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08/25/10: Prelude to Appeasement
08/18/10: Summertime 2010
08/11/10: 'We Socialists' vs. 'We the People'
08/04/10: Wiki Espionage
07/28/10: Cry Racism! and Let Slip the Dogs of Politics
07/21/10: Is It Enough for the GOP To Just Say No?
07/14/10: Lincoln or Kagan
07/07/10: The Anatomy of Defeat
06/30/10: Stay Out of the Mainstream
06/23/10: Obama the Isolationist?
06/16/10: Afghan War Becoming a Bloody Farce
05/26/10: West of the Potomac, GOP Hopes Rise
05/19/10: Senate Storm Warning
05/12/10: Cut Spending Today To Save Tomorrow
05/05/10: Boot the Boot Metaphor
04/21/10: There Bill Clinton Goes Again
04/14/10: No More Profiles in Caution
04/07/10: A Sinking Ship of State
04/01/10: Frustrating, Stubborn Facts
03/24/10: Sunday's Socialist Triumph
03/17/10: Constitutional Law 101
03/10/10: An American Obsession with Freedom
03/03/10: Placing Our Faith in Economic Oracles
02/24/10: Is Our Government Really Broken?
02/10/10: Palin Delivers Sparkle, Warmth
02/03/10: Obama's Quagmire of Ambiguity
01/27/10: Repeal the 17th Amendment
01/20/10: Kangaroo Court for the Banks
01/13/10: Reject Politically Correct "Educated Class"
01/06/10: Ignore Churchill at our own risk
12/30/09: Afghan War Policy Fractured
12/23/09: ‘Yet, Freedom!’
12/16/09: Three Undemocratic Temptations
12/09/09: Too Few Troops, Too Much Spin
11/25/09: Afghan Rebuttal and Surrebuttal on the Right
11/18/09: An Exit Strategy To Die For
11/11/09: Hillary in 2012?
11/04/09: A Curious Lack of Curiosity Over Intelligence Outrage
10/21/09: The World Won't Wait On Washington Indecision
10/14/09: Washington Is Nuts
10/07/09: Cherry-picking Intelligence … Again
09/30/09: Cut and Walk From Afghanistan?
09/23/09: End the Coarsening of Civic Discourse
09/16/09: Administration Downsizes Our Diplomatic Muscle
09/09/09: Impending Washington Deal on Health Care
09/02/09: Waterboarding Policy and Consequences
08/26/09: Command Decision
08/19/09: Finally, Change We Can Believe In
08/12/09: Empower the local Afghan tribal chiefs
08/05/09: Health politics quagmire
07/22/09: Beware of comprehensive health care reform
07/15/09: 'Freeing Tibet'

07/08/09: Sarah Agonistes

07/01/09: From Kabul to Baghdad --- and Back

06/24/09: The presidency at 5 months

06/17/09: A fine madness in the Washington air

06/10/09: Europe asks, does tomorrow belong to us?

