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Jewish World Review April 11, 2004 /21 Nisan, 5764

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | The American Pediatric Society said kids who watch too much TV get attention deficit disorder as they get older. That's why there are no more factory jobs in America. If workers take more than a half-hour for lunch they have to be re-trained.

Democrats on the September 11th Commission grilled Condi Rice mercilessly on Thursday. They can't forgive her. For forty years Democrats pushed for black opportunity but they didn't think it would be the opportunity to turn Republican.

John Kerry asked for the U.N. to enter Iraq and supervise everything. This would end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and its oil fields. Two-thirds of the U.S. Senate support the idea of U.N. supervision while the other one-third are up for re-election this fall.

John Kerry chided President Bush Thursday for taking a week- long vacation to his ranch in Texas rather than do the job he was elected to do. Kerry is no one to talk. The only person who's missed more Senate votes this year is Strom Thurmond.

Martha Burk continued her crusade against Augusta Wednesday for not allowing women members. She threatened CEOs who belong to the club. Whenever Martha Burk is on the road she can always be found in the hotel lobby picketing the Men's Room.

The New York International Auto Show opened on Thursday in Manhattan and the car everyone is raving about is the new Austin Mini-Cooper convertible. The car only seats two. It's the official transport vehicle of the Coalition of the Willing.

John McCain stood in the Senate Wednesday and said he knows something about Vietnam and Iraq is no Vietnam. He was captured and spent the war behind bars. His view of Vietnam is pretty much the same view Martha Stewart will have of Joliet.

The State Department reports marijuana cultivation in Mexico went up seventy percent. They say the huge surplus harvest was due to unusually favorable growing conditions this past year. At least in California the cost of medicine is going down.

Coors brewer Pete Coors announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Colorado. His donor list is very limited. So many of my fellow Oklahoma University alums exceeded the two thousand dollar contribution limit to Coors six months after we turned twenty-one.

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