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Jewish World Review Sept. 14, 2004 / 28 Elul, 5764

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | Redskins coach Joe Gibbs won Sunday in his NFL return after years in auto racing. It really showed. Whenever a player came off the field, a dozen guys filled him up with Gatorade and rotated his cleats and had him back on the field in twenty-five seconds.

Hurricane Ivan roared through the Caribbean Sea Sunday, hauling Category Five winds toward the U.S. mainland. It's starting to look like terrorism. The Weather Channel ran a video Thursday from the leader of El Nino stating the group's demands.

The Ryder Cup matches begin this week at the Oakmont Hills Country Club near Detroit. This competition brings back fond memories. It harkens back to a happier and more innocent time when America against the world was only a golf tournament.

Bill Clinton went home Friday only four days after heart surgery. The procedure is common. It's the second presidential bypass operation in a year if you count the decision to let Osama bin Laden off the hook in favor of going after Saddam Hussein.

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