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07/25/07: Oh, oh, Good News!
07/05/07: Live and let live
06/27/07: Big-Government conservatives
06/20/07: Bill Gates Needs an Econ Course
06/13/07: Property owners win one
06/06/07: Why is profit a dirty word?
05/30/07: The Double ‘Thank-You’ Moment
05/22/07: The many myths of ethanol
05/16/07: The Tax-Cut Myth
05/09/07: The public trough is bigger than ever
05/02/07: Tales from the school-choice wars
04/25/07: How About Economic Progress Day?
04/18/07: Springtime for taxes
04/11/07: The Edifice Complex
04/05/07: Worry about the right things
03/28/07: The kidnapping hysteria
03/22/07: The media likes scaring us, and we like it
03/15/07: Laws that kill
03/07/07: Terror porn
02/28/07: The Fear Industrial Complex
02/21/07: No drug price controls
02/14/07: Schwarzenegger's folly
02/10/07: Panic in Boston
01/31/07: Big, Big Government
01/24/07: Milton Friedman Day
01/17/07: Losing sleep over the trade deficit?
01/10/07: Sticking it to low-skilled workers
01/03/07: Is this any way to help the homeless?
12/27/06: Is nothing too trivial for the busybodies?
12/20/06: What will they ban next?
12/13/06: Are the rich cheap?
12/06/06: Who gives to charity?
11/29/06: Are Americans cheap?
11/22/06: Working mothers need the free market, too
11/15/06: White guilt doesn't help blacks
11/08/06: Legalized property theft
10/25/06: Getting medical insurance from your boss is a bad idea
10/18/06: Trade restrictions stick it to consumers
10/11/06: McDonald's didn't make them fat
10/04/06: Big business loves government
09/27/06: Big business loves government
09/20/06: It's hard to tell a conservative from a liberal
09/13/06: Secrets in the senate
09/06/06: Busybody politicians, get off our backs
08/30/06: A Schools need competition now
08/16/06: Does government stupidity know any bounds?
08/09/06: Lawsuits make us less safe
08/02/06: The trial lawyers' ‘justice’ myth
07/26/06: Smearing education choice
07/19/06: Think your cousin's cute? Relax
07/12/06: An illegal market that could save your life
07/05/06: When sexism claims are a real hoot
06/28/06: When sexism claims are a real hoot
06/21/06: Prison for you, but not for me
06/14/06: Religious fanatics terrorize American farmers
06/07/06: Are you able to obey this law?
05/31/06: Myths and lies on the record
05/24/06: Mississippi has a place for heroes: Jail
05/17/06: How could the TV experts be so wrong?
05/10/06: Everything you know is wrong
05/03/06: ‘Victims’ victimizing the taxpayers
04/26/06: If you want to benefit from other greedy people, you have to make sure they benefit from you
04/18/06: That post-Tax Day headache will be significantly stronger after reading this
04/12/06: Scare 'em and they'll fund it
04/05/06: They kicked me out of school
03/22/06: Only the desperate fight facts with myths
03/15/06: They want to teach me a lesson
03/08/06: I'm sorry that union teachers are mad at me
03/01/06: Stifling freedom of excellence
02/22/06: Unions fighting to protect the nightmare
02/15/06: Keep the incompetents, don't reward your most productive — that's a formula for success?
02/08/06: They've gotten their hands on America's children, and they have no intention of letting go
02/01/06: In 72 hours, a private company did what government schools could not do in over 12 years
01/25/06: Petty-bureaucrats-turned-lords-of-the-manor are determining most American kids' futures
01/18/06: Not enough money for education? It's a myth
01/11/06: Courts helping public schools cheat children
01/04/06: Were subway strikers thugs?
12/28/05: 2005's Top 10 List of Foolish Myths
12/21/05: Law forces spending millions on accounting instead of growth
12/14/05: Should the law promote human life, or should it sacrifice human beings and their quality of life on the altar of Gaia?
12/07/05: The enormous cost and creativity-killing pace of ordinary civil cases
11/30/05: In a truly free society, we don't all have to make the same decisions
11/23/05: Law must hold at least some people responsible for their decisions
11/16/05: Is Wal-Mart a problem?
11/09/05: Holy Shiite! Movie shelved for using ‘M-word’
11/02/05: The pols shouldn't tell the people to shut up
10/27/05: Don't forget to say ‘thank you’ after being looted
10/20/05: What if it were legal in America for adults to carry concealed weapons?
10/12/05: 'Net destroying business as we know it? Government thinks so
10/06/05: Giving New Orleans its freedom
09/28/05: Market protects us better than politicians ever could
09/21/05: Dammable pork
09/14/05: For too many Americans, nightmares don't stop upon awakening
09/07/05: In praise of price gouging
08/31/05: ‘Successful’ scientists and their gimmicks
08/24/05: Private charity would do much more — if government hadn't crowded it out
08/17/05: Honey! They shrunk the portions
08/10/05: Setting high wages that keep people poor
08/03/05: GOPers should stop dithering about reducing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's subsidies — and eliminate them altogether
07/27/05: Love-crushing law is striving to sterilize the workplace
07/20/05: Robbing the poor to build a rich man's stadium — it's just plain wrong
07/13/05: Being open-minded and liberal is not one and the same
07/06/05: Sunscreen and unaccountable authority
06/29/05: Making parking lots out of ‘castles’
06/22/05: ‘Gender pay gap’ is pap
06/15/05: Improving other folks' ‘intimacy’, with your tax money?
06/08/05: Dismantle the FDA?
06/01/05: By protecting us from bad things, government protects us from good things, too
05/25/05: De$peration
05/18/05: Think bottled water is healthier? Friend, you are being soaked!
05/11/05: Truth or myth?: Revisiting some popular misconceptions
05/04/05: The ‘scoop’ on pricey coffee
04/20/05: The right not to employ someone
04/13/05: Scaremongers screaming ‘BOO!’ even louder after column challenges their ‘facts’
04/06/05: How to crush your competition — with government endorsement
03/30/05: The fear Crichton's latest questions makes scare-peddlers frightened
03/23/05: Black-on-black discrimination?
03/16/05: When warnings make us less safe
03/09/05: Gasoline prices 2005: An inflation-adjusted bargain
03/02/05: Washington's labor laws now hurt children more than they protect them
02/23/05: Outsourcers are the bigger job creators?
02/16/05: Selfishness is bad, right?
02/09/05: Fifth Avenue farmers
02/02/05: Buy a bridge? This $200 Million one isn't for sale — it's being paid for by taxpayers and it leads almost nowhere
01/28/05: Aren't science and scholarship supposed to ask questions and open our eyes to facts?
01/26/05: Forced altruism

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