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Diana West Archives

06/28/13/: Rediscovering America's truth-tellers: Elizabeth Bentley
06/21/13/: Big Brother (Uncle Sam) rewrites history --- again
06/14/13/: No constitution, no borders, no USA
05/31/13/: Time to rediscover America's truth-tellers
05/24/13/: From the Brooklyn Bridge to London
05/17/13/: Afghanistan's Benghazi: The shoot-down of extortion 17
05/10/13/: Tell me again why the u.s. used jihadists to guard Benghazi
05/03/13/: Making Islam (not terrorism) disappear
04/26/13/: Saudi follies, Part Two
04/19/13/: Another terrorist attack, another U.S.-Saudi cover-up?
04/12/13/: Weiner still in spotlight, while larger scandal ignored
03/29/13/: Petraeus should help 'Leavenworth 10' receive clemency
03/22/13/: Media refuse to interrogate Obama on his chicanery
03/15/13/: Why does Obama need 1.6 billion bullets?
03/08/13/: Paul sounds alarm on domestic drone strikes
03/01/13/: GOP is erratic in its confirmation strategy
02/22/13/: Cruz as McCarthy? He should be so lucky!
02/15/13/: Why aren't feathers flying over Brennan nomination?
02/08/13/: Another attempt to silence critics of Islam
02/01/13/: When women fight, civilization loses
01/25/13/: Benghazi hearings provide few answers
01/18/13/: Obama uses children as pawns in his power grab
01/11/13/: Is Saudi prince steering News Corp. coverage?
01/04/13/: Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve Americans' admiration
12/28/12/: Western leaders keep silent on Afhghanistan murders
12/14/12/: Media oddly silent on Wikileaks proceedings
12/07/12/: Fox News is the latest to hop in bed with Petraeus
11/30/12/: Benghazi probe must not get sidetracked
11/23/12/: Will the American people allow themselves to be diverted and deceived?
11/16/12/: Petraeus betrayed his country before he betrayed his wife
11/09/12/: The high road led straight to defeat for Romney
11/02/12/: Benghazi investigator too biased to find truth
10/26/12/: Obama in cahoots with known terrorists
10/19/12/: Clinton sidesteps blame even as she accepts it
10/12/12/: Administration welcomed wolves into the sheepfold
10/05/12/: Obama cabinet is a scary roster of ex-radicals
09/28/12/: 'Slander' and free speech are one and the same
09/21/12/: Free speech at risk as U.S. synchronizes with Islam
08/03/12/: Partisan Divide: Eggheads Get What They Wished For
07/27/12/: Phony document gives birth to a cover-up
07/20/12/: House Republicans question influence of Muslim Brotherhood
07/13/12/: Israel is on its own in war against terrorism
07/06/12/: Happy Dependence Day
06/29/12/: Did Nora Ephron liberate or debase women?
06/22/12/: Obama no longer bothers to hide his socialist bent
06/15/12/: McGurk nomination proves moral compass is askew
06/08/12/: Spineless officials choose to ignore Obama fraud
06/01/12/: When did free speech become illegal?
05/25/12/: Book explains clearly why U.S. shouldn't kowtow to Islam
05/18/12/: Obama should pardon the Leavenworth 10
05/04/12/: Invasion of the body snatchers
04/27/12/: Army may as well put soldiers in straitjackets
04/20/12/: Is Obama disowning online birth certificate?
04/13/12/: Only voters can stop insidious spread of socialism
03/30/12/: Race should not color our outrage over crimes
03/23/12/: Why the silence about Obama's historic scam
03/16/12/: We'll hear Afghan 'thanks!' when hell freezes over
03/09/12/: Nonchalance about U.S. Marines' safety is appalling
03/02/12/: Islamic rages aimed at enslaving the West
02/24/12/: Why, oh why, is U.S. apologizing for scorched Korans?
02/17/12/: Did Saudi prince buy Fox's silence?
02/10/12/: Why wasn't Obama slapped with contempt of court?
02/03/12/: Chalk up another one for Islam in PR battle
01/27/12/: Villainy of islam is blurred and obscured
01/20/12/: Where's the outrage over murders in Afghanistan?
