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6 things every husband needs but is too afraid to tell his wife about

Hannah Rose

By Hannah Rose FamilyShare

Published Sept. 16, 2016

6 things every husband needs but is too afraid to tell his wife about
A man in a serious relationship is looking to be wanted, appreciated and needed. Without a sense of security or an establishment of these six needs, a man will never fall completely in love with you.

When a man feels his personal needs taken care of and prioritized in a relationship, he will in turn take the time and actions necessary to take care of his partner and her needs.

Out of sheer pride, men are not quick to admit they have specific needs. So here are six things your husband is too scared to admit he needs and wants from you.

1. Space

Wives struggle when it comes to giving their men space. A woman will often mistake her husband's need for alone time as a sign that he is uninterested and looking for a way to get away from her.

That is the farthest thing from the truth.

A husband needs alone time to think through problems fully and without distraction. He takes time to analyze and comprehend his feelings. His separation is a time he uses to rejuvenate and revitalize his emotions so he can better serve and love his wife.

2. Sincere respect

This principle extends beyond basic manners and expressions such as please and thank you. Demonstrate respect through sincere and genuine expressions. As a wife you can show sincere respect by writing a detailed appreciation note to send with your husband to work. Or, text him a kind, loving message in the middle of the day to remind him you think about and love him all the time.

3. Small acts of affection A man who feels adored and appreciated through acts of affection will feel more secure and connected to his spouse.

Your husband needs to be kissed, embraced, bombarded with love notes, adored and fawned over.

He needs you there for him. He needs you close. Under all of his manliness, he is a boy who loves a girl. Remind him of that through your touch.

4. Fatherhood prioritized

Do not deny your husband the opportunity to be an interactive and prominent figure in your child's life. Allow your husband to develop a genuine relationship with each of his children. His involvement with raising his kids will not only strengthen and fortify his relationship with them but also strengthen the relationship he has with you.

5. Intimacy

There is no shame in admitting everyone loves to feel appreciated and adored. Men have a strong desire to be emotionally and physically appreciated. Together you and your husband should create physical and emotional connections that strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

6. Unwavering support

An everyday reminder to your husband that you will stand by him through all the good and the bad times strongly connects the two of you. Daily compliments, texts, conversations and touches create an unspoken bond of devotion to one another.

Decide together which actions need to take place to fulfill each other's needs. Embark on a journey of understanding and excitement as you try out new things to build your relationship.