06/03/09: Death by deficit: A historical perspective

05/27/09: Economic Reality of 5 Million Green Jobs
05/20/09: Middle East mirage
05/13/09: Arabs pressure Obama for quick peace accord
05/06/09: Without Preparation, Explanation or Response
04/29/09: Public's Right To Know?
04/22/09: Honest talk about Chinese currency manipulation
04/15/09: A nuclear Talibanistan?
04/08/09: Health Care in the Offing
04/01/09: ‘Liberty and Tyranny’ reviewed
03/25/09: The most dangerous city in the world
03/18/09: Getting Too Ugly Too Soon
03/11/09: Obama leverages his political risk in first 50 days
03/04/09: Obama Lied; The Economy Died
02/25/09: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
02/18/09: Obama's Governing Style
02/11/09: Our clever President
02/04/09: Obama's Defense Budget Mystery
01/28/09: Obama's collectivist nationalism
01/21/09: Economic crapshoot ahead
01/14/09: A truncated presidential honeymoon?
01/07/09: Being President 101
12/31/08: Now sits expectation in the air
12/10/08: Leaving the Watchtowers of Freedom
12/03/08: Brace for the change you do not believe in
11/26/08: Daschle-Obama health care possibilities
11/19/08: Who's going on the presidential honeymoon?
11/12/08: To Battle Stations
11/05/08: To Conservatives Who Are Thinking About Tomorrow
10/29/08: Is Obama secretly sensible? Don't bet on it
10/23/08: The Birth of the Me-Too Conservative
10/16/08: McCain's next duty call
10/08/08: Bafflement
10/02/08: Yet freedom
09/24/08: The man who never was
09/17/08: Finance, history and politics
09/10/08: The GOP resurrection
09/03/08: It's Still the Economy, Stupid
08/27/08: Gosh, I Love the Liberal Media
08/13/08: Lessons from a dance Slav
08/08/08: He Is Who He Is
07/30/08: The Destroyer of Worlds
07/23/08: Tacking to the center is tacky
07/16/08: Tacking to the center is tacky
07/02/08: Formed on the Anvil of His Captivity
06/24/08: Was Iraq Worth It?
06/18/08: Democracy in decline
06/11/08: Who Is Obama? Where Is the Press?
06/04/08: Obamaconomics
05/28/08: Memorial Day conclusions
05/21/08: Onward into cheerful political battle
05/14/08: Race and the 2008 Election
05/07/08: Personal and Economic Recovery
04/30/08: 5 Economic Questions for the Candidates
04/23/08: Rising Euro-Muslim tensions
04/16/08: Bush Raises Temp on Global Warming
04/09/08: The Flickering Light of the News
04/02/08: Trouble in Pakistan and Turkey
03/26/08: More Than Bluebirds in the Sky
03/19/08: Mine eyes have seen the glory of a recession
03/12/08: Monsters, Muslims and financial crises
03/05/08: Border insecurity
02/27/08: How To Beat Obama! (Maybe)
02/27/08: How To Beat Obama! (Maybe)
02/20/08: St. Obama learns the Washington ways
02/13/08: Hillary's Audacious Hope: Dark whispers in the media
02/06/08: The strange GOP nominating victory
01/30/08: Ceausescu, Skeffington or Mondale? Are the Clintons Really Kaput?
01/23/08: An Ominous 2008: Journalists and voters to regret their decisions
01/16/08: Obama misplays the race card
01/08/08: Policy amnesty
01/08/08: We Sacrificed 4,000 To Vindicate 3,000; Seeking Psychological Victory in the ‘Global War on Terror’
12/26/07: Whither the Conservative Coalition? Economic Anxiety Threatens Its Majority
12/19/07: None of the above: GOP heading to a brokered convention
12/05/07: Hillary, Huckabee and Trade; It's Time for a Free-Trade Debate
11/28/07: How will Values Voters vote?
11/21/07: Hillary's faux experience
11/14/07: Veterans Day 2007: Victory in Iraq?
11/07/07: Ketchup flowing in the streets
10/31/07: Small-tent conservatives
10/24/07: From the Bosporus to the Himalayas: What a mess
10/17/07: Gore wins; facts lose
10/10/07: Voting ‘none of the above’ is the highest ethical act?
10/03/07: The GOP needs a survival instinct
09/26/07: Ahmadinejad and the Suicidal Left
09/19/07: Where's the Heir to Reagan?
09/12/07: The War On Terror six years on
09/05/07: Rosy Scenario: Are happy days here again for GOP?
08/29/07: Not so fast
08/22/07: Wanted: Candidates for change or with experience
08/15/07: Dems' disgrace
08/08/07: Is 2008 a change election?
08/01/07: The Hinge of Fate in Iraq
07/25/07: Democratic debate comments
07/05/07: Terrorism and an Open Society
06/27/07: Iraq's September diagnosis
06/20/07: Journey into Islam
06/06/07: Turkey, The Kurds and Paris Hilton
05/25/07: Immigration inconsistencies
05/16/07: Three-Party Presidential Freak Show
05/09/07: September may be the cruelest month
05/02/07: Is threat of Islamic attack against the West just unjustified alarmism?
04/25/07: Is there writing on the wall?
04/18/07: A post-Imus Republic Of Virtue
04/11/07: Iran's nuke program advances
04/05/07: Newt, Bilingual Ed and the PC Police
03/28/07: Hillary on track for nomination
03/21/07: Iraq war politics four years on
03/14/07: Closing Time in the West
03/07/07: Al Gore's remission of sin
02/28/07: No loneliness for long-distance runners
02/21/07: One Card Monte