01/13/12/: Let's not blow 'Abu Ghraib 2' out of proportion
01/06/12/: GOP candidates walk a tightrope on Iraq
12/30/11: Is Russia covering up real cause of plane crash?
12/23/11: A new 'Silent Night' descends on Austria
12/16/11: Iraq hawks leave open a door that should be slammed shut
12/09/11: It's time to stop keeping secrets
12/02/11: Latrine directive another step on path to Islamification
11/25/11: Why tolerate anti-American attitudes?
11/18/11: Shine a light on America's Afghan-Iraqi rathole
11/11/11: Where is the sisterhood now? The greatest threat to women is Islamic law
11/04/11: Careful with that weird, Quran-doting uncle
10/17/11: Why Islam can let a church die
10/07/11: The Commie plot that put us in the Red
10/03/11: Mullen's mulling is Carter-esque moment
09/23/11: How many limbs must be lost in Afghanistan?
09/16/11: Muslim bullies shroud the true face of 9/11
09/09/11: Thank you, America, for the golden age of Islam
09/02/11: International jihad is against the Bible and those who regard it as sacred
08/26/11: Libyan rebels are a rogues' gallery
08/19/11: Afghans using u.s. outpost for target practice
08/12/11: The CIA should be a bit more ‘CAIR’ less
08/05/11: All Aboard the Crazy Train
07/29/11: More than lives lost in camp massacre
07/22/11: Idiotic politeness doctrine is killing soldiers
07/15/11: Afghanistan has suffered the most? Really?
07/08/11: Obama gobbles up Turki's crude talk
07/01/11: Let's talk Churchill, Lennon and China
06/23/11: Waking up from dream Iraq
06/10/11: Islamic threat as bright as the sun
06/03/11: Get out, or else
05/26/11: ‘Senseless’ seems easier than saying ‘jihad’
05/20/11: 'Let them eat birth certificates'
05/13/11: Presidential hopefuls now have a Common cause
05/06/11: U.S. and Pakistan allied forever? Really?
04/29/11: How will Congress react to latest Afghan shooting?
04/22/11: Why did generals listen to Greg Mortenson?
04/15/11: Let's COIN another strategy: Pull out our troops now
04/08/11: We need to leave Afghanistan — now
04/01/11: What's the 'flicker' Uncle Sucker's helping?
03/25/11: Uncle Sucker, world's rent-a-cop?
03/18/11: Drilling ban fueling Obama's controlling agenda
03/11/11: Vetting King's 'crimes'
02/25/11: Let's talk about a caliphate
02/11/11: No matter their U.S. name, they're the Muslim Brotherhood
02/04/11: Their freedom is not our freedom
01/28/11: Senator fumbles needed strategy to protect our borders
01/21/11: Lame hearings on Islam will do nothing
01/14/11: Tragedy exposes 'the Big Lie'
01/07/11: Honors' behavior a result, not a standard
12/28/10: Our sanity-defying war
12/21/10: Where is the justice for Michael?
12/17/10: Lakin serves the Constitution, Mr. President
12/10/10: WikiLeaks spurs Big Brother to strike
12/03/10: WikiLeaks flap about blood and eggs
11/26/10: Chatting with ‘Big Sis’ about toughening up
11/19/10: Truth falling down the memory hole
11/12/10: ‘We need to stand up and say, 'No to Shariah.'’
11/05/10: Advice to the GOP: No compromise
10/29/10: For sale: Afghanistan's government
10/22/10: Why are two wars not on our national radar?
10/15/10: Will Islam conquer the Netherlands?
10/08/10: And they call this our intelligence community?
10/04/10: Why does a pentagon shape the Oval Office?
09/27/10: No rapport with Afghan leaders? Good.
09/17/10: Jones, others burned for daring to be Americans
09/03/10: West still fighting for the Ten
08/27/10: Do not tolerate the intolerant
08/20/10: Mosque initiative giving me bad dreams
08/13/10: Polish plane crash investigation under suspicion
07/30/10: Can ‘Eurabia’ be far behind?
07/23/10: Monster intelligence machine still won't protect us from the real threat
07/16/10: Why were real spies treated like Hollywood fiction?
