will Hispanics elbow blacks out of the way as the nation's most prominent minority group?"
03/19/01: Blacks and the SATs
03/15/01: The census: How much race still matters in the everyday life of America
03/12/01: Jesse is a victim!
03/08/01: Saving kids from becoming killers
03/01/01: Parents owe "Puffy" and Eminem our thanks