July 6th, 2022


Some things to worry about

Jay Ambrose

By Jay Ambrose

Published Sept. 6, 2016

   Some things to worry about

Time magazine has signed up with the hunky-dory crowd. It says in an article that "politically motivated hyperbole" has led to a sense that "America is in a state of irreversible decline" and then gives us "five facts" showing us things aren't so bad.

Many, many things aren't - there are those of us who still believe ours is an incredibly great nation - but some are, such as the way some magazine articles are written these days. The facts presented aren't facts at all. They are arguable interpretations of selected facts and sometimes make no sense at all, as in saying don't fret too much about a significant violent crime rise because things were worse 25 years ago.

Our country happens to be faced with a number of potentially ruinous issues - I am going to briefly list five - but saying that is different from saying decline is irreversible. I don't do that any more than any politician I've ever heard. They all claim they can fix things, and maybe not, but for Time to insinuate - along with some balance - that nothing all that grievous is at hand is a mistake. It can lessen the urge to find answers, and we must search. We must search.

And here is a place to start - the dissolution of family.