07/09/10: Is a Petraeus victory in Afghanistan another Iraq?
07/02/10: Petraeus continues COIN nightmare
06/25/10: McChrystal's fate should be a COIN quip, not etched in Stone
06/18/10: How is Israel the guilty party?
06/04/10: The Left and Islam: A love story
05/28/10: Clemency for the enemy, but not our soldiers?
05/21/10: Protecting our American identity
05/14/10: Do we deserve a mosque at Ground Zero?
05/07/10: 'Is there anyone left with America's interests at heart?'
04/30/10: Arizona's fight for our America
04/23/10: Our best defense against Sharia: 'South Park'
04/16/10: Few Pulitzers on the right side
04/09/10: You don't win 'hearts and minds' by losing your own
04/02/10: We surge, yet Iran wins
03/26/10: A sudden turn against Israel
03/12/10: FOX News rebukes Wilders and anti-Islamization
03/05/10: Anti-Islamization proponents should take cues from Europe
02/26/10: Go with Hayworth
02/19/10: ‘See-no-Islam’ strategy disgraces fallen soldier
02/12/10: Outpost decision an insane strategy
02/05/10: Fox's fairly imbalanced pro-Muslim influence
01/29/10: Anyone surprised that Iraq is the 'new Iran'?
01/25/10: Useless Fort Hood leaves Americans unprotected
01/15/10: I repeat, you cannot win Afghan hearts
01/08/10: Yet another way political correctness will kill us
12/30/09: Victory? Really?
12/25/09: The ‘surge’ and ‘success’
12/18/09: How a ‘'surge’ fails us
12/11/09: Insane ROEs end with our troops RIP
11/27/09: Justice for terrorists but not our soldiers?
11/20/09: McDonnell's woes another win for Sharia-bolstering
11/13/09: U.S. military ignoring glaring Islamic threats
11/06/09: Election victories useless if we lose our way of life
10/30/09: Rally behind Denmark
10/23/09: Stop nation-building, just save our way of life
10/16/09: Left's Rush blitz a cheap shot
10/09/09: Sharia trumps Yale's free speech
10/02/09: Losing our way to victory
09/25/09: Ready, aim, fire McChrystal
09/18/09: When did opposition become ‘racism‘?
09/11/09: New strategy in Afghanistan: Protect everyone but Americans
09/04/09: Only a fool calls it surrender
08/28/09: Media sheepish about lion's murky past
08/21/09: Yale economics 101: Crush cartoons, get Sharia-backed gold
08/17/09: Our Iraq strategy now a tale of ‘diminishing returns’
08/07/09: Will our new Afghan policy be ‘fatal hesitation’?
07/31/09: What Obama's hiding and the media are ignoring
07/24/09: Cronkite's offensive history
07/17/09: Obama's war for socialism. Yes, for socialism
07/10/09: In Iraq, soldiers are still suffering, dying 07/03/09: Iraq is victorious … over the ‘foreign’ U.S.?
06/26/09: Pundits, get out of the Iran's 'green' zone
06/19/09: Sharia continues to strangle free speech
06/05/09: Mr. President, visit Pvt. Long's family, not 'where Islam began'
05/28/09: Opposing Sotomayor is the right's thing to do
05/22/09: When does someone apologize to our military?
05/15/09: Who will defend us from Sharia?
05/08/09: 'Hedge Fund Man' for president
05/01/09: Swine flu should prompt closure of U.S.-Mexican border
04/24/09: Let Afghanistan go
04/17/09: Team O turns left on sanity with ‘right-wing extremists’
04/13/09: Obama bows to no one, unless you're a Saudi king
04/03/09: What do you mean ‘if we ever want to leave’ Afghanistan?
03/27/09: Jack Bauer meets Barack Obama ... or does he?
03/20/09: Forget bonus outrage, what about ‘ShariAIG’?
03/13/09: Rush Limbaugh is not the problem
03/06/09: Churchill, Obama and Bush
02/27/09: Dutchman flies Islamization into world spotlight
02/20/09: Win the ‘trust’ of people who hate us? What?
