Jewish World Review April 29, 2003 / 27 Nisan, 5763

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Man bites dog --- really! | Any journalism professor will tell you this adage: dog bites man ain't newsworthy, but if man bites dog, then you've got a story.

Well, journalism professors should be happy at last: A man has bitten a dog.

PAUL F. RUSSELL Jr., of Syracuse, New York, faces charges of injuring a police animal. A police officer, William Foster and his faithful German shepherd, Renny, were sent to investigate a disturbance outside a Syracuse bar.

The dog biter, Mr. Russell, was already on the ground after getting the wrong end of a conversation with the bouncer. As the officer and the dog approached, Russell grabbed the pooch by the throat, tried to choke it, and then bit the left side of its neck.

Russell says he doesn't think that's the way it happened, but "I don't really remember. I was pretty drunk."

Police say Renny was sore, but he's now fine. The dog is off for the next couple of days, says a spokesman.

He'll be back for his regular shift. He's not expected to miss any time.

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