May 23rd, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published August 19, 2021

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
The Taliban leaders agreed to allow American citizens in Kabul to return safely to the United States Monday. There's no reason why we can't continue trading with each other. Joe left behind so many advanced military weapons, soon the Taliban will be our best customer for replacement parts.

President Biden returned to Camp David where he'd laid low since the Afghan crisis unfolded Friday. His administration had no plan in place yet to evacuate U.S. military hardware, the military and civilians. Biden's handling of the catastrophe was so inept even CNN is claiming that Trump won.

Nancy Pelosi paid lip service to supporting Biden Monday, then threatened the Taliban if they brutalize Afghan women and girls or deny them education and careers. It didn't exactly calm everybody down. It's so bad in Kabul right now women are booking seats on Jeffrey Epstein's plane.

The Taliban Ruling Council addressed television cameras Tuesday while seated before dozens of reporters and tried to calm the fears of the Afghan people. They assured the women in their country they are absolutely safe, and they are. They are eight thousand miles from Governor Cuomo.

The White House was rocked by the bi-partisan denunciation of the administration's Afghan withdrawal debacle and began searching for the best course of action now. On Tuesday at Camp David, President Biden consulted with intelligence officials, who advised him to extend his vacation.

President Biden blamed his botched evacuation on the Afghan Army claiming they refused to fight, disregarding that the Afghan Army lost sixty-six thousand men fighting the war. As for Joe's own military service, back in college he got five draft deferments to keep him out of the War of 1812.

President Biden in his address to the nation Monday freely conceded that the Taliban takeover of a collapsing Afghan government happened much faster than he thought. His vacation is ruined. While he was taking the weekend in the country, the Taliban was taking the country on the weekend.

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The White House was also ripped in the media over lack of preparation and planning for the need to evacuate the thousands of friendly Afghans needing to get out. The situation at the Kabul airport has not been helped by the weather. Today's forecast calls for a strong chance of raining men.

The Taliban surrounded the Kabul Airport during evacuations Tuesday but allowed flights to proceed out of the country. As the reporters talked, you could hear the airport announcements in the background. They informed Afghan passengers that the wheel-well is now open for pre-boarding.

The Taliban Ruling Council appeared on camera in full regalia Tuesday looking foreboding after twenty years of warfare. A Bel-Air house party invitation I received told me to Dress to Kill. Apparently, a turban, a beard and a backpack with an alarm clock in it is NOT what they had in mind.

The Taliban Council included a guy released from Guantanamo by President Obama in 2014 in a prisoner swap with the Taliban. The U.S. received a U.S. prisoner from the Taliban in exchange for four captured Taliban in Guantanamo. Obama offered to throw in Biden, but the Taliban said no.