02/13/09: Who attacked our economy? Why does no one care?
02/06/09: Be like Mike: Defend free expression
01/30/09: Is this the job of the president of the United States?
01/23/09: President's stimulus plan is an Obamanation
01/16/09: Rubber-stamp approval slips over Hil's chasms of conflicts
01/09/09: Rubber stamp for Hillary
12/30/08: A respite from reality
12/23/08: Hardly comfortable for U.S. on Iraq's SOFA
12/19/08: Pardon Sgt. Evan Vela, Mr. President
12/12/08: Where were you born, Obama?
12/05/08: Just answer the Hil question, Mr. President-elect
11/26/08: Sweeping away the traditional from the public square
11/21/08: Pay attention to the Somalis
11/17/08: Gulling Americans into making terror legit?
11/07/08: You elected a man, not a moral judgment
10/31/08: Media's O-colored glasses blank out leftist truth
10/24/08: Look who's endorsing O now
10/20/08: What if McCain had been palling around with a terrorist?
09/22/08: We are losing Europe to Islam
09/15/08: A day that will live in ... accommodating Islam
09/05/08: Media sharks out for amniotic fluid
08/29/08: ‘Barackus’ accepts from Temple O
08/22/08: America's global influence spread too thin
08/18/08: Roars About Russia, Bare Whispers About Islam
08/12/08: Free speech jilted by Muhammad romance novel ‘warpath’
08/01/08: Britain's silence ammo for a Sharia-run future
07/28/08: So, what DID Barack talk about?
07/18/08: A Swiss ‘extremist’ against Islamic law
07/11/08: Obama rockin' to JFK tune
07/03/08: Geert Wilders: Prisoner of Islam
06/27/08: We have a lot to learn from ‘over there’
06/16/08: Academic dares to question the 'religion of peace'
06/05/08: Are we ready for Obama-Clinton-Clinton?
05/30/08: Blind defense of Koran abrogates reality
05/27/08: Sniper shooting Koran hardly 'criminal behavior'
05/16/08: Israel is not a freedom franchise, Mr. President
05/09/08: It's Islamic jihad, not extremism, Uncle Sam
05/02/08: Iraq war architects shrug off truth
04/25/08: Congresswoman aces, D.C.; flunks ‘Jihadism 101‘
04/18/08: Jimmy Carter makes me sick
04/11/08: Was soldier jailed to appease Iraqi ‘allies‘?
04/04/08: Condi is a pathetic incompetent
03/28/08: Apologists throwing a ‘Fitna’ over upcoming film
03/21/08: After five years, what have we won?
03/14/08: Middle East ‘bright side’ blinding us to costly U.S. reality
03/10/08: Whose sideis Iraq really on?
03/03/08: Obama's truthiness about Farrakhan
02/22/08: Ignoring Sharia's advance extremely stupid
02/15/08: Stop treating Sharia-supreme Iraq like post-war Japan
02/02/08: Obama skirts the ‘L’ word
02/01/08: Little stated in final ‘Union’ address
01/25/08: Some questions for the next leader of the free world
01/18/08: Frank talk about Islamic law? Blasphemy!
01/11/08: The Pentagon mantra: PC trumps security?
01/04/08: A ‘defining atrocity’? Yes, against our Marines
12/28/07: Paying Islam for our Western guilt
12/24/07: No fury like a Zep fan scorned
12/14/07: Deflating ‘Zeppelin’
12/10/07: Don't close the book on the Clintons
11/30/07: Stop letting them treat us like a turkey
11/16/07: Tancredo's raw truth about terrorism
11/05/07: Rice tapping U.S. policy failures for Mideast success?
10/26/07: The Islamicizing of Oklahoma
10/19/07: Making the West disappear
10/15/07: New York clerks protecting our borders
10/08/07: Ramadan revisionism
10/01/07: Going gaga over Ahmadinejad
09/21/07: For whom the bell weeps
09/17/07: And Shariah for all?
