June 29th, 2022


Trump's order to keep illegal-alien families intact STILL dissatisfies the Left

Deroy Murdock

By Deroy Murdock

Published May 25,2018

Trump's order to keep illegal-alien families intact STILL  dissatisfies the Left

Yet again, Donald J. Trump’s foes will not take yes for an answer.

President Trump’s critics have bashed his policy of separating children from their illegal-alien parents who face prosecution for violating 8 U.S. Code § 1325: “Improper entry by alien.” Before Trump ran for President, President Obama divided children from their parents and housed them in wire cages.

However, this didn’t bother hypocritical liberals. But when Trump did the same thing, the left’s psychological projection was shrill enough to shatter storefront windows.

“This is as if George Wallace had won in 1968,” former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham told MSNBC. He called this “a return to the most disturbing elements of white supremacy…”

“I don’t want little children ripped from their parents’ arms,” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough declared. “I don’t want them marched off to ‘showers.’”

Border Angels founder Enrique Morones told MSNBC: “That hasn’t happened in this country since the time of slavery. It hasn’t happened in the world since the time of the Nazis.”

Never mind that, according to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, among some 12,000 minors who have been separated from adults at the border, “10,000 of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers to undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel alone.” So, 83 percent of the children “yanked from their parents’ arms” by the barbaric Trump, in fact, got split when their parents dispatched them to the U.S. border. This inconvenient truth makes Trump, at most, 17 percent responcible for these child separations.

Responding to this outcry, America’s supposedly fascist President did something altogether anti-fascist: he caved to public opinion. Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to end family separations, which is exactly what his critics demanded.

But not even this retreat pleased the Left. As soon as Trump did what his detractors wanted, they sledgehammered him for it.

“This Executive Order doesn’t fit the crisis,” sniffed Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., via Twitter. “Indefinitely detaining children with their families in camps is inhumane and will not make us safe.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., complained, “Indefinitely imprisoning children & families is still inhumane & ineffective law enforcement.”

“The President crammed our nation’s highest ideals and values into a shredder,” the Leadership Council on Civil Rights groused. “He does not get credit for taping them back together.”

Once again, this proves that there is nothing, short of chugging hemlock that President Trump can do to please these people, whose hatred for him is bottomless. And if Trump did down hemlock, they would critique the cup in his cold fingers.

If liberals truly give a micro-damn about keeping illegal-alien families whole, rather than using them to bludgeon Trump, they should support three policies:

First, fund and erect Trump’s “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall.” The U.S./Mexican “border” is a 24-7 crime scene, steeped in bedlam. If parents know that they will encounter 30 feet of vertical concrete, they will avoid this dangerous journey, which will keep them with their children.

Second, asylum seekers must stop breaking and entering into America as if it were an unlit house. Families who apply for asylum at official border crossings — such as Hidalgo, Texas — are considered legal applicants, kept together, and handled through a lawful process.

Third, Democrats and Republicans alike should support a global public-relations campaign to tell the rest of this planet:

“Just as you expect people to knock on your front door rather than come in through the bathroom window, America no longer will tolerate human invasions along our southern border. If you want to come to the USA, visit the closest U.S. embassy and complete a visa application. When we are ready for you, we will let you know.”

That is the correct way to enter this country. This method obeys the law and keeps families together. And this sure as hell is not too much for Americans to ask.