Jewish World Review June 19, 2003 / 19 Sivan, 5763

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Consumer Reports

As the world churns | Spike Lee. A New York judge has granted Spike Lee's request and issued a temporary restraining order preventing the cable company TNN from changing its name to "Spike TV." "What appears, at first blush, to be an exercise in egocentricity," writes the judge, "becomes, on closer review, an earnest attempt by a prominent personality to limit what he regards as the commercial exploitation of his public persona."

All that according to Judge Walter Tolub. Stay tuned for Spike Lee's next film, "Mo Betta Judge Walter Tolub."

Real-life Britney? Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, the London headquarters announced today, that a new Britney Spears model is on the drawing board that will be, "Very sexy and she'll have heaving bosoms, but this is only in the very early stages of planning," unquote. In fact, Spears will get, quote, "A pair of inflatable throbbing breasts that will pulsate in time to her dancing."

Got to hand it to Madam Tussaud's they strive to make their version of the human original an exact duplicate-right down to the inflatable parts.

Metallica. And, you'll recall news that Iraqi prisoners were being bombarded by music to unnerve them and cost them sleep. Now one of the bands that recorded some of that music is objecting. The drummer Lars Ulrich of Metallica says, "No one in Iraq has ever done anything to hurt me," so, he doesn't want his song-band's song "Enter Sandman" used against the prisoners. "What about firing up some 'Venom' or some of those Norwegian death metal bands?" he asks?

Yeah, what about that? Then again interrogation procedure might have a new catch phrase for Metallica — WMD "Weapon of Metal Destruction."

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