09/07/07: Iraq's only a battle in the war
08/31/07: Flawed analogy
08/27/07: Grow up, America — before it's too late
08/17/07: Killed by the rules
08/13/07: Promoting jihad, targeting free speech
08/07/07: Want to stop terrorism? Give in to its supporters
07/27/07: My 125-minute President Cheney fantasy
07/23/07: Train of thought: A letter to Sen. Arlen Specter
07/07/07: Making jihad go away
07/02/07: Imam Bush strikes again
06/22/07: Why not disarm Iran?
06/15/07: Is ‘decency’ enough for citizenship?
06/08/07: Cultural takeover
06/01/07: Identifying with jihadists — in the U.S. military
05/25/07: America must not ignore a dangerous percentage
05/21/07: Petraeus and PC-policy-making
05/14/07: Eating our own
05/07/07: Doing the ‘bump’ with Iran? Why?
04/30/07: The ‘limited’ war for ‘hearts and minds’
04/23/07: When anything goes — even evil
04/16/07: The big blur: Who's us? Who's them?
03/30/07: When a civilization no longer inculcates an overriding attachment to its own survival, it no longer survives as a civilization
03/23/07: In Iraq strategy applying logic is ... illogical
03/19/07: America's eyes should look to Europe
03/05/07: Who's in charge? Might as well be John Kerry
02/23/07: Should Muslim students get special treatment in U.K. schools?
02/19/07: The NFL drops the ball on border security
02/12/07: Islamists' female victims
02/02/07: Elevated morality won't win Iraq
01/29/07: Elevated morality won't win Iraq
01/19/07: The education of the deputy assistant secretary of defense for captured jihadists
01/15/07: Guilt for the ages
12/29/06: The Year of Shutting Up
12/22/06: ‘Success’ in Iraq
12/15/06: (Sectarian) war is the answer
12/08/06: Muslim rhetoric rich with irony
12/01/06: How to win the winnable war? Oil
11/24/06: When plenty is not enough
11/17/06: Hogans, heroes
11/13/06: Sacrificial Rumsfeld
11/03/06: Just plain stuck
10/27/06: Madame Speaker
10/20/06: Limitations of limited war
10/13/06: Why do we tolerate the intolerant ‘martyr’?
10/09/06: The real taboo
10/01/06: The gap between Islam and peace
09/25/06: Just shut up
09/15/06: Bush's choice
09/11/06: It's been five years, so who's our enemy?
09/05/06: Will ‘Khaled’ Centanni and ‘Ya'aqob’ Wiig, as apostates, be marked for death?
08/28/06: What President Bush should say to us, Part II
08/21/06: What President Bush should say to us, Part I
08/14/06: Pollyanna Rice on the Potomac
08/07/06: Stop with the PC: Hezbollah's a terrorist group
07/24/06: Loyalty test: Time to declare war on the enemy
07/17/06: America, land of the free and stomping ground of the Muslim terrorists
07/10/06: We musn't rile the terror-mongers
07/03/06: The war for moral superiority
06/26/06: The war for moral superiority
06/19/06: Dwelling on the tactic, never defining the enemy
06/12/06: Forget false democracy, stop real terrorism
06/01/06: Bush's ‘biggest mistake’? Apologizing
05/30/06: Lost in Mexico
05/22/06: Too little, too late
05/15/06: No 'mas: When are we getting tough with the PA?
05/08/06: Backlash nation and the high cost of citizenship
05/06/06: Why they fight (No, really, why?)
04/21/06: Speak no evil: The new EU lexicon on terrorism
04/10/06: Creeping amnesty
04/03/06: Which flag do you want?
03/27/06: Sharia and liberty don't mix
03/20/06: Twelve voices defend freedom as Big Media cowers
03/13/06: NYT imam series not even Journalism 101
03/06/06: Ports and pitchforks
02/24/06: Port control: It's a no-brainer
02/20/06: Nonsense and sensibility
02/13/06: Submission is all in your dhimmitude
02/06/06: Mr. Mohammed goes to …?
01/30/06: Jihad gets a pass
01/13/06: An open letter to Germany's chancellor
12/30/05: 2006 is shaping up to be the ‘Year of Speaking Dangerously’
12/26/05: When democracy isn't democratic
12/19/05: Saudi moneybags has become Crimson sugar daddy, Hoya honey pot and Fox News policy maker
12/09/05: Censorship in the name of religion
12/05/05: ‘Terrorism’ disconnect
11/25/05: Paris in reel life
11/18/05: International caricatures
11/11/05: Where there's smoke ...