02/07/07: Hillary Lurches Leftward: An Early Abandonment of Her Centrist Strategy
01/31/07: No third way in Iraq
01/24/07: Hillary mis-declares for President
01/17/07: Vulture politics
01/10/07: Pelosian honesty
12/27/06: 2006 considered
12/20/06: Losing our grip on reality
12/13/06: The lonely President
12/06/06: Hillary, Barack and all that
11/29/06: Pope Benedict in the Lion's Den
11/22/06: Making the last mistake in Iraq
11/15/06: Rebuilding a conservative republican majority
11/09/06: Post-election Washington
11/01/06: Assessing last week's column
10/25/06: Assessing last week's column
10/18/06: No thanks, we're stupid
10/11/06: Not ready to lead
10/04/06: GOPers have more to protect than the next election
09/27/06: A battle lost in the War on Terror
09/20/06: The Pope and Kissinger warn the world
09/13/06: Just another political speech
09/06/06: Appeasement — it won't work this time, either
08/30/06: The bacteria of stupidity
08/23/06: Are Bush's critics right?
08/09/06: Diplomatic wind
08/02/06: World opinion managing the mind of a hostile world
07/26/06: Just another coincidence?
07/19/06: Strategic confusion
07/12/06: Russian and China reconsidered
06/28/06: A substitute for victory
06/21/06: Killing men and lobsters
06/14/06: The mental path to appeasement
06/07/06: Media danse macabre
05/31/06: Ruffled GOP feathers
05/24/06: A modest proposal
05/17/06: The price of secure borders
05/03/06: Immigration madness — come one, come all, no ticket needed
04/26/06: Bush and Schumer together — oh my!
04/19/06: Court of inquiry
04/18/06: Seven days in April — generals prepare to ‘revolt’ against Rumsfeld
04/12/06: No umbrella men wanted — not too late for GOP legislative action
04/05/06: Tom Delay — a man of consequence
03/29/06: Mexican illegals vs. American voters
03/22/06: The hope of spring
03/15/06: To play the presidential card
03/08/06: Media won't report radical Islamic events
03/01/06: Islamistphobia-phobia
02/22/06: All praise Prof. Alan Dershowitz
02/15/06: The shooting party
02/08/06: Cartoons, but not the funnies
02/02/06: Why fear Iranian nukes?
01/25/06: Why fear Iranian nukes?
01/18/06: Open borders, closed minds: What goes on at the border, stays at the border
01/11/06: Iran policy is calculated risk
01/04/06: Let's organize to end war disunity
12/14/05: Bad faith calls for withdrawal
12/07/05: Iran and The Bomb: Bush as Hamlet
11/30/05: The opposite of being naive is not to be cynical — it is to be wise
11/23/05: Iraq, Thanksgiving 2005
11/16/05: An incontinent Congress
11/09/05: Muslim rampage not about poverty, but Western weakness
11/02/05: Principled conservatism
10/27/05: Bush on the edge
10/12/05: Such brilliant, substantive journalists
10/06/05: High Court politics
09/28/05: Prez's actions could shake the Pentagon to its core
09/21/05: Politics and reconstruction
09/07/05: Complacency and survival
08/31/05: GOP, Dems in synchronized funk
08/24/05: The case for victory
08/17/05: Exit strategy day
08/10/05: ‘Pirrotechnic’ campaign against Hillary
08/03/05: Space Shuttle America
07/27/05: Roe v. Wade v. Technology
07/20/05: Out for a pillion ride
07/13/05: ‘Short memories and politically correct lies’
07/06/05: Senator Biden's words
06/30/05: Iraq debate in transition
06/22/05: Inside Hillary's mind
06/15/05: The moral light of Paris Hilton
06/08/05: The age of schadenfreude
06/01/05: The great reaction
05/25/05: A Senate Regency
05/18/05: Free trade slip-sliding away?
05/11/05: An awkward GOP spring
04/27/05: Political attention deficit disorder
04/20/05: Don't get old
04/13/05: Keep Delay, or pay the price
04/06/05: Desert Democrats of Mesopotamia
03/30/05: The scandalous Internet
03/23/05: Not fit to judge
03/16/05: Talking with terrorists
03/09/05: Democrats fall on the ball
03/02/05: Black robes and betrayal
02/24/05: Social Security reform may pass
02/16/05: Insufficiently draconian cuts
02/09/05: Echoes of a speech long ago
01/26/05: Iraqi ballots and bombs
01/19/05: Espionage by any other name
01/12/05: Damage control at Black Rock
12/29/04: Americans pass gut check
12/22/04: Rumsfeld's logic
12/15/04: Bless Hillary Clinton?!
12/08/04: Long live the Czar
12/01/04: Misbegotten intelligence reform
11/24/04: Europe to the barricades
11/17/04: Blood in the Potomac
11/10/04: Secession
11/03/04: What an election!
10/27/04: Democracy in peril?
10/20/04: Election madness
10/13/04: Those pesky terrorists
10/06/04: The other 2005: Annus Horribilis
10/05/04: The other Big Debate last week
09/29/04: Miami melodrama
09/22/04: The Massachusetts drifter
09/16/04: Iraq until the election
09/15/04: A revolution in news
09/08/04: Dems in disarray
08/25/04: Big media's big mistakes
08/18/04: The Cambodian candidate
08/11/04: Unfit for Command?
08/04/04: Spook reform
07/28/04: The hate cure
07/21/04: Berger on the grill
07/14/04: Can Kerry fix Europe?
07/07/04: IT'S EDWARDS!
06/23/04: The Clinton legacy — OOPS!
