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05/24/05: Beatification befits Saint Hillary
03/01/05: Send Ward to a ward?
12/16/04: Kerik and the Sistine Chapel
10/12/03: What's a nice Jewish boy doing in a place like this?
10/08/03: The real duel over fencing
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07/11/03: Trust First Impressions
06/09/03: All the news unfit to print
05/15/03: Dem duds
04/28/03: Plain Speak
04/03/03: Time to speak the unspeakable
03/19/03: Oy, the French!
02/20/03: Who's on First?
01/06/03: Kill Jews, get your own country
12/12/02: Jews are suffering political Alzheimer's
11/21/02: The Jews are their own worst enemy
11/17/02: Doing nothing
09/03/02: T'aint funny
06/07/02: Why the wait, Sharon? Just do it
05/10/02: Terrorists and Greek choruses
05/02/02: A tough year for children
04/08/02: And you never thought that Arabs could do things efficiently!
03/08/02: Justice is done
02/22/02: Ford's Jewish problem
01/14/02: Made for TV wars
01/03/02: Pardon Our French (They Just Can't Help Themselves)
12/06/01: What this war has really wrought
11/19/01: Muslim madness and the blame game
11/06/01: Anthrax at the delicatessen
10/04/01: Barbarians at the gate
09/10/01: Peter Vallone for mayor
09/05/01: Shimon the shrewd? Time for Peres to wise-up
08/27/01: Dear Bibi: Seek treatment, not power
08/21/01: New Yawk has long history of embracing the banished. Bubba should feel right at home
08/01/01: Getting to the heart of the matter: Leave Cheney alone
07/25/01: Yasser, it's time to say good riddance to Arafat
07/18/01: There's a woman in my soup
07/06/01: Peace by piece
06/27/01: The Vieques Diet
06/15/01: We thought all the bull was in Montana
05/09/01: Andrew Cuomo: 'But not for me'
04/30/01: The Money joke
04/20/01: 'The Times' should be investigated for 'truth in advertising' violations!
04/02/01: Accounting for Jesse Jackson
02/26/01: When is a shnorrer a gonif?
01/31/01: The Israeli Harry Truman
01/11/01: When was the last time that Clinton tried to pose as a statesman and harass other leaders to give up more of their territory?
12/29/00: Orchids or Stinkweeds
12/15/00: The Florida "mess" as a religious experience ... for some of us
11/20/00: Dailey deceptions
11/07/00: The art of lying
10/31/00: The only effective way to clean up American politics
10/24/00: PLEASE, Mr. Mugger
10/10/00: Lieber(al)man creates new Jewish denomination
10/03/00: Space invaders
09/12/00: A Delicatessen Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand (with apologies to A. Lincoln)
08/23/00: Life's certainties
07/31/00: AlGore needs a doctor --- badly!
07/03/00: Only a coincidence?
06/01/00: Can a liberal make sense?
06/02/00: Never give a GOPer a break
05/17/00: Computers, OY VEY!
05/02/00: Cuba si, Castro nu
04/17/00: Gen. Kennedy for Commander-in-Chief
04/06/00: Guns, hypocrisy and common sense
03/31/00: What's sleazier than a lawyer?
03/23/00: Clinton the 3-D Man
03/10/00: Politics or Pro Wrestling?
02/28/00: Free advice to the pundits: Get a life --- and new jobs
02/14/00: She Flunked!

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