11/04/05: Jihadism and denial
10/28/05: Understanding Condi
10/14/05: The national silence on immigration
10/07/05: A full nelson for Europe
09/30/05: A ‘listening tour’ turns to capitulation
09/23/05: War-time leadership
09/16/05: What have we paid for with ‘Palestinian’ handouts?
09/09/05: Lessons from Katrina
09/02/05: Of labor and leisure
08/26/05: Realpolitik vs. pretendpolitik
08/22/05: Getting back to Bush basics
08/15/05: Making sense of crazy reality
07/29/05: Life in post-identity America
07/22/05: Reality and Islam
07/15/05: Burnt offerings on the altar of multiculturalism
07/04/05: Teatime for the terrorists
06/27/05: Freedom dies not just at gunpoint
06/17/05: Welcome to the war on image
06/13/05: What's being desecrated here?
06/06/05: Searching for accurate information in sex education
05/30/05: The plight of ‘Submission’
05/20/05: Newsweek's blunder illuminates extremists' major shortcoming
05/13/05: Replacing duty and honor with ‘South Park’
05/09/05: Laura Bush: No laughing matter
04/29/05: With eyes wide shut to terror
04/22/05: Springtime for Hamas
04/15/05: The Three Amigos are annoying
04/11/05: Conservative mag capitulates to controversial Muslim group's pressure tact
04/01/05: A culture of life vs. a culture of death
03/25/05: Bobby Short was much more than a saloon singer
03/18/05: Facing new evil empires
03/04/05: Yesterday, classical musical lit the way
02/25/05: Fear and loathing of the gonzo establishment
02/14/05: Sir Paul played for our past sins
01/31/05: Ladies, please ...
01/24/05:Seeking clarity on Islam and jihad
01/14/05: Bob Guccione's pornographic legacy
01/03/05: Clarifying the message on the Iraq mission
12/10/04: How intelligent is the intelligence reform act?
12/02/04: Mucking out the media barn
11/25/04: Overanalyzing the red state mindstate
11/19/04: Self-defense on and off the battlefield
11/12/04: Seeing red
11/05/04: Gut-check timeElection Day reflection
10/29/04: Gut-check time
10/22/04: A vote against the entrenched media
10/15/04: Shuddering at a Kerry victory
10/04/04: The unnerving ‘Plot’
10/04/04: Iconoclast, or just foolish?
09/24/04: A 'chaos' in Iraq, or Kerry's thinking?
09/24/04: A 'chaos' in Iraq, or Kerry's thinking?
09/20/04: Can there be truth in forgery?
09/13/04: Memo to Spielberg: We're facing a 'War of the Worlds'
09/03/04: France's friendship with Iraq sours
08/27/04: Dogging the goat
08/20/04: Kerry's Middle East myopia
08/06/04: Monsieur John Kerry: French fried
07/30/04: Running for president — or an Oscar?
07/23/04: If inexperience on the Kerry team is a liability, it turns out experience in foreign affairs is no bargain, either
07/16/04: Consider a curious game
07/09/04: The first 'Trophy Veep'?
07/02/04: A war with two fronts
06/25/04: The legacy of lasciviousness
06/18/04: Fighting a war with unfair odds
06/04/04: Reagan's lessons for Islamism
06/04/04: The importance of this crusade
05/21/04: Don't blame the heroes
05/14/04: Holier than thou
05/07/04: The media stampede
04/30/04: Planned Parenthood meets Dante's Inferno in D.C.
04/23/04: Digging for answers
04/16/04: Trophy-hunting with the media
04/09/04: Ted offensive
04/02/04: The wonders of inaction
03/26/04: Which Clarke should you believe?
03/19/04: Defining the war we're fighting
03/15/04: Pinning one on Kerry
03/05/04: A tale of two Kerrys
03/01/04: Building fences in Israel and America
02/20/04: Staring down sharia law
02/13/04: The real news is AWOL
02/06/04: All euphemisms aside ...
