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Jewish World Review Sept. 21, 2004 / 6 Tishrei, 5765

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | The Ryder Cup was settled in high style in Michigan Sunday when the European team handed the American golfers their worst defeat in cup history. The Europeans prevailed in every category. John Kerry can only hope it's a sign of things to come.

The Emmy Awards in Hollywood Sunday awarded Best Drama to the HBO hit series The Sopranos. Mob life has become an accepted part of American culture. Anybody driving a car with a body in the trunk now qualifies for the carpool lane in New Jersey.

Kurt Busch won the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Speedway Sunday to take the lead in the NASCAR Chase for the Nextel Cup before round two in Delaware this week. John Kerry summed it up best. Who amongst us is not a stock car racing aficionado?

Democratic VP nominee John Edwards warned voters Sunday that the White House is planning a back-door draft. It's an old problem. For eight years the White House kitchen had a little doggie door so President Clinton could come and go freely at night.

Berlin was stunned by election results in two German states Sunday that gave big gains to radical neo-Nazi parties. It helps to put everything in perspective. Germany has the capacity to make us remember the War on Terror as the good old days.

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