May 23rd, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published August 26, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
Richmond restored the city's statue of George Washington pulled down by Black Lives Matter last year. I don't think Washington's statue should be taken down because he owned slaves. He overthrew the King and left us with the nation we have today and that's reason enough to it take down.

President Biden addressed the nation Tuesday and detailed his efforts to fly Americans out of the Afghan capital. That same day, machine gun fire was heard outside the passenger terminal. The Kabul Airport is now ranked the second most dangerous airport in the world, behind Chicago O'Hare.

The White House heard Tuesday that President Biden's approval rating in one poll has fallen twenty points to forty-one percent ever since the Afghanistan debacle. Joe's most steadfast supporters are here in Los Angeles. Even our weather honors President Biden, every day it is seventy-eight and hazy.

USA Today polls showed overwhelming support for rescuing Afghan translators and bringing them to the U.S. It's a vital profession. Every day, the White House Press Secretary, the Pentagon spokesman and State Department spokesman take turns translating what Joe Biden was trying to say.

President Biden reported Tuesday he'd met on a conference call that morning with the leaders of the G-7 nations. They discussed concerted action toward the Taliban and coordination in the airport evacuation. The G-7 leaders have agreed to follow Biden's lead, if only out of morbid curiosity.

The New York Post reported that triumphant Taliban fighters in Kandahar this week captured and executed an Afghan comedian. He was singing satirical ditties making fun of the Taliban and posting them on social media. He did song parodies, so comedians worldwide agreed he had it coming.

The Supreme Court ruled for the Trump policy requiring immigrants to wait in Mexico before being allowed to legally enter the U.S. Only two immigrants were arrested yesterday. The first guy was an Afghan who failed to escape to the United States and the second was a Guatemalan who succeeded.

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NIH Director Dr. Fauci issued yet another warning to the nation Tuesday that the pandemic is far from over. He said he hopes to have Covid controlled by April of next year. Dr. Fauci ordered everyone to refrain from handshakes, prompting Hannibal Lector to turn off his blender immediately.

L.A. health officials hinted at new restrictions Friday as Delta infections rose, despite negligible deaths. Everyone just seems to be following orders blindly. At the Dodgers ballgame last Saturday, I put my phone on Airplane Mode and the usher hurried down the aisle and duct-taped me to my seat.

The Los Angeles Times reported porn superstar Ron Jeremy's sexual assault charges brought against him by several women accusers went to the grand jury on Tuesday. There are no secrets in Hollywood. If Ron Jeremy winds up with a hung jury, we know at least it will be a jury of his peers.

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo angrily denied wrongdoing Monday during his farewell speech. He wanted to state two things on the record. Cuomo wanted to assure New Yorkers that he was indeed stepping down and he wanted to make it clear that he did not kill himself next Wednesday.