01/30/04: As nasty as it gets
01/26/04: When is a scarf not just a scarf?
01/16/04: French fashion?
01/12/04: Burst Bush's immigration inflation
01/02/04: Censorship across the divide: #%$^ that!
12/15/03: Do new games make us all losers?
12/15/03: A time for truths
12/15/03: Political outrage from around the world
12/08/03: Groupthink on both sides of the Atlantic
12/01/03: Silence of the watchdogs
11/24/03: Islam's consistency with democracy
11/13/03: A tale of two rock 'n' rolls
11/10/03: Has the Vatican changed its mind about Islam?
11/03/03: Stop insulting Judaism and Christianity, Mr. President
10/24/03: Boykin and the war for Muslim outreach
10/17/03: Bad news for Democratic candidates
10/03/03: Elia Kazan, freedom fighter
09/26/03: Kofi, listen closely
09/22/03: Madonna meets middle age
09/12/03: Bush's vision and the Democratic abyss
08/29/03: Ludicrous moments from a somber season
08/08/03: Who's saved by safe shooting?
08/04/03: Saving Islam from itself
07/25/03: Dem party poopers
07/18/03: Whose credibility gap?
07/14/03: Local news from 1894
07/07/03: Will July ninth be Iran's July Fourth?
06/27/03: A Dean's list of questions
06/20/03: Fanning the wrong flames
05/16/03: Speaking of terror
05/30/03: Facing reality at the DMV
05/27/03: Lost in The Matrix
05/19/03: A dubious diversity
05/09/03: Recalling the man who 'Banned in Boston'
05/02/03: Fellowships and flagellation
04/28/03: What Americans have to learn about cultural education
04/21/03: In Iraq, is democracy is in the eye of the beholder?
04/14/03: The greatest generation gap
03/31/03: The great gap between the West and the Middle East
03/21/03: They just wouldn't shut up!
03/10/03: Sorry apologies for speaking the truth
03/03/03: The Eurabian alliance
02/24/03: Searching for good news
02/18/03: Love and honor -- lost, found and murdered
02/03/03: A calm that causes concern
01/27/03: Playing politics with a T-shirt mentality
01/21/03: When understanding the East means losing the West
01/13/03: Is a war on Jews a war on democracy?
01/06/03: Bush must take a stand on affirmative action
12/30/02: Questions for reflection on 2002
12/16/02: The pre-emptive war goes Hollywood
12/09/02: Protest Augusta? Why not Sudan?
11/25/02: Something to contemplate this Ramadan
11/08/02: Does Eminem now fit in?
11/04/02: No time for gloating
11/04/02: What's in a name when the name is Muhammad?
10/28/02: Jihad as a First Amendment right
10/21/02: When speaking out isn't allowed
10/14/02: Terrorism in Maryland and abroad
09/30/02: So long urgency, hello indulgence
09/24/02: That one, sturdy, missing word
09/17/02: Fingerprinting, finally
09/09/02: When 'healing' overshadows reality
09/04/02: Tales from the Techno Valley and Forest
08/16/02: Elvis shall rise again
08/14/02: War with Iraq won't harm war on terror
08/06/02: Clinton snaps over Somalia
08/01/02: 9-11 anniversary shouldn't come with apology
07/27/02: An unstable common ground
07/25/02: Hillary fights hard for soft money
07/12/02: Goretheus unbound
07/10/02: Rosie takes a shine to Republicans
07/08/02: Are you still shocked, Sami?
07/02/02: Can Britney win hearts of the Middle East?
06/28/02: A war on terror or Islamists?
06/25/02: Blame the murderer, and the messenger
06/21/02: Up front and personal with Atta
06/18/02: Terrorism at the United Nations
06/11/02: Who's policing the INS?
06/07/02: Spa Gitmo
06/04/02: Can rock gods save the queen?
05/31/02: Hillary's war
05/29/02: Have you forgotten we're at war?
05/24/02: An antiquated luxury of the past
05/21/02: From terrorists to tourists
05/19/02: Hate U.
