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April 30, 2002

David Tell: The U.N.'s Israel Obsession: A primer

Jonah Goldberg: Stop the war on 'terror'!

Suzanne Fields: Hope and despair in the Middle East

April 29, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Push for humanitarian aid to Palestinians ignores terror links

Norah Vincent:Real men don't blow up innocents

Michael Barone: Living with conflict

April 26, 2002

Dennis Prager: Give back the Nobel Peace Prize: A letter to Elie Wiesel

Martin Peretz: Of Poets and Murderers

Mona Charen: In search of the truth: Questions few will answer

April 25, 2002

Robert W. Tracinski: The 'Palestinian' victims?

Jack Kemp: In search of Arab dignity

Don Feder: 'Palestinians' chose their suffering

April 24, 2002

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr: The real 'root cause' of terror

Suzanne Fields:Why French brie isn't kosher

John Leo: Media to Israel: Go $#^%^$$ yourselves

April 23, 2002

Mark Steyn: It's time to snap out of Arab fantasy land

Jonah Goldberg: U.N. vote undermines 'human rights'

Jack Kelly: Why peace in the Mideast is closer than ever

April 22, 2002

Charles Krauthammer: We can't blow it again

Jonathan Tobin: We Know Who's in the Right: Though Bush equivocates, Americans support Israel

David Limbaugh: Master of the obvious

April 19, 2002

Binyamin Netanyahu: The litmus test for authentic 'freedom fighters'

Jack Kelly: What the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank gained from the "peace accords"

Greg Crosby: Read My Lips: No Negotiating With Terrorists

April 18, 2002

Robert W. Tracinski: Why Israel must not withdraw

Michael Kelly: Making sense of Bush's Mideast actions

Suzanne Fields: No chicken soup for the Muslim hearth

April 17, 2002

Barbara Amiel: Truth about Israeli casualties is being ignored in this war

Joel Mowbray: How do you say 'media bias' in Hebrew?

Diana West: Holy sanctuary or terrorist shield?

April 16, 2002

Josh Pollack: A moment at the Mall: When "Jewish unity" was more than a slogan

Mark Steyn: Mideast war exposes 'ugly Europeans'

Michael Barone: Our Vichy gamble

April 15, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Bush isn't the only one who doesn't quite comprehend what is at stake in the Middle East

Jeff Jacoby: Powell's crazy mission

Mortimer B. Zuckerman: Israel's endgame will impact the free world

April 12, 2002

Martin Peretz: Before there were 'Palestinians,' there was Arafat: The making of a 'statesman'

Dennis Prager: Is it 1938 again for the Jews?

Charles Krauthammer: Lebanon: The Fuse for Armageddon

April 11, 2002

Binyamin Netanyahu: 'The motivating force behind terror is neither desperation nor destitution --- it's hope'

Michael Kelly: Peace in Mideast will only be brought about through war

George Will: When 'nuance' excuses terror

April 10, 2002

Norman Doidge: Evil's Advantage Over Conscience: Why the West gives Yasser Arafat endless second chances

Cal Thomas: Evidence That Demands A Verdic

David Horowitz: A Middle East history primer

April 9, 2002

Mark Steyn: Arafat has begun his countdown to oblivion. Now it's time to crush the Palestinian uprising !

Robert Tracinski: LIVE FROM RAMALLAH: The Theater of the Absurd

Yaffa Ganz: Intriguing questions on contemporary Mideast issues

April 8, 2002

Charles Krauthammer: Banish Arafat Now!

Jeff Jacoby: Peace at any price = war

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: And you never thought that Arabs could do things efficiently!

April 5, 2002

Dennis Prager: It's the values, stupid

Jonathan Tobin The backlash against Israeli self-defense is pure hypocrisy

Michael Kelly: Promises, but Never Peace

April 2, 2002

Don Feder: Passover offers hope to each generatio

The Promised Land, Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip -- exclusively online at JWR.

Irshad Manji: A Muslim plea for introspection

April 1, 2002

Helen Teitelbaum: Men in Black: A Passover tale of fish and family

The Promised Land, Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip -- exclusively online at JWR -- reminds us that the Middle East situation should be an open-book

David Bedein: 'Good neighbors' til the very end

March 27, 2002

Rabbi Avi Shafran: What's with the fours?

Rabbi Yaakov Polskin: Burning of the Chometz: A different sort of 'Scorched Earth Policy'

March 26, 2002

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: The five cups of Seder wine?

Linda Feinberg: An unabridged lesson

March 25, 2002

Rachel Pomerance: If it's matzah balls with gravy, it must be seder time down South

The Promised Land, Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip -- exclusively online at JWR -- takes a hard-nosed look at Passover, 2002

March 22, 2002

Jonathan Tobin: Empty places at the table

Ethel G. Hofman: A Sephardi-Ashkenazi Seder

March 21, 2002

Jack Kelly: Get the Jews!

Mort Zuckerman: In the face of pure evil

March 20, 2002

Frank Gaffney: The inconvenient ally

Ask Wendy: Multiples for mom; partners and martyrs; I'm a gentile --- should I explore Judaism's spiritual side?

March 19, 2002

David Gelernter: Beyond barbarism in the Middle East

Daniel Belasco: Yiddish's new frequency

March 18, 2002

Ranan R. Lurie: Arafat has mastered history's lessons. The West has not

Michael Long: Worlds away: A snapshot of anti-Semitism in the Moslem world

March 15, 2002

Don Feder: Sharon's no Churchill

Jonathan Tobin: No Shortage of Stupidity: Israel's ideologues have run out of ideas while the cost of terror grows

March 14, 2002

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Is it ethical to promote lottery tickets?

Michael Kelly: Israel needs to adopt Yasser Arafat's strategy

March 13, 2002


The Promised Land, Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, online exclusively at JWR, gets serious --- and philosophical!

March 12, 2002

Jonathan Rauch: To make peace, should Israel first take back land?

Paul Wieder: Down on the Soulfarm

March 11, 2002

Daniel Pipes: An Israeli Spy Network in the United States?

Jonathan Rosenblum: With our brothers in distress

March 8, 2002

Rabbi Berel Wein: The Havdala ceremony

Jonathan Tobin: No sanctuary for terror

March 7, 2002

Charles Krauthammer: Saudi peace sham

Wendy Belzberg: Disabled Child taught family love, patience and compassion

March 6, 2002

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky: There can be no peace when Arabs are willing to kill even anti-Zionist Jews

Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak: The great matzah famine

March 5, 2002

Michael Feldberg: The Jewish artist encouraged by Gen. Robert E. Lee

The Promised Land, Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip

March 4, 2002

Harvey Tannenbaum: "Where's My Baby? Where's My Arm?"

Ranan R. Lurie: Why the Saudis Are Warming Up to Idea of Mideast Peace: A political insight by Ronald Reagan

March 1, 2002

Jonathan Mark: A Bris for a 9-11 Baby

Jonathan Tobin: Tom's Big Peace Proposal

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