06/16/04: We desperately need one man, one mind in charge
06/09/04: It's called victory
06/02/04: Bush wings it — and does well
05/25/04: Beyond ‘the speech’: A lesson from Lincoln
05/19/04: America: The strong horse
05/12/04: Why Rummy must not resign
05/05/04: Speak up, Mr. Kerry
04/28/04: Kerry's fatal flaw
04/21/04: Beware of an old man in a hurry
04/14/04: Islam confronting its demons?
04/08/04: Vigilance is not enough
03/24/04: Kerry personally vulnerable
03/24/04: Futile finger pointing
03/17/04: The Spanish disease
03/10/04: Euro back-stabbers for Kerry
02/25/04: What makes John Kerry tick?
02/18/04: Kerry's pre-emptive war policy
02/11/04: George W. Bush — grand strategist?
02/04/04: Elections in the age of terror
01/28/04: There's a war on?
01/21/04: It's good that we live in ignorance of the future
01/14/04: The strange case of immigration politics
01/07/04: Funding for American presidential elections is beginning to go global
12/31/03: Make us laugh
12/24/03: War prophesies
12/17/03: Analyze this!
12/10/03: Until peace is ready to be negotiated
12/03/03: AFL-CIO meets Monty Python
11/26/03: Republicans need to learn from the Romans
11/19/03: All of a sudden we have a responsible media?
11/12/03: To arms
11/05/03: Mayor Mike's appetite for self-destructive accusations
10/29/03: A bloody march to peace
10/22/03: Calls for a general 's head because his comments may have ruffled the feathers of our esteemed enemies!?
10/08/03: The leakers' agony
10/01/03: Managing a scandal
09/24/03: Will we have to balance our strong ethical and religious revulsion of cloning against the danger of being surpassed by a gene-manipulated super-race?
09/17/03: The skinny on the First Ladies
09/10/03: More than cynicism will be needed to defeat prez
09/03/03: Dead Man Politickin'
08/27/03: Patience is not America's long suit
08/13/03: George Will's trifecta of punitive aspirations
07/30/03: A question for the candidates: Whose side are you on?
07/23/03: When GOPers attack their leader
07/17/03: Spanish fest mirrors U.S. elections
07/09/03: On the horns of a dilemma
06/25/03: The continuing deaths of American and British soldiers in Iraq should not be rhetorically minimized -- but sanctified
06/18/03: No reason to feel defensive about criticism of the war on terrorism
06/11/03: The Clintons — self-proclaimed geniuses — have no defense against the charge of cunning mendacity
06/04/03: George 'Machiavelli' Bush? Nah
05/28/03: When 'progressives' become reactionaries
05/21/03: Yes, this conservative is defending the NYTimes
05/14/03: Playing the politics of deflation
05/07/03: Only the stupid could think it'll be the economy: Comparing the Bushes 04/30/03: How to squelch increasing Iraqi distrust of America
04/25/03: Winning the war, losing the peace
04/16/03: Our own domestic Senate Republican Guard better be prepared for a grinding
04/03/03: At this human moment we need to act like humans, not just calculating analysts
04/02/03: If we could only draft Jennings' eyebrow to the cause, we wouldn't need the 4th Armored Division?
03/26/03: This war is showing the world who we really are
03/19/03: Time for America to laugh at itself
03/13/03: They're coming out of the woodwork: Russert, Buchanan and Moran
03/05/03: Franc-tireur
02/26/03: World history is shifting under our feet --- even our most experienced statesmen are, effectively, inexperienced
02/19/03: The shame! We've mischaracterized the French 02/12/03: Schroeder and Chirac will be disproportionately undercutting their interests
02/05/03: We need to rise above our temporary anger and seek to preserve our bonds with our European cousins
01/29/03: Who is President Bush's stupidest opponent: Saddam Hussein or Tom Daschle?
01/22/03: We call them our European cousins --- but I demand a DNA test
01/16/03: Dems bare partisan teeth
01/02/03: Before the cheering must come the struggle
12/27/02: Long ago and far away
12/18/02: Be glad that Gore's gone?
12/11/02: What fun! A titanic, once-in-a-century partisan battle royal is in the offing
12/04/02: Kerry atwitter
11/27/02: The unThankful list
11/20/02: First the scare, then the yawn
11/13/02: It's going to be a long two years for Lefty Pelosi and the Frisco Dems
11/06/02: Technology: A pollster's worst enemy --- thank goodness!
10/31/02: Watch this election's Wheel of Fate
10/23/02: The Ari and Colin Show: Politics has never been, well, more vaudeville-like
10/09/02: Bush beats drums of realism
10/02/02: Needed: A political chromatograph to detect any true statements in the public domain
09/25/02: Buchanan's new mag
09/18/02: There are many forms of peace
09/11/02: The imperial period of our history starts
09/04/02: Memo to Powell: In periods of upheaval, the refusal to act gives aid to those bent on destruction
08/30/02: Logging old growth is a sham issue

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