05/07/02: Western self-loathing numbs us to violence
05/03/02: Pioneering television
05/01/02: Western self-loathing numbs us to violence
04/29/02: It's the misconduct, stupid
04/24/02: Medal of diss-honor
04/17/02: Holy sanctuary or terrorist shield?
04/12/02: Egyptian clerics solicit martyrs for murder
04/09/02: Defining terrorism down
04/05/02: The Wilder life
04/02/02: Acting, equality and the Academy
03/31/02: Speeding to conclusions
03/25/02: Hard to remove blood (libel) stains
03/21/02: The tale of Nixon's tapes --- again
03/19/02: The Big Lie lives on
03/15/02: The tunnel vision of '9/11'
03/13/02: The American Auschwitz?
03/08/02: Hating the indoctrination of hate
03/05/02: Clinton and Enron: Old friends
03/01/02: Pickering doesn't polarize, the process does
02/26/02: Destiny's prefabricated child
02/22/02: The White House heist
02/20/02: Making the grade
02/11/02: Studying student visas
02/06/02: Understanding arrogance
02/04/02: The professor's war
01/29/02: Disconnected dialogue
01/23/02: Anti-Indiscrimination
01/18/02: How much is enough?
01/15/02: Oh brothers, where art thou?
01/10/02: Air on the side of caution
01/04/02: Blacks seeing red at Harvard
01/02/02: Clinton's campaign continues
12/26/01: A tale of two exhibitions
12/24/01: Taliban Idyll
12/19/01: Right is right
12/17/01: Hillary strikes out
12/13/01: Lost files, lost presidency
12/10/01: Revolutionaries never grow up
12/05/01: Immigration reform talk is not just for 'haters' anymore
12/03/01: A new symbol of justice
11/30/01: Beyond morality
11/26/01: Can't keep a good man down
11/20/01: Tough talk at the United Nations
11/19/01: Hollywood's other battle
11/14/01: What's the matter with Sara Jane?
11/09/01: A beef with bin Laden's Beef Noodles
11/07/01: Facing up to the FBI's past mistakes
11/02/01: A school that teaches patriots to shutup
10/30/01: The gap between Islam and peace
10/26/01: The ties that bind (and gag)
10/24/01: This war is more than Afghanistan
10/22/01: The fatuous fatwa
10/19/01: Left out
10/16/01: Whose definition of terrorism?
10/11/01: Post-stress disorder
10/08/01: How the West has won
10/01/01: Good, bad or ... diplomacy
09/28/01: Drawing a line in stone
09/21/01: Prejudice or prudence?
09/14/01: When our dead will finally rest in hallowed ground
09/07/01: We want our #$%^&*() audience back!
08/24/01: The transformation from Green Mountain State to Green Activist State is all but complete
08/17/01: Enlightenment at Yale
08/10/01: From oppressors to victims, a metamorphosis
08/03/01: Opening the dormitory door: College romance in the New Century
08/01/01: How-To Hackdom: The dubious art of writing books about writing books
07/20/01: Hemming about Hemmings
07/13/01: Justice has not been served in the Loiuma police brutality case
06/22/01: When PC parades are too 'mainstream'
06/22/01: When "viewpoint discrimination" in our schools was not nearly so gnarly a notion
06/15/01: Lieberman flaunts mantle of perpetual aggrievement
06/07/01: Is graciousness the culprit?
06/01/01: The bright side of the Jeffords defection
05/29/01: Campus liberals should be more careful
05/18/01: 'Honest Bill' Clinton and other Ratheresian Logic
05/11/01: Dodging balls, Bugs, and 'brilliance'
05/04/01: Foot in mouth disease and little lost Tories
04/20/01:The last classic Clinton cover-up
04/20/01: D-Day, Schmee-Day
04/06/01: For heaven's sake, a little decency!
03/30/01: The sweet sound of slamming doors and clucking feminists
03/23/01: America's magazines and the 'ick-factor'
03/09/01: Felony neglect
03/02/01: Who's sorry now?
02/23/01: 'Ecumenical niceness' and other latter-day American gifts to the world
02/16/01: Elton and Eminem: Royal dirge-icist meets violent fantasist
02/12/01: If only ...

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